This is for my Froggy-san uvu

A week or so ago I found a animu pic that reminded me of her boys so I decided to pay homage to one of the first and one of the best askblogs out there 

not my usual thing but hey why not experiment I always say. Also tried to get it to be close to froggy-style but I booped that up for sure.

Also sorry it’s so small, I was just having fun with it then realized it was small after I was ¾ done so D:

hope you enjoy all the same uvu

[ I love Froggy-Fran so much! Her art is amazing, no matter what anybody says. The style is so cool and whenever she posts a new picture, it makes my day better. She is also the person that got me into the fandom, with her Askgreedlerandoncie blog. ]

Art by Sara (froggy-fran), located here. Sara, if you wish for your art to be removed from this submission, let us know and we will replace it with the standard screencap/scan.

Here we go! Back to the classics, Greedler and Oncie ponis!

I ended up kinda emulating the style of the blog a bit more than originally anticipated, but that’s k! Came out nicely. Greedler’s coat was a bitch to put on him, but it came out in the end.

Cutie marks reflect on themselves: Oncie’s is hope for new beginnings (and music-note shaped plants) and Greedler’s is foreboding and dying (not like he’ll listen to it anyways)

Butt touch!