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Assassin’s Creed Ask Meme

In preparation for 2018′s new Assassin’s Creed game, here’s an updated Ask Meme!  Throw as many of these questions into my inbox as you want, and I’ll give you my answers!  Tag your friends so they can play, too!  


Originally posted by sunsetagain

  1. Favorite Historical Assassin
  2. Favorite Game
  3. Favorite DLC
  4. Favorite Weapon
  5. Favorite Supporting Character
  6. Favorite Villain
  7. Favorite Soundtrack (Or song, if you have one)
  8. Least Favorite Game
  9. Least Favorite Protagonist
  10. Favorite Mission/Sequence
  11. Best Quote
  12. Favorite Plot Twist
  13. Favorite Modern-Day Assassin
  14. Most Underrated Game
  15. Most Underrated Character
  16. Most Overrated Game
  17. Most Overrated Character
  18. Thing you are most looking forward to in the new game
  19. A game you think Ubisoft should remaster
  20. Thoughts on the Movie
  21. F(uck), M(arry), or K(ill) with three AC Characters
  22. Favorite Historical Setting
  23. Coolest Piece of Eden
  24. Favorite Historical Figure Cameo
  25. Favorite Female Character
  26. In your opinion, which character deserves a drink the most?
  27. Coolest costume/set of assassin robes
  28. Most Improved Character
  29. Scene that made you cry
  30. Scene that made you laugh
  31. Favorite Templar
  32. Favorite romantic relationship
  33. Favorite friendship
  34. Two characters you wish had met, but didn’t
  35. How many games have you played?  Which ones?

Tagging a few people to get this going: @mustachioedmoose​, @nermallion​, @itspapillonnoir​, @aerloria​, @ratonhnhaconnor​, @winterhalcyon​, @altair​, @alistairs​, @wonderswoman​, @ac1234unity​, @wq0326​, @i-am-jano-shipper​, @the-unstoppable-frye-twins​, @shay-cormacs​, @animus-assassin​, @assassinscreedforever​, @fablesfromthecreed​, @arrowofeden​, @noviceassassin​, @nytzewatch​, @bbsketches​, and anyone else who’s interested!  Let’s get pumped for a new AC game!  

Even though

                     I’m on my own

I know

           I’m not alone

Cause I know

                     there’s someone


Praying that

                    I make it home

So here’s one

                       from the heart

My life

           right from the start

I need

           a home sweet home

      to call my own