Hey, all you'se wonderful followers.  Here at the Team Sleuth blog we’ve seemed to have added a small member to the team that has received a lot of positive reception.  

One we’ve simply called “Problem Sleuth’s cat”.  I’ve been thinkin’ on a name and it got me wonderin’ what do you guys think Sleuth’s cat’s name is?

Of course!  Any detective would agree that Sherlock Holmes is an idol of their’s.  The new BBC series is so good!  The characters are fantastic and the writing for that show is great. And though it’s adapted the characters to a modern setting it sticks so well to canon.  Like that scene in “The Study in Pink” where–

Uhm…well.  Ahem.  It’s a good show, I guess.  If you like that sort of stuff.  Not really all that hardboiled…

You really questioning my sleuthin’ skills?  Buddy, I could find anyone or anything faster than you could find the exit door to the afterlife.  I could find a needle in a haystack the size of Mount Tegucigalpa.  I could locate Waldo, Carmen Sandiego, AND the key to the Felt Mansion cleverly hidden inside a fake rock and still be back to the office to have afternoon tea with the Inspector.  Kid, I am a  finding FORCE.  And as for your shoe? Well it looks like the shoe’s….

…on the other foot now.

In a city like this, questions get asked.

And they need to be.  You can’t find your way through the sleazy underbelly of a city like this without upsetting a few wicker baskets, poking into a few cooking pots, toppling a few sacred urns, if you catch my meaning.  These are things that happen all the time.  Sometimes problems occur, like maybe someone needs a bit of an ace in the hole to get them out of whatever pickle they might have half-stumbled into.  We understand that.  We really do.  And we love to try and find answers for those who need them.  That’s what we do.  And we got a phone call today in the real world.

It was handed to us on the back of a phone call delivery truck.  Same old story, happens all the time.  Today’s was a bit different though.  Took us a bit longer than expected.  It’s tricky business leaving your office.  Tricky business from any angle, whether it’s as simple as going out the window or a monumental occasion like opening the front door.  We’re not sure where the situation stands, and we might not be in the office too much for the time being.  We expect to be back in a few days, certainly ain’t more than a week or two.  But problems is as problems is. And we’ll be damned if we ain’t just the fellas to sleuth ‘em.

Well I dunno ‘bout all that.  Probably be a pretty quiet day fer alla us, we don’ usually get too worked up about it, specially seein’ as we’re all presently a bit unattached an’ all that.  Maybe spend it like any sane person ’d do: browsin’ tumblr.

Hey what’s these?

Well, maybe we’ll have an innerestin Valentine’s Day after all.  Looks like we’ll be spendin’ the next couple days replying to all these cute lil’ valentines youse ’ve sent us!