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Maybe "Tapu Buti" would be subtle enough to not be heresy

I invite anyone to try.

Also, congratulations, anonymous!

Your ask has allowed us to make the thousandth post.

I feel like it means something that such a milestone post on this blog is a butt joke. —LH

It means we are a mature, responsible crowd, Lanette. We are mature, responsible people with refined senses of humor. —Bill

Oh.  Well.  This is about to be quite a lot of hugs.  I can’t say I’m the best at them, but we can… I suppose there’s no harm in attempting to…

would anyone like to hug one of my mooncalves?  I assure you, they’re quite friendly. 

Going Down (Jikook)

Hey! So, this has already been posted on Ao3, but I decided to post it here too because, well, why not? Along with this, the next chapter is available on my Ao3 here, as well as a ton of other jikook. 


Title: Going Down

Pairing: jikook w/ side taegi

Words: 5.1k

Genre: smut, humor

Rating: NC-17

Jimin has been asked many odd, sometimes creepy questions while sitting alone at a club. Though usually, they are somewhere along the lines of “Wanna make out?” or “How about coming home with me?” Among the creepiest was when a young woman approached him and asked him if she could recruit him for her next porn film. He politely declined her and ordered another drink. As for the others, well, depending on the mood and the person asking, he might accept, or he might turn them away. (Usually the latter, because strangers in clubs could come from anywhere and carry anything.)

But the creepy ones aside, he’s been asked some weird, obviously alcohol-induced questions as well. Like just now, by the kid who came to sit next to him. He looks a little more than tipsy, his eyes drooping every couple seconds only to snap open again and stare at Jimin. Behind him, a couple stools down, two guys that look about his age sit and stare. One sends the boy an urging look, then the other waves his hand and mouths Well?

The boy continues to stare, expecting an answer to his ridiculous question.

Jimin clears his throat and says, “Can you repeat that?” It’s possible he could have heard him wrong…

He can’t see much of the boy’s face—just that he might be about his own age and is kind of cute—but even in this dark room he can tell he’s sweating. He tugs the sleeves of his red leather jacket and looks down, scrunching his nose like he’s in deep thought. Make that super cute.

He sends an uncomfortable glance back to his friends who sit idle, watching, waiting for him. One of them looks more interested than the other, but both have a look of mischief. Jimin is ready to feel bad for the way they seem to be patronizing him until he nods in their direction and clears his throat.

“I asked you if you were an elevator,” he says in the same shy way he asked it the first time.

Jimin laughs and sighs. This kid really is drunk.

“Sorry,” he says, lifting his drink to his lips. He can’t remember what he ordered and doesn’t really care, but it tastes good anyways. “But I’m not—”

“Because I would totally go down on you.”

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Is it unethical to name one of the Island Guardians "Tapu Butt?"

It depends on the tapu, anonymous. Tapu Bulu might not care, Tapu Fini might find it hilarious, and if you try to name either Tapu Koko or Tapu Lele this, I highly commend you for not dying in the process.

Granted, either way, it may be prudent to avoid mentioning to Alolan locals that you’ve named an island guardian Tapu Butt, but even then, I’m told that it really depends on which local you inform.

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hi! could i please request some headcanons of lance cuddling with his s/o? (female pronouns if possible; if not, gender neutral is fine too!) good luck with the blog! <3

(Here are some other Lance cuddling headcanons)


  • His head would rest right on your chest, you couldn’t keep him away from it. He insists it’s just the most comfortable place to lay, but you sense some ulterior motives. 
  • He tends to just fall asleep almost instantly because of how comfortable he is, but he likes the times where he stays up and the two of you can have philosophical talks (he loves to ask odd, abstract questions even if sometimes they’re stupid and just make the two of you laugh). 
  • Gets very grumpy if cuddling time is interrupted, snippy with the other Paladins and just itching to get back to cuddling. 

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Out of curiosity, where are your sources for those bits of Scooby Doo canon? Like, I'm legit fascinated by how much you know, and I'm curious where you learned it. Also, what do you think of Mystery Inc?

Hello friend! Thanks so much for sending me a message! I love getting mail! SO almost all the info from that post comes from my Scooby Doo’s Greatest Mysteries VHS, specifically the fake Behind-The-Scenes with the Gang clips! A few, such as the Shaggy is a gymnast one, comes directly from something said, mentioned, or shown in specific episodes in the original Scooby Doo Where Are You? series, but a lot are from those clips! 

Regarding Mystery Inc, it was cute, I mean I’m a sucker for most animated shows, but my favourite part of the original Scooby Doo, what made it so fun to watch, was that the ends was always “the gang solves the mystery, the bad guy gets caught, and they all go out for milkshakes” and I didn’t get that from Mystery Inc. I love that there’s a lore to the show, and there was a real story going on, but it was a touch to deep and intensive for me, but if people are into that then power to them! Not that I’m a total traditionalist! I’m loving Be Cool, Scooby Doo because while the animation is strange, and some aspects are bizarre, there’s just an enjoyable lunacy to the series which is fun to watch. My sister and I do nothing but laugh the whole time and that’s really all I need!

I want to write about my experiences, scribble the story on the walls, let the ink soak into my skin, but no one will understand after years of crime and manipulation.

“He made a mistake, I’m not a sympathizer, I have a right to the emotions it caused me.”

Instead I’m biting my lip and clawing my skin when the topic pops up, desperately keeping my mouth shut and vocal chords unutilized. It’s for the best; it’ll keep the family safe.

Is that why I’m so scared to ask questions, why I stay silent so Mom won’t cry? So I won’t cry? Why we make jokes when we’re alone so the suffering can fall just a little? I don’t get it. I want to scream what the issue is, I want to write a book about the scars on the walls. I want the dirty looks from the neighbors to stop.

I want to feel safe and confident in my own neighborhood.

“He’s harmless,” I shout. The looks continue. “I’m safe, we’re all safe.” They don’t believe me.

The family is punished, not just the person. Keep that in mind as you watch the little girl with big eyes, her dad carrying her with a smile. Keep that in mind as you watch the chubby little boy play outside, his mom watching over him with the same smile.

The person made the mistake, the family suffers the consequences.

Instead, I’ll keeping telling people I moved because of a bad economy (it’s mostly the truth) while I know, deep in my mind, there’s more to that. There’s more that needs to be fixed.

For now, I’ll wait until I get out of this house with my family and graduate high school.

Because as you know, the rumors that float the high school halls can make or break anyone.

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Odd question, but I use celestial bodies in my work instead of dieties, if I were to burn an incense of sorts, what would you recommend?

I would think it would depend on the celestial body, but this question would be better directed at @cosmic-witch or anyone else that practices that sort of magic! :) <3