Update on AskIcePack, TW: CSA


Some relevant links have been shared with me after I made my initial post about AskIcePack, and I would like to share them with you. 

I was not aware of this when I initially glanced through the comic more than a year ago, but there are repeated mentions of the adult male character interacting with underage characters. These are worksafe, and played off in a ‘jokey’ manner, but the fact that the interactions occur at all are troubling.

And, worst of all, this blog makes light of false accusations of rape from children. And implies, in fact, that false accusations occur with regularity, or occur as a result of someone (a minor) being “turned down” for sex. This is shown in the middle of this panel, quote, “If you don’t [have sex with us], we’ll tell everyone you DID."

And, again, in more depth:

Apparently, the "basis” for this character existing at all (the 'community service for a comfort horse’ tag in the upper left corner of the blog) is based on a false rape claim from a minor. We are meant to identify and sympathize with a character who has been accused falsely of rape - when in reality, only 0.6% of all rape claims are false. 

This is extremely troubling, because it not only implies that false rape claims from minors occur, or occur with enough regularity to be mentioned on a blog, it implies that minors who make rape claims should not be immediately trusted, as they may simply be lying due to 'rejection.' 

This is a heinous claim to make, and a hideously offensive comic to draw, repeatedly no less. Hence, I must warn any of my followers away from this comic, and from this author as a whole, as they think this disgusting display is appropriate storytelling.