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As the resident Killian Jones expert, I wanted to get your thoughts on his arc or storyline this half season. On one hand it seemed they were setting him up to establish relationships with people outside of Emma (Belle, Henry, Charming). But on the other hand it feels like he only exists to give pep talks and ask if people are okay. I was especially upset about his sidelining last night - it felt so out of character. I really hope they have more planned for him in 6B.

I love the relationship building they’ve been doing for him. Especially as it concerns Belle and Henry. I also love him taking some of the lessons these heroes and his experience have taught him and applying them, becoming a calmer more controlled man, less fueled by anger and more the Captain Jones type figure using logic and reason. He’s the smartest person in this show imo.

But last night they sacrificed very important aspects of his character as it relates to Emma and his loved ones in order to A.) Make Regina the hero of the AU and B.) Emphasize the flip in circumstances between Killian and David.

It is one thing for him to calmly and rationally handle a situation with the Dark One, like with the crystal in the S5 finale and not immediately fly into a rage, rather he reminded them of Rumple’s true nature.

It’s one thing to have employ strategy in dealing with a foe like in last episode when they tag teamed Rumple.

It is another entirely for him to chill and hang out in a Sheriff station and let others go off to find his True Love who just disappeared and could be dead for all he knows, while he essentially babysits Jasmine.

I’ve seen some rationalizations and they make sense for what we’ve seen for everything and everyone being in danger except Emma Swan.

He’d go to the end of the world for her but he’s going to let Regina handle going to the AU?

Since when has Killian Jones given a fuck that other people have magic? He has faced Gods with zero fucks given and stood to Rumple just last week (trap or no trap he could have killed him instantly).

He didn’t care about Hyde. He didn’t care about Hades or Jekyll but Emma is in real danger and he’s all of a sudden “I don’t have magic, let me sit this one out?”

What? No thank you.


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Oh My Little Jyushiko! (Kara&Sisters AU)

The answer to that, anon, is YES. (And thank you!♥)

Just some silly strips featuring Karamatsu and his sister, Jyushiko! Boy or girl, his relationship with Jyushi isn’t actually all that different. OuO

Anyway, some time this week I will probably create a masterpost for this AU. Then, next Monday, we will begin another multiple part arc in this AU, so please look forward to that~! ;D


#can we once again appreciate the amazing acting of Colin O’Donoghue #like here he is giving another standing ovation worthy performance #he says nothing #but says everything at the same time #you can feel every damn emotion #and he doesn’t say a single word #thank you Colin