Two new sites have joined the Flawless Freestyle network!

STREET STYLE - The Dance Central Cosplay Site! If you have DC cosplay outfits to submit or need help breaking down a dancers outfit, this will be your place to check out! We’re working on getting breakdowns of every outfit in the game, so keep your eyes peeled for those. Besides cosplays of outfits from the games, you can also submit your original DCI Agent outfits!

ASK IRL DANCE CENTRAL - So far only The Glitterati are online, but more dancers will be joining them soon and you can ask them all anything you want. Who knows how they’ll answer, but it’ll be in .gif or photographic form - hence the name!

Also on the official DC front, the “Airplanes” DLC is coming out tomorrow - hopefully everyone is ready for it! You can check out a preview for it here!

How are we the first ones here? Really? I guess you get to deal with us until some of the others show up. This is who you get to look forward at the moment. Get your party hats on, or whatever other ridiculous party favors people use to celebrate things.

For example, this thing above that Kerith got at Glitch’s last birthday party. I don’t know why Glitch had them, I thought he was older than 6 years of age.

Anyways, you can ask us questions until the others show up, if you’re so inclined. We’ll answer them when watching paint dry gets boring.


anonymous asked:

Emilia, what do you do in your pastime? Basketball with Bodie?

Whew!  Sorry this is so late.  We’ve been crazy busy working on some cool new dance routines.  But anyways!  

In our spare time?  Yeah, we shoot some hoops.

External image

External image

Oh! And roller derby is pretty badass.

External image

But mostly?

External image

I prank call Aubrey.

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External image