“I know it may sound strange, but I have an older sister who used to be in Hufflepuff. I was the first out of my siblings to enter the Slytherin House.”

“My sister is kind and gentle, if not a bit too worrisome, for herself and others. She’s caring and now works at a wizard’s hospital as a nurse. I rarely see her but I love her very much. While Natalia was adopted, Yekaterina is my sister through blood. But despite this difference, she’s treated both of us equally. She cares so much she changed her last name to Braginskaya, a mixture of both our family name and Natalia’s original family name.”

“She also gave me my scarf. Scarfy was knitted by her to include yellow and green, the colors of the Hufflepuff and Slytherin houses. I tried to charm it to last forever… Instead he’s alive. Not that I mind. But my scarf constantly reminds me I have ties to the Hufflepuff house and that’s what makes me like them so much. They remind me of my sister.”

Hufflepuff Crest