futurespassed asked:

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1. My middle name: Nicole

2. My age: 19

38. Longest I’ve gone without sleeping: 48 hours. I’m a wuss

39. Do I have any scars: Yes many. But I will only tell you about three. One is on my right knee. I got it when I was about 4?? I was at a beach with my family and some friends when I was running down a beach slope. I picked up too much speed and fell knee first on a sharp shell. It cut my knee about an inch long. I should of gotten stitches.. But I didn’t and now it kind of vaguely looks like Florida. Now the second scar I have is on my lip. Everyone usually notices the first time they look at me. When I was in 4th grade I went to a sleep over. I went to go get something in my bag in the bedroom and ended up tripping over their dog. I went to apologize to the dog and it ended up biting me in the face. I got 3 stitches on my lip and 2 on the top if nose. The last scar I have is on my left forearm. I got it from scratching my arm accidentally on a sharp edge of a tin slab that we were using on the roof of a rabbit hutch. It went pretty deep and I didn’t clean it off or anything. I just let it be and now it’s a scar.

68. Favorite school subject: Intro to Computers is my favorite class that I’m taking this semester :3

69. Extrovert or introvert: I think I’m an extrovert.

90. What makes me angry: People being hypocritical and putting blame on others. Also being ignored.

91. Do I like my name: I do. I don’t mind it at all :) Probably would change my last name though.