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I agree that his responses were childish, I'm not defending that on any level. It's nice to ask for permission and it shouldn't be monetized without permission. I still think using the silhouette (if it was on a non monetized video) would be fine.

Legalities aside, it’s disrespectful and morally wrong. Especially because he feels he’s done nothing wrong. Something shouldn’t need to be illegal for you to understand it’s still wrong and not ok to do.
There is a difference between what is legally accepted and what is socially accepted. He wants to form a community around his game, why fuck it up by doing something socially unacceptable?

Because people don’t read descriptions half the time I felt this was necessary (and I don’t want any confusion to result in misunderstandings).

@demuredusk ( is the one who designed this human Bendy. I merely fell in love with it and drew a SHIT ton of fanart. It was originally posted as a colored sketch on her twitter and I asked permission to draw it, then I did a comic with her female insert character, and now I’m drawing the asshole again and wanting to do more art of him.

I’m merely drawing fanart. Please go shower the original designer with praise and compliments for the design, not me. She worked hard on this design and deserves recognition for it.

Human Bendy Design © @demuredusk
Artwork © :iconFoxy-Sierra:

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Hello, I know this might sound as an strange question, but are you okay with people using the FishMob meme you have created in their arts and other works?

of course!! heck I claim no ownership over the idea itself, it’s a concept, you can do with it as you wish no need to ask me!! :DD

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could i get some random sfw rohan, josuke, or mista headcanons?? anything works for me c:

Hey there, of course you can! :D

I hope you like it!

Thanks again @jotarohasadirtysecret for proofreading/editing! <3


  • Rohan draws his s/o a lot; whenever he can grab a chance, really. Though he usually doesn’t ask for permission or for them to pose, since he prefers to draw them in more naturalistic situations, when they haven’t noticed him drawing. He finds it to be much more realistic that way, as though it is becoming closer to a photograph, rather a staged piece. Given how quick he is at drawing, there’s a high chance that they never catch him doing it.
  • When his s/o asks him to draw something for them, they can be sure that he will decline almost instantly. After all, he is such a busy person and finishing his manga is his first priority, there’s no time for such requests. However, a few days later, when his s/o enters his workroom and sees a few random inked drawings on his desk, they immediately notice that these pieces have nothing to do with Pink Dark Boy; the art style is too different, and… isn’t that the landscape they asked him to draw? When the realization slowly sinks in, a huge smile spreads across their face and they literally feel their heart swell with joy.
  • “What?! Now don’t make such a big deal about it.” he says, though Rohan has a hard time hiding the slight blush slowly spreading across his cheeks.
  • When Rohan walks through town to take photos, or to draw scenery, or whatever sparks his interest, his s/o usually tags along. It is an opportunity for Rohan to sketch his s/o outside and, although he hides it well, it makes him happy that his partner wants to join him while he’s doing what he enjoys the most. It often ends up with them sitting in a park on the grassy fields; Rohan drawing whatever catches his eye, while his s/o leans against his back, both enjoying the peaceful moment and getting to watch Rohan draw.


  • Josuke loves treating his partner to quick dates. Going for some cake in that little café, getting a cup of that really special flavored coffee in that American coffee shop, buying chocolates or sweets in that shop up the road; he is totally down for all of it. He loves treating his s/o to these things, and he does it until he’s completely broke. It’s no use arguing with Josuke about him spending so much money on them, he loves them too much to give a damn about the cost and he won’t accept them paying for themselves either. So his s/o needs to find another way to return the favor…
  • The most awesome and thoughtful way to repay him (although they do not need to, as he insists) is to restock his hair products. He has a lot of them and he needs all of them for his daily routine, so, of course they cost a lot of money. So, if his s/o buys them for him and places them in his bathroom without him noticing, Josuke will fall in love with them all over again as soon as he sees all of his favorite products on the shelves. His s/o can expect lots of cuddles and adoring words from him afterwards, along with a bountiful of thank you’s.
  • Josuke is also a huge fan of PDA, but whenever he initiates anything, he’ll still get flustered over it. He just can’t stand waiting until both of them are home again to finally share some affection, so he steals a kiss or a little hug every chance he gets no matter how embarrassed he may be.
  • Home dates are also a big thing for Josuke. Settling down on the couch covered by a huge amount of pillows and blankets, drinking some nice hot tea and playing video games together are a must! At some point they will end up being cuddled up in the mountain of blankets together, the game’s long forgotten as they just enjoy each other’s company. With Josuke’s arms wrapped around his s/o, their head beneath his chin, their hands between one another’s chests combined into the feeling of his heartbeat underneath their fingers and his steady breathing brushing over their hair; it slowly but steadily lulls them both to sleep.


  • Mista enjoys taking his s/o out on dates. It doesn’t even matter much too him where they go, as longs as they can go and have fun together. If his s/o hasn’t been living in Naples for long, he’ll take them sightseeing and show them all the places he thinks they definitely need to see. He also loves taking his s/o to carnivals or amusement parks since it’s a carefree date with lots of fun and adventure, but without the added danger that his daily life as a gangster brings about. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t also enjoy calmer dates as well; going to the cinema and a nice restaurant would be a welcome change in atmosphere and scenery for him once in a while.
  • He loves PDA, a lot; maybe even too much. He’s just so happy to have his s/o at his side that he simply can’t help it. Mista feels like needs to show his s/o affection whenever he can- when they walk through town, his arms are usually around his s/o’s shoulders, both to keep them close and to act as a layer of protection. Once in a while he randomly leans towards them and kisses them, either on the lips, cheeks or forehead. However, he’s even happier when his s/o is the one to initiate some form of affection.
  • His stand is either a blessing or a curse regarding his s/o. He absolutely adores his s/o for getting along with the Pistols so well, but sometimes, the little guys get a bit too much to handle. All of them battle for his s/o’s attention and it keeps disrupting their time alone. The worst thing is though that the Pistols are his stand, so basically him, and whenever Mista talks to Giorno about his s/o, the Pistols know about it and they will tell his s/o as soon as they see them.
  • “Oi […] did you know that Mista…?” they don’t want to be mean or evil, they just think Mista’s s/o deserves to know what he thinks about them (even if Mista might have told Giorno something he does not want his s/o to know… yet). It embarrasses Mista a lot and it ruins the ‘smoothness’ of his gestures, but it’s just a little bit of harmless teasing; the Pistols just don’t know any better…
Best Thing I Ever Bought

Hey everyone!! How about some more Dean fluff??

Warnings: mild nudity, but no SMUT

Word Count: Around 570

Check out my masterlist for more fics!!


Ok. This was it. Undoubtedly, this was absolutely the best thing you’d ever spent your hard earned, fake credit card limit on. The boys were out on a hunt a few states over, you staying home with a pulled back muscle. You’d decided to take advantage of your solidarity and pulled the trigger without so much as mentioning it to the Winchesters. As Dean constantly reminded you, this was your bunker too. You’d rather ask for forgiveness than permission anyways. But, come on, you were pretty sure he was going to love it. Sam too.

It had been installed and set up yesterday and you were just now getting ready to try it out for the first time. You stripped down in your room, wrapping yourself in a fluffy white robe, also a new purchase, and headed down the hall nearly bouncing with excitement.

You opened the door, the sound of the electrical pumps causing an eager shiver to run down your spine. You untied your robe, stepping out of the soft fabric and hanging it on one of the hooks you’d mounted on the wall for just this purpose. The tingle of the slightly cool air on your naked skin felt incredible, your nipples hardening at their exposure. You were so incredibly ready for this.

After struggling with the buckles momentarily, you were able to get the cover off. Goosebumps covered your bare skin as you climbed the two steps to the edge, the moment of truth finally here.

You let out a sinful moan as you slid in, groaning in contentment as you sank all the way down, up to your neck in the perfectly steamy water. You closed your eyes, relaxing against the headrest, finally getting to enjoy your brand new hot tub.

You’d been to heaven. This was better.

When your muscles were sufficiently loose, you floated over to the control panel to check it out. The temperature was hovering around 102°F and you fiddled with the settings, turning the heat up a couple degrees. The LED lights and Bluetooth speakers were pretty badass. You’d have to connect your phone and play music next time you got in, but you hadn’t even thought about it in your haste to test out your new purchase. You found a jet setting that massaged your back in just the right spot and settled in, getting comfy.

You left the ceiling vent fan off, steaming up the room, letting the warmth numb your mind and your body, thoroughly enjoying your new purchase.

“Babe??” a confounded voice from the doorway questioned. You moved over to the side closest to the door, your bare breasts resting against the acrylic edge.

“In here, honey,” you replied to the shadowy figure as he stepped into the room.

“What in the hell… what is this sweetheart?” Dean asked, examining your remodel as he approached you.

“What does it look like?” you teased smugly, a grin plastered on your face.

Your boyfriend leaned down to kiss you briefly. “A hot tub? Really?” he raised his eyebrows at you.

“Trust me, it’s totally worth it,” you dropped a sweet kiss on his cheek before pushing backwards away from the side.

“Y/N… are you naked??” Dean inquired, voice low with lust, trying to get a good look at you through the steam and jet bubbles.

You giggled, ignoring his question before purring, “You gonna stand there all day, Winchester, or are you gonna come get in?”


Smutty part 2 anybody??

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A Note.

Okay, I’m used to being asked for advice but I think a lot of people are incredibly comfortable dropping INCREDIBLY triggering situations into my inbox. You guys should ask permission first so that I have the option of opting out properly. It’s the least you can do if you’re trying to enlist what little help I can offer,

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hi uhm ok do i don't want to look like a tattletale but someone has stole your drawing of the ink and cross fusion and recolored it and claimed it to be their original character have they asked if they can do that

Oh dear,no one came to me to ask any permission of some sort,can you link them to me? Thank you for informing me about this,you are doing fine don’t worry about it~


One Piece #783 || Sanji’s Homecoming ! Into Big Mom’s Territory !
Sanji Vinsmoke : “Don’t include me ! I have nothing to do with them !


camisado // panic! at the disco

Secret Sign Language MasterPost

This is for @zenlikejen. 

Disclaimer: I don’t own all of these gifs (only some) so credit to the original owners of those i don’t own.

Okay so it has been clear from the start that some certain members from the band One Direction have gone to the great lengths (and most kind lengths) of leaning sign language. These two members are Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson and despite them using their new talent as a way to communicate to the deaf fans, they also have mostly used it to communicate with each other, and each other only.  

We firstly have this:

Here we clearly see Louis gives a small thumbs up before tapping his chest multiple times with his left hand at which Harry doesn’t notice properly at first. Also Louis realizes he is tapping with his wrong hand for what he is trying to say so therefore corrects himself by switching to his right hand and this time Harry sees; like so: 

When Louis taps his chest, in sign language it means ‘Mine’, so basically he is telling Harry that he is his and Harry replies with a small thumbs up, a common thing which I will talk about further down in the post. 

Louis also glances at Harry here and touches his chest, a year later and they still communicate through signing, Louis again telling Harry that he is his. 

Harry here signs to Louis something along the lines of ‘Later we talk, before kissing’ but the second part can also mean ‘I want the truth’ as its unsure if he touches his lip or chin.

And Louis replies back with this: 

Which would make Harry saying ‘Later we talk before kissing’ more reliable due to Louis’ answer. 

Still complete cuties here.

Again during an interview, Louis seems to rub his hands together which research says could mean the letter ‘H’. In this case, H for Harry; or H was also a nickname that Louis could have had for Harry.

He then taps his chest twice again (meaning ‘Mine’) except he uses his fist more which may take away its meaning, but they could of changed it up more so that the signing was more personal to each other. 

Now during one of their songs on the TMH tour, Louis and Harry were stood next to each other on the stage. Louis glances at Harry for a moment to get his attention before crossing his fingers and then placing his hand back onto his microphone stand, fingers still crossed. 

Now some say that this means ‘Hope’ however others say because of how Louis did it, it means ‘Forever’ so I guess its your own choice to decide which one you want it to mean. 

Then we have this:

Now everyone knows that in sign language this sign with another person means ‘Lover’/ ‘Make Love’.

So really there is nothing much to say about this apart from the fact that it is adorable as fuck and the most cliche thing that a pair of platonic best friends could do together. 

No we are on to the famous ‘Thumbs up’ sign that they both constantly used to give each other on stage, during interviews and at any moment they were happy, having fun or in each others company. Now I researched this and found that it meant different to what the ‘Lovers’ sign that’s above. Many use the thumbs up sign as a way of saying good or as a positive attitude towards things like ‘I am good’ or ‘This is fun’ etc; except it also has another meaning. More discreetly, this sign can mean ‘I love you’ or ‘Love’ but is different from ‘Lover’ and ‘Make love’ so the two signs should not get mixed up. 

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Yo buddies, here are my samples for @tsumire0301​, @jearwork​ and mine Lazuli Family zine “Lapis and Peridot: wife and wife family life”!

Only my samples are in english but the whole anthology zine it’s in chinese!, this is thanks to them /// i really appreciate their support and patience.

This is my very first doujin btw (yes, zine/anthology/doujin… Comic), and it was an adventure making it wwww

It’s a Taiwan Exclusive fanzine ;o for now

About this amazing cover, actually we worked all together to make it possible✨

Sketch: Me
Lineart: Tsumi 
Background + Color: Jear

btw, fun fact:Turquoise could be harsh asshole to peri but she’s all sweet to Lapis, but this doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about her peri mom, she care about her as much as lapis mom.

AU in which A and B are childhood friends. A is a werewolf, and at some point he gets de-aged. B obviously has to take care of his dear A until they find a cure/the magic wears off. he thinks that’s going to be difficult because he remembers A being a menace when they were young, and, yep, he’s right, but A is also adorable - he’s always been, even now that he’s 17 - and he sleeps on his lap, loves being pet on the head, and hugs.

one day, C, a close friend, comes to visit them, and, OH MY GOSH, A turns into a little puppy, and A) refuses to turn back, B) tries to steal their friend’s phone, C) whines everytime B is not next to him, D) growls at their friend when B’s not watching, and E) “did you really pee on my shoe????”

(later that night, when A’s back being a kid, B asks for an explanation for his behavior - especially for the last incident - A kicks an invisible stone, and pouts, “ ‘cos you’re mine”)