most people just assume that Party is the “”“"sassiest”“”“” member of the Fab Four because he fucking bleeds sarcasm but honestly?? spend some time around Kobra Kid and you will see how wrong you were. he might not say much but when he does it comes out of NOWHERE and it is fucking BRUTAL

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I've seen people talking about Hook using the shears against her will do you think would do that?

No. I absolutely do not think he would do that.

I do think that the episode framed his actions in a very negative light, and did show he was going against her expressly stated will, but he wasn’t given a chance to vocalize WHY he took them yet.

So I don’t fault people (mostly anti’s though) for that interpretation because as of right now the facts are: Emma said she didn’t want to use them, she charged Killian with getting rid of them, Killian kept them.

But we don’t know WHY he kept them yet. They didn’t let him say. And that’s really important to keep in mind.

We actually don’t even know if such a thing can be done. We have to assume no right? Because if someone could use them on someone else why wouldn’t Jafar just use them on Aladdin?

But Killian stans (or at least me, I don’t know where you fall) can extrapolate out that he has nothing but GOOD intentions born of love, but that’s still technically open for speculation by non-Killian fans because the episode didn’t let him talk at all about it. We can only go based on what we know are the truths of the character which is that he always does what’s best for Emma even if it means he himself might lose.

Just look at 4A, as soon as he learned Emma was in danger he confessed immediately, and his speech about not caring if she ever forgives him as long as she was okay still applies here now I think.

The biggest thing that bothered me was just his lack of protest really even when they were alone. That didn’t ring true for me. It wasn’t good writing. It felt artificially generated and out of character to me. He hasn’t had trouble talking to her solo usually, though he keeps his tongue and clenches his jaw in group situations. He has opinions on if she moves to New York but not if she DIES?

That conversation in the dock should have gone much differently, but they wanted the drama and to parallel him with David’s situation so that’s what we got.

I just need them to let him talk. That’s all I need really. Just him to verbally express what his intentions are and why and it’ll be all gravy. Just another example of him doing what’s in EMMA’s best interest as a woman while everyone looks at her as The Savior.

I’m honestly baffled by the lack of reaction to her parents being like “Oh you still wanna follow the death prophecy path just in case it works out? Okie dokie you got it.”

The lack of talking her INTO using them altogether was fucking bizarre to me.


#can we once again appreciate the amazing acting of Colin O’Donoghue #like here he is giving another standing ovation worthy performance #he says nothing #but says everything at the same time #you can feel every damn emotion #and he doesn’t say a single word #thank you Colin


Oh My Little Jyushiko! (Kara&Sisters AU)

The answer to that, anon, is YES. (And thank you!♥)

Just some silly strips featuring Karamatsu and his sister, Jyushiko! Boy or girl, his relationship with Jyushi isn’t actually all that different. OuO

Anyway, some time this week I will probably create a masterpost for this AU. Then, next Monday, we will begin another multiple part arc in this AU, so please look forward to that~! ;D