Oh, so many secrets. One I could get away with telling you, though…

Let’s see… Once, back in… Greece. Athensss, I think it was - Aziraphale discovered a certain entheogen. A fun time was had by all, excluding the citizens. I think I still have a painting he’d tried to make with his-

Dear, look! Ducklings!

Yeah yeah, be right there.

Now, when it comes to tea, I’m afraid it’s a bit impossible to pick a favourite. Certain teas fit a certain situation, I’d think. You can never go wrong with a good Earl Gray, though, I’ve found.(But to be completely honest I’m not overly fond of green teas.) Crowley though, he prefers coffee these days.

Angel, got a table!

Just a moment.

And don’t forget the-

Two sugars. I know, my dear.

Hello there, dear. Well, I’m not much of a mess-maker, if I may. Crowley, however…

Aziraphale likes to clean the windows of his shop and glare at the potential customers. ’S unnerving.

Hush, I don’t glare at them. Not necessarily…

He cleans when he’s upset with me, as well. Look there, those are my pants.  Well, were. Now they’re a very expensive wash rag.

In retrospect, silk isn’t exactly a conventional material for window washing. My mistake, I suppose.