ask-hufflepuff-seeker-arthur replied to your text post

(wait are you going to quite soon ; (What I mean is Ivan is going to finish his schooling at Hogwarts in a years time from now. After he graduates, I’m going to continue the blog but with him as a full fledged wizard.)


“what? Herc you know I am good QvQ

hhmmm… well the games of this year must start yet but I have already won 4 games from the last two years”


(( each year has 6 games and every house at least play 3 times…

and Arthur played the 2nd and 3rd year…so 6 games… but I’ll let him win 4 =w= ))

and this is his room btw :3


“uhm yeah hello there.. oh wow.. I have never seen a pegasus here at school yet… and there is one who looks like me?… only less yellow?…

Hhmm… interesting… well it was nice knowing you… perhaps I will see you soon again”