You sigh quietly to yourself, slipping your hands into your pockets as your eyes flicker tiredly over the large building before you. No - large was far too small for such a thing. A more accurate description would be immense, a gargantuan building scraping at the sky with its towers and sheer height alone. You did not know much about it, aside from it being some university of sorts for the most gifted of trolls. Or academy. Or whatever it was. You personally did not care too much for it; after all, it was erected to teach the best of the best how to best aid the fleet once they joined it. You yourself were to one day join in one of the scientific departments of the fleet, researching and studying the cadavers and corpses and biology of whatever new planets Alternia just so happened to invade. It wasn’t like you were ever going to have to engage in some hand to hand combat directly. At most, you would probably aid in manufacturing some biochemical to attach alien species’ with.

You begin to question why you even showed up here today before remembering. Alchik had said something about there being older trolls showing up for some short length of time to examine the members of the academy to see how they were progressing along and to analyze them to some extent. While you normally tossed aside anything the rustblood told you, the thought of catching a glimpse of some actual adult rolls caught in your thinkpan, and so, ever curious, you had decided to come along and see if it were true for yourself. Thus far, there was no luck for you, though. You began considering leaving.

askgossamergrudge replied to your postDo you have a mirror in your pocket? I can see myself in your pants.

“Why do you have so many anons that want to pail with you? I think anons are allergic to me or something because I barely get any. Oh well, better for me.”

“I don’t know why, but I think it’s a little humorous. Who knows? Maybe they’re just intimidated by your good looks so much they just can’t bring themselves to send you anything." He winks at her.

askgossamergrudge replied to your posthello again. are you s7ill in hea7 or are you be77er again?

“That is good. Being in heat is rather uncomfortable, is it not?” Her manner was a little stiff and strained as if she was forcing herself to appear composed. The small talk was to occupy her mind for more weighted matters, of course.

“It is, though not for me when I had something to channel it into, namely my kismesis… which has currently taken up the habit of ignoring me!”

He growled, his entire body going stiff as he curled one hand into a fist, shaking it and seething in his momentary lapse of anger. Though quickly calming himself and shaking his head.

“But whatever, he’s missing out, he knows he’s missing out. But that’s enough of me complaining, did you ever find your final 3rd partner to pail?”