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What if korra just, pinned you down to the bed. XD? With like that really lustful look people can get.

“Korra does seem the type who would get.. quite frisky.” Iroh explained, clearing his throat before he gave it a tad more thought. “I mean, she is the Avatar after all. Surely I’m no match in strentgh and skill so.. I’d have no choice but to let her take me.. as many times as she’d see fit.” He remarked, adjusting his collar as if it suddenly got hot around him. 

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When you meet Asami, I hope you'll be blown away by her kick-assery instead of her looks like Mako.

“Oh? This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of this..Asami. According to the rumors, she has style, finesse, and grace. She sounds quite promising. I assume that Mako is my competition no? I use that term loosely, as if someone is actually competition against me in the war of love. Surely if he could not recognize a lady for such traits then surely he does not deserve her." 

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Have you met Korra before? Maybe it's just me but I think the Avatar and someone with a status such as yours would have met.

“We’ve met before, but that was many years ago. I was pretty young myself actually. I look forward to seeing how much she has grown over this span of time; hopefully she’s matured too. If anything, I remember her being quite the rash young girl. I’m sure Korra’s a lovely young woman now though.”

[I also think they’ve met at some point, but we’ll all find out soon enough. Until then I’m saying they’ve met!]

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Now that you mention it, Korra HAS matured since she's been in Republic City. I've seen her become more focused, (somewhat...) patient, and all the while staying passionate about the cause she is fighting for. And YES. She is lovely. BEAUTIFUL in fact.

“Wow. That’s splendid then. It seems that Korra isn’t that reckless little girl anymore. As the Avatar, she’ll do just fine then. Wait, what did you say? Beautiful? Ha.. She’s always been such the tomboy. I’m sure she’d look..” Iroh’s voice trailed off, imagining the several possibilities Korra could have become due to puberty. After a moment,  he cleared his throat, desperately trying not to think about it for longer than called for. 

“We’ll just have to see about all of that in Republic City, now won’t we?”

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Hey there, General. Seems you've been hearing a lot about me... while I know almost nothing about you. I say we remedy that.

“Ah. You must be Tahno. I heard that you were quite the lovely young lady. However, now that I look at you, it appears that I’ve been thrown for a loop. It appears that you are quite the strapping young man instead. Either way it’s nice to meet your acquaintance.” Inwardly, Iroh kicked himself for being to gullible towards the suggestions of those blasted gray Anons. 

[Headcanon accepted.]

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A woman with charisma, strength and beauty you say? You must be talking about Korra. ;D

“W-What? Me? And Avatar Korra? Whatever could you be talking about? I.. don’t even know Korra well enough to know if she carries all of those traits. Does she? I mean I’m certain she has grown into quite the lovely young woman but..”

His voice trailed off, trying not to think about the subject for longer than needed. He’d be finding out for himself soon enough if Korra was as amazing as he had heard. Actually, he was already beginning to think that, his curiosity had been peaked. 

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Now that Amon has been put to rest and Korra is rebuilding Republic City? Do you plan to return to the fire nation or will you aid Avatar Korra in this rebuilding process. I'm sure you'd like to reconnect with each other again.

“Ah yes, I would love to hear of her adventures as she might want to hear of mine.” Iroh admitted, before rubbing his brow, pacing slowly. “As for staying, I do believe that I’ll need to. My duty for now is to restore peace to this city, and despite Amon’s defeat, surely there will be some loose ends to secure before we can claim full victory. The reconstruction phase might take a while, and I’m willing to help the Avatar by any means necessary." 

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General Iroh II, i'm as chancellor of the Irohsexual Bolivarian Republic Of Venezuela, I humbly ask you a favor, pls marry Avatar Korra, and kick Mako's ass, he's a jerk

“Everyone keeps saying bad things about this.. Mako. At first I ignored it, but now I’m hearing his name in the same sentence as the Avatar. I really hope he hasn’t done anything to make Avatar Korra uncomfortable or angry or else.. he’ll be dealing with some grave consequences. ”

The general rubbed the bridge of his nose, calming himself down before he replayed the given question once more in his head.

“…Wait did you just say I should marry Avatar Korra?” He asked suddenly his facial features taken aback in surprise. 

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You did excellent today out there, sir! But tell me...however did you get off that Aang statue? :o

“To be honest, I sat there a while, catching my breath and trying to fix my hair. However, soon enough I figured out the safest way to get down was to use the flames upon my heels to coast downwards towards safety. It was either that, or sit there until someone remembered me." 

[Lol at Iroh hanging there all night. That’s now canon for me.]


I have noticed in my travels that many of my companions have begun sharing their experiences and answering questions for the young people of this community. With my age and wisdom and tea-making skills, I think it would be good if I shared some of this with you too.

Feel free to stop by my tea shop and ask me anything!

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"Hey! Spark-butt jr.! You look a lot like your Grandfather! You know, I was pretty good friends with Spark-butt sr. when we were younger!"

“Spark-butt?” He repeated.. his face twisted in slight surprise. “Hm.. You do look awfully familiar, which would explain how you knew my grandfather. How cute. A tiny Beifong.~” The general laughed lightly, patting Toph on the shoulder gently. 

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It's about time you showed up, Iroh. Nice seeing you again.

“K-Korra!?” He asked with unexpected surprise. It had really been a long time since he had seen her. It took him a second to calm himself, he had to remain cool, calm and collected, but he genuinely excited to see the young Avatar.  "It’s been a while, I know. Nice seeing you too..Avatar Korra.“ Iroh gave an open-mouthed smile of disbelief. 

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Aww that's too bad!....What are your opinions on Ponies? *smiles wide*

“Ponies? Well, I do believe a stallion of a man like me needs a trusty steed. However, now days we typically do not go into battle with horse and sword, rather iron clad ships and fists of fire. Even so, even as a young boy I’ve always dreamt of my own little pony pet.”


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1. You will be attracted (at least) to Asami. 2. But you will actually end up with a earth or water bender girl. 3. You actually turn out to be really awkward and cute when you talk.

“It seems that people really care about my love life. I would like my future wife to be a bender, so we can have strong and capable leaders for the next generation. Is this Asami a bender? Your confidence leads me to believe that she is a strikingly beautiful woman. Actually, why can’t I have a girl that can bend earth and water? (:3) As for me being awkward.. well.. if you find it cute, I-I’ll be sure to be a bit socially clueless just for you.”

[Lol omg. Awkwardly cute Iroh would be so <3]