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☏: How about a voice message from my muse?

AU where phone’s exist lol

[Voice message to: Commander Constipated]

“Erwin,  so.. I have to send this fucking message because you aren’t answering.. Pick up soon, because I h-hate.. talking to myself. Y-you asshole.. You still owe me a fucking.. A fucking ring, you promised-”

Levi’s voice faded away as he didn’t bother saying another word.

Erwin wasn’t going to hear this anymore anyway.

[Message send failure: Number not in use anymore]

☯: Here, have a hug from my muse.

It was winter, the season Levi despised the most, after fall, spring and summer. The small man walked home after a long day of walking around the city with Hanji, why did she need so many books anyway?
Hanji was still out there, but Levi was sick of all those books he wasn’t going to read anyway and had decided to head home.
His small hands were freezing and his nose was a bright red as he tried to cover it with his cravat.
When he finally reached the HQ, he removed his boots and coat and plopped into his bed.
He rolled around one time, and another, and another, but he wasn’t warming up. He hissed at the three blankets that lay on him for not being warm enough and rolled his eyes as he knew there was only one thing left to do.
Upon arriving in a certain commander’s office without knocking he dragged the man away from his desk and threw him on the couch before plopping on him.

“It’s fucking cold outside and since you weigh a lot, I guessed you’d be warm. Don’t think too much of it..”

♪: I’ve put all of my songs on shuffle- now I have to write a drabble involving our muses with the next song that comes on. 

((Please no “gangsta rap” song I put on my phone for fun, please no trap, PLEASE NOTHING I PUT ON IT FOR AS A JOKE)

Song: Kuchizuke - BUCK TICK (Shiki)

AU (but what the AU is, is a surprise :D in case you don’t know Shiki, that is.)

Levi walked the dark streets of another dirty village, quickly, swiftly in a pace that made him suspicious on its own.There wasn’t a second when his eyes weren’t moving.
‘faster, faster I can’t fucking stop now, they’re coming.’ He thought as he tried to move his short legs as fast as he could, but he was too tired to run. He was too exhausted.  

How did he end up like this anyway? He hadn’t chosen for it, he didn’t even want it, but he had no choice. As his legs failed him time after time, he decided to look for shelter, a house, he’d ring a bell somewhere and ask for a bed to sleep in. He couldn’t sleep outside anymore, after all.
The young man looked at the houses carefully, when one caught his eye. It was different from the others, cleaner, warmer and in a way Levi was intimidated, but he had to go in. He had to meet the person inside.

Small grey orbs widened as a tall blond man opened the door. He looked up to see one of the most intruiging people he’d ever seen as blue gems stared right into his. “And you are?” The low, but gentle voice asked him. Levi stood still for a moment, his face composed but his thought as messed up as his current situation. “I need to sleep here.” He said, it sounded natural and confident, but the petite young man himself now wondered why he blurted it out that way.
“Is that so?” The voice answered, as the taller man scanned Levi’s face toroughly. “Come in, then.” He answered as he gestured the younger man to come inside. This was strange, almost too strange. But the tall man couldn’t be a Shiki hunter, or maybe Levi was just too bewitched by his appearace and behaviour to notice anything now. Not even the stakes or the gun loaded with a silver bullet. “Welcome.” The tall man added as a small smile appeared on his face, but his eyes weren’t smiling.

[Erm, woah this is getting hella long, I think I just got an insirational boner or something. shiet, uhm.. Do you wanna rp it out? If not, I’ll finish this tomorrow ^v^ ]

hey everyone

i know i haven’t been online alot lately but i did make an ask blog account for my levi cosplay. however i haven’t received my wig yet so until i do, i will be doing answers with just pics of him off the internet lol. i haven’t really received any questions or love yet, so just throwing this out there :)

on another note, i’ve been obsessed with playing diablo 3 lately. i have a wizard and demon hunter that are both badass. cannot wait to try out the witch doctor class too. i wasn’t very fond of the monk class.

Okay brats… I have a small announcement to make…

I will not be home this weekend to record any answers, since I will be going on an excurtion, so I will be busy…

Next weekend I will not be able to either, due to a hell of a lot of cleaning… Or rather, I will possibly try and record some answers, if I find the time for it, and if not, you’ll just have to be patient and wait for it… Tch… No nagging me for answers, you little fuckers, or you won’t get any at all.. 

Well… That was all for now, and I will be going to bed.. Have a pleasant night, you shitty brats…
Don't you "Heichou" me... (눈_눈)

As I have been urged by several to create this blog, since people keep asking me stupid-ass…

Well… I created this blog… Why? Because people have been asking me to do it… oo Many people startet telling me, what I great Levi I make, They tell me that I can really make the face, and that when I’m in-character, it’s actually scary how much I’m like him… XD Then people started asking me questions like “How would Levi react in this situation?”, and the questions kept on coming, and people wanted me to talk to them, being in-character… And so this happened… XD
I absolutely love being Levi, and I’m so lucky that I have such great cadets, and one hell of a great commander, and I get so flattered, because it’s almost every day I get told that I’m “The best heichou in the world”, and stuff like that… Gaaaaah, the feels! My poor heart can’t take it… XD But anyway, here it is, feel free to follow, ask questions, and give requests, and whatever you want… I’m so looking forwards to this… XD

You all thought you were rid of me, didn’t you? Tch.. Well, think again, you shitty brats.. I merely had more important things to do that babysit you lot.. But it looks like I’m back.. So tell me.. How many of you morons have died in my absence? 

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From 204th trainee squad Cadet Le Roux, Elizabeth Fontelle reporting for duty sir!!! I just want to inform you that the ceremonial burial went well and the bodies and their jackets, respectively are buried located at the southwest of the Wall Rose... We manage to make their spirits in peace and was now visited by their loved ones, whom I am thanking for,there was a bit of titans that get in when the troop repair the destroyed little hole, which, with all due respect is under our control now...

Thanks for the notice, Cadet..


The introduction to this blog… And if you still don’t get the rules, even after this.. Then that’s really not my problem, now is it?