genius-chile asked:

hey, illy! What are some cute protective styles? I'm getting tired of the same of two strand twists. Also, what would you recommend for maximizing growth?

Hey Lady,

1.) I’ll post a few new protective styles this week, but for the time being i say BRAIDS, braids, braids… different intricate braided styles give you soooo many options and remove the stress of maintaining any type of style in the HOT HOT HOT summer we have ahead of us.

2.) To maximize hair growth, stay hydrated -> DRINK WATER and really take a moment to look at the foods your putting into your body. A healthy assortment of veggies, fruits, etc. are very important.

-illy <3

I think women sometimes go natural, thinking that it will lead to them loving themselves more, when in reality you have to love and accept yourself before you can embrace who you REALLY are"
—  @RestlessMiss

yesnatty asked:

Hey. I was wondering. I want to dye the back half of my locks a goldfish brown colour but I wanted to know if I would have to bleach them so the colour would pop? I bleached the ends of my locks three years ago since then my hair has gotten longer and I sometimes dye my hair jet black. So all in all can I just dye my hair without bleaching it?

Hey lady,

So there are 2 options either attempt to achieve the golden brown with color  which may or may not work because you colored your hair jet black on a few occasions… chances are you’d probably want to bleach them out first just so the color can be consistent, and with locks as well maintained/groomed as yours the last thing i would want is for you to have a half assed color job… if this is something your thinking of doing let me know Im located in BK i’d be more than happy to take care of this or you. 

I can go into more detail etc if needed.



anonymous asked:

I've been thinking about dying my hair red but don't want to damage my hair toooo much what are some tips to avoid that? What about when it starts to fade do I need to go and get it all done again? Btw my hair is currently a dark brown

Hey Anon,

If you go to a colorist (at a salon) you can get the red you want without having to over process your hair.

(The thing is anytime your changing your hair with chemicals there will always be damage to some extent ranging from extremely mild to overly damaged.)

When it comes to having red hair you will need to get it freshened up as you should with any color, red fades the fastest.

The best tip i can give you is GET IT COLORED PROFESSIONALLY.

<3 illy

* Even if you cut down on the amount of shampooing (which just leaves you greasy and red) and use a color treated shampoo the color is still going to fade… this is coming from personal experience as well as my experience with my clients.*

partyontherooftops asked:

I love your blog! It's nice to have someone on here that can give hair advice and what not. I have a question tho, my hair is relaxed, and I don't use a straightener often maybe like once or twice in between touch ups, and I was wondering what hairstyles I could put my hair in. I usually wear it down with like side bangs going to the right side (if that makes any sense lol). My hair just touches my shoulders when it's down.

Hey Lady,

I’d say a it sounds like your doing everything right in regard to using the straightener only when really needed. When it comes to different styles maybe try a braid to the side, high bun, messy bun, french braids, flat twists youtube can be ur best friend, ill look for some cool videos to post… and utilize hair accessories. (bows, headbands, clips, etc.) HAVE FUN with your hair. 
<3 illy 

anonymous asked:

How much do you charge for a sew in? **student budget.

300+ with a consultation… I will not go giving anyone a weave without makeing sure the hair underfneath is in perfect order first.

(I DON’T CONDONE weaves if the woman is ignoring/hiding her hair rather than caring/fixing what she has first, before turning to a weave… weaves are to be used as accessories & enhancements.) 


closest-to-real asked:

Hi, what products are you using now that you are locing?


With my texture of hair i have to be really careful of greasy/oil products those don't help me at all.(my texture is like Gicelle Ann Magloire or Damian marley) 

I’ve been using Dr. Bronners Magic soap (eucalyptus or lavender) & then Kinky Pride: revita cleanse shampoo(Based in FL).… they both keep my loc’s very clean and leave my hair soft but on the natty'er side which helps my locing process. 

I than either leave my loc’s natty or will re-twist with Chic Afrique Lavender butter balm(shae butter, coco butter, vanila, vitamin e, rose wood,etc.)  mixed with a small amount of pure beeswax(not to much other wise their will be residue)

 I try to stay as simple and natural as i can… while supporting small businesses who still make products with quality & integrity. 

Hope this helps,


anonymous asked:

Hiya, my hair's naturally very ashy, but I've dyed it for years and now it's blonde again I can't seem to get it back to an ash tone without it going white, even though the blonde isn't that light. Is there anything you can recommend? (My hair is naturally dark ash blonde btw)

hey hey, 

Ok soo what i think your asking is… your hair is naturally blonde on the ashy side, after coloring for so long your looking to get it back to what it was…

The thing is over the years your hair color progressively changes so it may naturally just not be that color anymore, you can help enhance the ashy tones in your hair by using a purple shampoo. I like this for all blondes honestly… or u can even get the purple conditioner as well and use it as a toner leaving is on for 10-15min. (by Davines)


Hope this helps,


tokhoksoong asked:

Hi. So i've been getting a lot of dandruff lately but I've used just about every other shampoo for it there it. Any home remedies you reccomend?

Hey lady try a tea tree shampoo, it’ll help calm your scalp down and over time you may notice the dry scalp/dandruff might go away all together. (2 of many options) I hope this helps and please keep me posted.


findingmeandu2 asked:

Ilisha! I ran across your tumblr page, and just wanted to let you know that I think it's pretty dope that you've been doing what you love, and you're doing it for the empowerment of women. I appreciate your artistry, and I'm inspired by your passion! Pretty cool to see someone from high school making shxt happen. Kudos, and cheers. I hope to be a patron one day! ---Shemariah

Hey Lady, 

I’m happy you came across my blog and found some things you like along with some inspiration. Although this is only the beginning of what’s to come Let’s just say all my days in the art room payed off and now I spend all my days making hair into art. <3 Congrats on ur Grad. and I hope to see you in the salon.

Bless <3


ellaluna asked:

In the summer I don't straighten my hair, but then I tend to walk around just having my hair in a messy frizzy bun all summer long and it doesn't look cute at all. Do you have any suggestions for what I should do? Also I've been trying to grow it out longer by adding olive oil to my ends because my ends break off at a certain length. My hair has been way past this length before so I know that it will get longer if I take care of it better. Thanks for your time :)

Hey Ma'ma

My favorite summer style will forever be two french braids, they look neat, stylish and you honestly don’t see many girls wearing them. You could also do the ponytail/braid… I really just like styles that keep the hair neat and off the neck & face in the summer. I see it as If you want to look wild just leave your hair out and embrace your inner wild child <3

When it comes to acquiring length…DRINK WATER & KEEP YOUR ENDS TRIMMED, by doing this you prevent split ends from moving up the shaft of the hair causing more damage. Keep your hair hydrated (leave in conditioners etc.) But be sure your using products that are helpful for YOUR texture not just products that ppl think are cool etc. everyone is different.

Hope this helps.

<3 illy