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Are your tail-fins sensitive?

  Anonymous said:Is your tail sensitive, MamaVap?

H: That would have made it much more difficult to entertain my children! Not to mention, swimming would feel so unpleasant since there can be things or beings that accidentally brush up against you!

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Milla: Mmmm Heather, How do you and Dewie feel now after what you saw or what happend?

H: He’s been running off at random times of the day, and coming back exhausted and covered in scratches. I’m afraid he feels inadequate after the whole….erm, event , however every time I try to bring it up and ask how he’s doing he just gives me his sweet little smile and tells me “Yes Mama, of course.” 

H: Heh…funny how I have no fear of my past coming to harm us,yet it still finds a way to mess with me.

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[Ask-no678] *a much larger Hydra nudges Heather in the back with her head in a familiar way* "my dear i haven't seen you for so long! can't believe i would run into you here, rivers really do connect everything together~"

H: You look so wonderful!! How have you been, are you enjoying the festival?? 

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Tyrin@Heather, Aurora & Dylan: 'Ello, 'ello, 'ello! I see you have a couple of fine sprigs following 'ya! Mighty admirable how you're keeping 'em happy & well taken care of! I can see one has already taken to me, er-- at least she seems to? She's staring (why is that)! Heh! Anyway, name's Tyrin! Mighty fine meeting you all here!

H: My name is Heather, this is my child Aurora and this little one behind me is Dylan! I do apologize…Aurora does happen to stare a lot at others, it’s probably because of your beautifully unique fur! 

Cameos: Eon ( @askeon), Hawk ( @askshinydeerling ), Aku ( askillusionfox), and Cedric & Orvis ( @ask-child-of-claws )

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(Stargazing Event) Geist@Heather: After looking down the two children accompanying Heather, The Ghost looked at Heather. "So, are you like a kidnapper or something? I mean you could have two different fathers for them (don't get me wrong I'm not judging) but they look around the same age... "

H: The other one was just going to wander alone! Oh goodness, that makes me sound even w-worse! He looked the s-same age as my little Aurora, I just wouldn’t f-forgive myself if I just let him get out there and risk the chance of him getting lost or h-hurt!!

-Heather feels conflicted-

Dear Friends!

You might all be wondring why the lake has peen so quiet, that is bcuaze

Mama and me went on a Vaycation right after Daddy went back home.

She told me she was takin me to a place that might help me recovr

better. I think it worked!!! There’s lots of nice pok'mon ovr here, and 

Mama has been taking lessons to help protect us bettr wen we come

back home, and she haz been teaching me how to write and do these

weird symbols!! I think the time outside in the sun haz made her heart

shine brighter, and I drew a picter to show you all since we don’t have a

…uh…camera! I’m running out of this paper. We miss you all and will

be comin back home soon! I hope the Pelipper delivers thiz. BYE FRIENDS!

- Dewie