Maleficent's Castle | Giselle and Maleficent


“Oh hello there Maleficent!” Giselle entered Maleficent’s spacious castle, panting and her dress slightly ripped. “I think you forgot to turn your security system off. But don’t worry I’m fine! The fence was a little hard to scale, and I think I snagged my dress a little bit on the barbed wire, but I can fix it! Oh and you have some very lovely crow guards! We were playing tag, that’s why I’m so winded” Giselle gave a warm smile and glanced around the dark and gloomy castle. “This is a lovely place! It’s a little dark though… maybe I could help you redecorate!” The maiden skipped away to look at more of the castle, humming quietly to herself.

Maleficent was in her thorne room, caressing her raven when Giselle entered, followed by a few of her guards. They were obviously trying to chase her, but Giselle seemed to be faster than them. The Mistress of All Evil didn’t like to see her castle invated like that. Especially for someone so naive and stupid as the ginger girl. She looked at her guards that quickly surrounded her. “You are invading my home and I’ll ask you to leave now.” Maleficent said. She didn’t like Giselle. She was too…. strange.

(omg you are a PERFECT Giselle!!! XD