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Hey!do you do denis shaforostov imagines ? If you do can you pleeease do one where y/n is ben’s best friend and he introduces her to denis when he takes her on tour with him and denis likes her and he confesses and then smut ;) thank you!

“(Y/N)!”, someone shouted from outside, followed by someone honking the horn on the bus, “get your sexy butt out here!”

You couldn’t help but giggle at the slight impatience of your best friend, Ben, but deciding to not waste anymore time, you quickly grabbed your suitcase and ran outside. The site of the giant Asking Alexandria tour bus greeted you, as well as Ben who was literally hanging out of the door, grinning like a fool. The other’s must’ve been inside.

“There is my sexy best friend!”, he yelled loudly and as soon as you locked the front door behind you and made your way towards the bus, he stepped outside and pulled you into a hug. You chuckled quietly and pulled away, watching him as he took your suitcase to carry it into the bus. “Does Sam know you’re flirting with me?”, but all you got in response was a laugh and a shrug of his shoulders as you followed him inside, immediately being greeted by the loud voices of his bandmates.

James was the first one to pull you into a hug, followed by Sam and Cameron, but then, you spotted the unfamiliar face. Turning towards the male, you smiled brightly as he stuck out his hand to shake yours, but you simply pulled him into a short hug instead.
He blushed slightly but chuckled eventually.

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Purely Based On Movies

Got some Ben Bruce requests. A lot actually so here you go. Really liked writing this. -Love, Kaila

You saw Danny and Ben lean with their backs against the tour bus, you were a little scared to approach them. Still, you really wanted to meet them. What were you going to say? You were just another fangirl. That was when you accidentally made eye contact with Ben. Ben nodded in your direction as he and Danny exchanged a few words. They both laughed before Ben walked up to you, he walked in a straight line, straight in your direction. You looked around to see if he was going to walk anywhere else. 

“Hi, I’m Ben.” Ben said as he held out his hand. You smiled. 

“I’m-” You began. 

“Really fucking hot.” Ben filled in, not allowing you to tell him your name. You didn’t know why, but figured not to think about it too much. You just smiled at him, not sure what to say. 

“I loved the show, you guys were great.” Seemed like the easiest thing to say. 

“Thanks, love.” Ben replied, “Do you want to join me on the bus?” He asked, slightly turning to the huge tour bus. 

“Sure.” You answered with a smile. 

“Come on then.” He said, he put his hand on your lower back and guided you to the entrance of the big bus. 

“What are we gonna do?” You asked. 

“What do you think?” Ben asked with a little smirk. You felt butterflies in your stomach. The butterflies just increased in numbers when Ben’s hand slides down a bit, squeezing your butt. You tensed up a little as the sudden squeeze surprised you. 

“After you.” Ben said with a motion of his hand along with opening the door to the bus. Ben slapped your butt quite firmly as you entered the bus. He jumped into the bus after you and closed the door behind him. 

“Are we alone?” You asked. As you turned around, you were expecting an answer, instead you were surprised by a pair of lips, roughly pressing up to yours. 

Ben pinned you up against the wall and continued kissing you. His arms were on both sides of your body. He skilled like a mixture of cigarets, alcohol and cologne. Even the way he smelled was a turn on. Ben was sexy in every possible way. 

“Fuck you’re one hot little bitch.” Ben commented before he firmly slapped your ass again. He picked you up and you wrapped your legs around his torso. He carried you to the back of the bus and threw you down on the big couch. 

You caught sight of a pole. A pole that was often seen in stripclubs and those kind of facilities that you were more than pleased to see in movies but less pleased to attend to yourself. Nevertheless, it looked kind of out of place on a tour bus. Then again, it was Asking Alexandria you were talking about. 

“Why do you have that?” You asked as a naughty little smile spread across Ben’s lips. 

“Right now, I think you can put it to good use.” He said as he helped you up. “However, that would involve less of your clothes, and a little more music.” He pressed a button on the stereo and instantly music came blasting out of it. 

“I really don’t know how to pole dance.” You yelled over the music. 

“Well, do you know how to take your clothes off because that is all I need from you right now, dear.” Ben replied. “Oh for fuck sake, you’re lucky that you’re hot because you’re a slow one.” He added before he pulled your shirt over your head and undid your shorts. They dropped to your ankles and you stepped out of them. 

“Damn…” Ben groaned, you could barely hear it over the music. He pulled you close by your waist and kissed you roughly on your lips. “Dance for me, slut.” Ben commanded. He sat down on the couch and looked as if he was waiting for someone to hand him a beer as you started dancing on the pole. 

Your skills purely rested on what you had seen in movies, you swung around the pole, you legs on both sides of the cold metal. You slides down the pole and bit your lip when Ben locked eyes with you. 

“Lose the bra.” Ben said. You turned around so that you were facing away from him and undid your bra, as you were told. It dropped to the floor and you covered your breast with your hands before turning around. Ben motioned with his hand for you to come to him. The loud music was still blasting through the speakers, so that little gesture had more effect than works could’ve ever had. You kept your breast covered with your hands as you walked up to Ben. 

“Don’t hide yourself from me you little prude.” Ben pinned you down on the couch. You barely even had time to wonder when he had found time to strip to his boxers. He pinned your hands above your head, revealing your breast. 

Ben stroked your nipple gently before he squeezed your breast firmly along with clashing his lips onto yours. You were so turned on and you felt something hard press against your leg, it made you even wetter. Ben picked you up and pinned you back up against the wall. He tore off your panties and stepped out of his boxers. 

“Ready, slut?” Ben asked. 

“I want you.” You replied. Ben slapped your ass hard before he thrusted into you, making you scream and moan. He filled you up entirely and buried his face in your neck where he sucked on the skin. 

“Ben! Fuck!” You screamed out in utter pleasure. 

“Shh…” Ben shut you up by kissing you hard your muscles tightened, as did the imaginary knot in your stomach. You dug your nails into Ben’s back and you felt him fill you up. It was closely followed by you coming too. 

Ben laid you on the couch. “You okay?” He asked. 

“Yeah.” You replied, you were still a little absent minded because of your amazing previous orgasm. Ben kissed your shoulder and stood up. 

“Do you feel like taking a shower?” He asked as he held out his hand. 

“Don’t mind if I do.” You replied. Ben helped you up and you went into the small bathroom, for a shower and possibly a second round. 

But did you mind? Hell. Fucking. No.

Christmas on a Tour Bus with Asking Alexandria

Snow fell heavily from the sky as the large tour bus sped down the road. Your legs were pulled up to your chest to keep warm. It was December 23rd and you guys were still far from home. Who even plans a tour around Christmas anyways? You looked away from the window and at the five men sitting around the bus, silently, each with a beer in their hands. Normally the bus would be loud and alive, but the five of them had come to realize earlier that they wouldn’t be able to go home for Christmas and see their loved ones.

You dropped your legs from their position to the floor and crossed your arms over your chest. From on the other couch, Ben looked up from his phone and raised his eyebrows at you.

“Everything alright over there y/n?” He asked and you furrowed your eyebrows.

“No, it is too quiet on this bus,” you said and he looked around.

“We’re just looking at our phones,” he shrugged.

“But you’re also drinking! And you’re all silent,” you whined and he smiled.

“We’re just in the mood to drink and be quiet,” James said from beside Ben. You looked at him and sighed. Then you got a really good idea in your head. You guys were stopping in a few hours to get some gas, so you had come up with a plan.

“Okay, okay, okay. I have a plan boys!” You called out and they all looked at you like you were crazy. You were super proud of this plan, so you were all smiles.

“How much have you been secretly drinking?” Denis asked you and you gave him a look.

“This bus is super depressing. Now, I know you guys have no control over planning the tour, and being away from family is super fucking sad, especially around Christmas. But, you guys have all become my family, since my actual family are a bunch of deadbeats. And I don’t want to spend Christmas in a super sad, super silent bus. So, when we stop for gas in a few hours, we are going to go to the closest party store and get a shit ton of Christmas decorations. Then we’re going to go to the closest supermarket, get a shit ton of food and alcohol. Once we’re back on the bus, we’ll decorate, drink, and have a festive time. Got it?” You asked and they all looked at each other before looking back at you.

“Are you high or something?” Ben asked and you shook your head.

“No, I am not. I am just sick of sitting on this bus, silent with the only entertainment being watching the snow fall outside,” you groaned and Ben chuckled.

“Fine, but we’re going to play some games too,” he said.

“Whatever, as long as we aren’t being quiet as fuck,” you crossed your arms again and they all laughed at you.


With at least one bag per person, you guys were ready for this mini Christmas party. The snow was falling heavier than you thought, so running through it was a no go. But once you made it back to the bus and climbed on. You were glad for the heat.

“Okay, someone needs to put these lights up somewhere,” you held out a box of lights towards the five of them. They all stared at it like it was a foreign object.

“Oh come on, please tell me you aren’t stupid enough to not know what Christmas light are,” you dropped your shoulders and they smiled. James grabbed them and began putting them up. Cameron was in charge of putting up the decals on the windows, Sam was putting out the food and alcohol, and Denis was the one put in charge of putting up the small tree on the table and making sure it worked. You walked back towards the bunks to grab a Christmas blanket you had. As you reached into the bunk, you felt someone put their arms around you. Immediately you knew it was Ben because he wasn’t doing anything, but you were okay with that. Over the last two tours, you and Ben had grown closer than being family and you considered him your significant other, but without the title. He had been married for a bit, but that didn’t work out.

“Why is having this little party such a big deal to you?” He asked and you sighed as you stood up with the blanket.

“Because back when my grandparents were alive, my family would always go to their house on Christmas eve and have a party, filled with Christmas music, lots of decorations, homemade cookies and candy canes, and laughter. Being in a silent bus was just going to depress me. And since we don’t have a show until the day after Christmas, having a small party to pass some time isn’t a bad idea,” you told him and he nodded.

“Okay, that’s a good reason. But did your family drink until they couldn’t remember?” He asked.

“My dad did, but otherwise, nope. But seeing you five drinking till you can’t remember is amusing,” you smiled and he rolled his eyes. From beside you, you saw Ben raise his arm up and stare at you.

“What are you doing Mr. Bruce?” You asked with a chuckle.

“Oh I don’t know, but what is this I have in my hand above our heads?” He asked with a sly smile. You looked up and saw a mistletoe.

“Did you buy this secretly?” You asked.

“Maybe,” he shrugged before leaning down and planting a wet one onto your lips. Almost immediately after your lips connected, you pulled away, wiping your mouth.

“That is disgusting Ben!” You exclaimed with a laugh.

“Hey woman, give me a proper kiss under a mistletoe!” He exclaimed and put his open hand on his hip.

“Don’t call me woman, we’ve talked about this. I have a name,” you said.

“A name that I don’t care about right now,” he said and then this time when he leaned down, he gave you a proper kiss. As the two of you were kissing, you heard someone take a picture, but didn’t really care. You’d liked Ben for a while, and this was awesome.


So this ended a lot differently than I had originally planned, but, I like it. 

First New Co-Writer Maddie! :)

So our first new co-writer is Maddie and she is just the sweetest I will let her introduce herself in the next few days! Here is her submission hope you enjoy - a :) 

can you do one where you’re in a band on tour with Asking Alexandria and Ben Bruce takes you onto the bus for a tour alone and things get sexual and he just dominates you? rough, smutty and long please <3

You could feel the rush of preforming on stage. You loved the adrenaline running through you, and you loved the thrill you got when you were running on stage, singing your heart out. Singing in a band was definitely your dream, and you were living it. 

You are currently on tour with your band, True Lies, as a supporting act for the headlining band, Asking Alexandria. You were always happy to be touring, but this time it was even better, because you got to spend tour with your boyfriend, Ben Bruce, on of the guitarists of Asking Alexandria. 

After your last song on stage for the night, you thanked the crowd, and ran backstage. The first person you could see coming to congratulate you was, of course, Ben.

“Y/N! That was great, babe.”, he said, pulling you in close for a hug, and whispered, “You looked so hot out there. I can’t wait to get you back on the bus tonight.” You blushed and giggled at this, pulling back to look at Ben innocently in the eyes. You bit your lip and pulled him in for a kiss before he went onstage to preform. 

Two hours later, after the show and running into a group of fans outside of the venue, you and Ben were walking hand-in-hand to where the buses were parked. Once you both got to his bus, he pulled you inside, made sure no one was there, and walked you to the back lounge of the bus. 

The second the door to the lounge was closed and locked, Ben pushed you up against it, pushing himself flush against you. His lips connected with yours in a bruising, passionate kiss. You instantly let your eyes flutter closed, and wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him impossibly closer. His hands gripping your hips, he pushed your lower halves together so you could feel his growing hardness. You moan as you feel his tongue push past your lips without permission. Not like he needed it anyways.

Things were getting hot, fast. His hands moved from your hips, under your shirt and up your sides, pushing up your shirt so that you could take it off. Once it was on the floor, your pants and shoes were next. That only left you in your bra and panties. Ben’s hands went back to gripping tightly to your hips, and his lips met your neck. Small moans escaped your lips as you felt him suck, kiss, and bite all over your neck. Your neck was really sensitive, and this only turned you on more than you thought possible.

Ben placed his hands underneath your thighs, picking you up and allowing you to wrap your legs around his waist. He walked over to the couch, and threw you down on top of it. In front of you, he removed his shirt, allowing you to see his toned chest. Next, he took off his shoes. You reached up to unzip his jeans, but he hit your hand away before you could touch the zipper.

He unzipped it himself, removing his pants quickly, and lowering his boxers just so his member was free from its restraints. He grabbed you roughly by the hair, but not enough for it to hurt too bad. He guided your head to his member, and ordered you to suck.

You eagerly took the base into your hand, and let your tongue flick over the head. You could hear his breathing hitch, and you smirked up at him. He glared back down at you, tightening his grip on your hair. That was enough for you to know that he wasn’t in the mood to be teased. You flattened your tongue on the underside of his dick, and licked a stripe up to the tip, then sucking the head into your mouth.

He loudly groaned at that, and lightly pushed your head down. You wasted no time in taking him inch by inch, reminding yourself to pace yourself so you don’t gag too early. Soon, your mouth was at his base, and the tip was firmly pressing against the back of your throat. You moaned against him, beginning to bob your head up and down his shaft. Your fun was short-lived, because he soon pulled you off of him, and pushing you back down onto the couch on your stomach. Behind you, you could hear the sound of the condom being opened, and Ben’s moans as he rolled it onto his hard cock. 

The next thing you knew, you felt him kneeling behind you, gripping your hips tightly. Without warning, he pulled your hips up and slammed into you. 

“Fuck! Ben!”, you screamed, moaning your name. You couldn’t help yourself. You loved it when Ben was rough with you. You heard him growl deeply in your ear, his lips at the base of your neck, nipping there from time to time. His thrusts got faster and harder, and his grip on you got tighter. you were sure you were going to have bruises, but you really didn’t care. You loved remembering how they got there.

His occasional nips on your neck turned to biting, surely leaving a few lovebites. You didn’t care about that either. One of his hands lost its grip on your hip, instead moving around to your front, his fingers rubbing hard circles on your clit. 

You couldn’t stop moaning by this point, and you could still hear Ben’s grunts, groans, and growls. His thrusts were getting sloppier, and quicker. You knew he was close with how loud his moans were becoming. Yours were pretty loud too. You were surprised no one has come knocking on the door telling you to shut up. 

Soon enough, you heard Ben yell out your name, biting down on your neck harder than before as he released. His release, combined with his rough circles on your clit, triggered you, and you came apart, finishing with pleasure radiating through your body. Ben slipped out of you, removing the condom, and walking back to lay down behind you. He placed his arm around your waist, and rested his head against your neck. 

“Well, that was fun. Now we have to explain to the guys if they heard us. They probably did.” He chuckled, still trying to catch his breath, as were you. You just smiled, and reached over the couch and pulled a blanket over the two of you, and closing your eyes. You felt his breath even out and become deeper. You knew he was asleep. You thought you would do the same. You shut your eyes, and fell into a deep sleep from exhaustion with a smile on your face.


heyyy so can you do a ashley purdy one where you two start dating and he introduces you to his friends and like the guys from AA hit on you and ronnie radke doesn’t like you and he acts like an asshole then ashley gets them to back off you and he says really cute stuff about you on stage and fluff?

“Hey”, Ashley grinned at the small group which was standing in front of the Asking Alexandria Tour bus. “Hey man!”, Danny yelled after he took a sip of the drink he was holding in his hand.

Everyone of Asking Alexandria, Black Veil Brides and even Ronnie Radke stood together, talking and drinking a little but as they saw Ashley and you coming over to them, all eyes turned to you immediately.

“Who is that lovely lady?”, Ben grinned as you stopped in front of them. “My girlfriend, (Y/N)”, Ashley grinned proudly and put an arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer. “Nice”, Cameron looked at you from head to toe and gave you a playful smirk. You blushed a little but smiled back at him. “Don’t even bother trying to flirt with her, man”, Ashley laughed and pressed a short kiss against your temple.

After you said hey to everyone, a short somehow evil laugh caught your attention and almost immediately, you knew who it was. Ronnie Radke. “How long have you two been dating?”, he asked and grinned at you. You couldn’t say if it was a friendly smile or annoyed and forced.

“For about a month”, you replied. Ronnie chuckled in amusement and looked down for a brief second before looking back at Ashley. “She doesn’t look like your type at all. Aren’t you always looking for some chicks? Her chest is as flat as an island”, he laughed at his own joked but everyone else stayed silent and gave him a disapproving look.

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SO LIKE THIS FUCKING HAPPENED???!!!??,!:.??:?: so most of you know I’m like a 12 year old scene kid when it comes to asking alexandria, I fucking love them😂

yesterday I got the chance to see them live from the front again and it was awesome omg!! I also got to meet them for the third time(they remembered me!!!!!)

ANYWAYS it was my first time meeting Denis cause he’s new to the band. Denis is seriously the nicest person I’ve ever met, I’m so happy he’s a part of the band now. Denis let me go in *THE TOUR BUS* bus to take pictures with the band and seriously that’s probably the best thing that ever happened to me😭 after that I got to talk to Denis for a bit and he’s seriously the nicest person ever, he said he really liked my hair and that I looked really nice I was going to cry😂 but I still can’t believe this happened😩



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