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Broke Ass Nigga Vs. Struggling Man

Let’s figure out what these are first.

Struggling man - trying to get more hours at work or looking for work. Does anything to help you all become better as a couple. Doesn’t complain about contribution to you all’s lifestyle. A good man in a bad place. Who is actually trying.Struggle literally means to make a serious effort to become free. So is he making effort?

Broke Ass Nigga - Doesn’t have a job doesn’t want a job. Expects you to work and come home and clean simply because you’re a female. He says get off his back about getting a job but he doesn’t have a resume and you never seen him fill out an application. He thinks that anytime you want something it’s your job to get it. He even feels like it’s your job to get what he wants. He never pays for dinner or shit else. He doesn’t take you out. He complains about money that’s not even his. And he has really good dick. Niggas with good dick always got a little bum in em.

OK now that we know what a broke Nigga is the question is are you one?You’re probably a broke Nigga if you got offended already.

Are you with one?

If you are then to be honest it’s not much you can do. If he at least has a job or is trying with whatever he does have then this can be fixed. He’s on his way to be a struggling man next step is a man doing the damn thing. If he has more qualities of a broke Nigga than a struggling man then you should just leave him alone because all he is going to do is drag you down. Don’t down a struggling man. Support him. I remember when I was dating a guy who didn’t have a job. I’d ask if people were hiring. He found him a job and when he got on, he took care of me. Men love loyalty. Broke Niggas love a stupid bitch. Don’t be stupid. And damn sure don’t use “loving him” as an excuse. If you loved him you’d leave so he can better himself. Take my advice or suffer living the life of a bum bitch. Hope all goes well.

(This post was inspired by oomf on twitter @ZiMsKii )

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I’m fat too(or I feel like it). And that’s ok. Thing is all you can do is either accept or change it. Love yourself or workout. I think all that matters is that you like YOU. People saying “you’re not fat” means nothing. It’s what you feel about yourself. So do what it takes to like you. Just don’t do anything to put yourself in danger. :)