((Admin Elite: I’ll just answer ALL of these in a single post. After this, if I get anymore from you then I am going to just ignore you.

Listen, I am doing this or the sake of having fun. You hear that, FUN!YOU CAN’T TELL ME HOW I CAN OR CAN’T HAVE FUN! THIS IS MY BLOG!! Not yours!If you hate it so god damn much then just ignore me. It is not that hard unless you REALLY dont have anything else to do. Then I have a suggestions.

  • Read a book (John Green is a great author)
  • Cook something.
  • Watch youtube videos.
  • Play a video game.
  • Watch the news broadcast.
  • Get a job.

Anything then sitting around on tumblr, critizing my blog, for your standards. I can do whatever I want.

Usually I would just ignore you and leave the answer of “Why Not?” because that is the only response that is made for that type of question. That last comment, however, is really uncalled for.

Of course she reblogs stuff (and screenshot stuff) on her blog. It’s her blog. She can do whatever she wants to.  So can I.

So goodbye, good luck with whatever that is going on with life, and have a nice day or night. Wherever you are in the world.

P.S. I am takes screenshots of everything you tell me. Because, why not? I have nothing to hide, how about you Mr./Mrs. Greyface?))

((Admin Elite: This pic was from August 1, 2011 from my DA. Oh god it looks so crappy to some of the stuff I do now. But since it IS a pic of Jejudo, I might as well post it here. XD

DA description:

Alfred has his glasses that represent Texas, his left arm is california, and his heart is New York.
Austria has his hair curl that represents Mariazell.
A lot of people think that Norway’s haircurl is a string of island.
And, finally, Korea’s haircurl is the Korean spirit.

If you can get what I’m getting at, things on the hetalia character’s person of accessories represent something that belong to them.

What I decided to do it have Jejudo’s hair represent one of the three famous waterfalls. In other words, Cheonjiyeon Waterfall.

The symbol she is holding is from her flag. The background is what I can imagine you can see when you’re on one of those huge cliffs that is all over the island. ^^

How do you like it?))