OOC: I can’t believe how long it took me to get these 3 pages done. :(

I think I’m going to kick down my detailing a few notches at least on answers that are in comic form from here on out. :S

Especially since I’ve gotten a slew of new questions since my last update that I can’t wait to answer! :D

Speaking of which, today’s question comes from the lovely Ask Starry Hue. :)

Until next time guys. :D


OOC: Introducing part 1 of a 4-part mini-arc!

This arc is dedicated to the late Ask Buzzy Bee (NSFW) as of 11/7/12. I don’t know if the mod died or anything like that, but I woke up today to realize that the blog has disappeared off the face of the earth unfortunately. :(

It was one of the blogs that inspired me to start up this blog. I never spoke to the mod personally, but yeah I’m sad it’s gone.

Maybe this is all old news and I’m very late to the party, which could easily be the case, I’m usually very busy so I can’t stay on tumblr that long usually, but even still, good luck to buzzy bee, wherever she is. :)

Sorry about the lack of official updates guys. I lost a lot of time scraping attempts at the next update because my inking skills were quite lacking, that and it’s very time consuming. :S

Anyway, here’s a little preview of the upcoming update. I hope to have it ready by Saturday, Sunday at the latest. :)