Art Trade with askHeat <3

So I had an art trade with ask-marcothephoenix, askboa, askheat and other more with “Disney" as the theme. 

I get to give my AT to askheat who requested Kid as Ariel and Killer as Eric from The Little Mermaid. I tried my best not to make it as gay as possible LoL.

While my request was– Law as Shang, Me as Mu Lan and Sanji as Mushu from Mulan. askheat was the one who got my request. What are the odds? xDD


Let’s get down to business~ lalalala… (insert lyrics here)

I’ll make a man out of you~ babies

I was tagged by manetic-lady

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1. Favorite movie?

I can`t really choose D: have too many but if I had to choose one it whould been V for vandetta :D

2. Favorite anime?

That`s easy One Piece~ :D

3. Like to go to school/work?

Not really but who wants to go to school anyways :P

4. Would you ever get an anime tattoo?

Hm… mabye if so it would be one of Laws xD

5. Believe in other universe?

I guess..

6. Where do you come from?

Sweden/Skåne :D

7. Age?

16 years old :P

8. Did you notice that I’m already out of questions?

A little~~ :P

9. Potato?


10. Like Disney?

Yeah :D

11. Your opinion of me?

You are awesome and I love your blog :D

My Questions:

1. If you chould eat a devil fruit witch fruit whould it be?

2. What whould you do if your favorit anime character was real?

3. If you wrote a fanfiction what whould the story be aboute?

4. Who is your favorit character?

5. What is your favorit band/artist/artists?

6. What do you do outside of tumblr?

7. Whould you be a werewolf , zombie or vampire?

8. What`s your favorit fruit?

9. Are you a boy or a girl?

10. How old are you in real life?

11. Your opinion of me ?