Tools of War and Peace: Gideon and Kateryn RP

*Gideon leans against the shop’s doorframe with a sheepish grin on his face, carrying some gnarly looking flowers from the forest* “Kit Kat, I’m sorry that sword got sent to hell, at least it wasn’t enchanted or ‘nothing. Can I get your finest axe as a replacement?” *He holds out a coin purse that leaves a very satisfying clinking sound*



Kateryn is silent for a moment, looking the Ranger up and down as if considering the question.

“You’re not going t’ lose this one, too, are you?” she offered, though she waved him into the shop. “Well, I’m not mad enough to kick you out anymore. We’ll get’cha set up with something nice.”

He grins and strolls in, and starts doodling simple ideas with her on the workbench, an unusual war hammer shape with an axe at the end. She immediately chastised him for making such an impossible design, especially for wasting it cutting wood. She punches his arm and sits him down by Serafina on the bellow as she just says that she will do the work herself. Turning around, she begins to hammer furiously at a piece of steel, skin and sweat begin clinging to her blouse as they make small talk. Gideon’s eyes fallow the flows of her blouse as they make pleasant talk. Conversations about the city and the recent events between the slams of the hammer. Suddenly Seb is in front of him, a suspicious glare giving him daggers. “Shoo, you adorable pest.” Gideon coos as he pats the Persian’s head.  


Name: Gideon Marker
Age: 24
Height/Weight: 5'10/ 172 lbs.
Distinguishing Features: Scar on left cheek (Spear Wound), Scar on left arm, wrist to elbow (From Kobe’s Scyther in R1), Bite marks on butt (Childhood Incident) 
Hometown: Castellia City, Unova
Job: Surveyor, Adventurer, Man-at-Arms
Faction: Rangers (Einarr) 
Unova Regulars Army, Rank: Engineer, honorable discharge
Extra Items: Light Leather Vest, Woodsman’s Axe, Belt Pouches with basic survival supplies, healing potions, Foraged berries and herbs, Cloak, Electric Gem from Chargestone (Compass), Ring made of unknown material, Throwing Knives, skarmory feathers.


Bold, Often Lost in Thought

A straight forward and determined individual. His lack of social tact often makes first impressions of him seem cavalier and temperamental. He gets in dangerous situations often mostly out of his fallowing his own curiosities exploring the barren villages, ruins and tombs dotting the wilderness. He been hurt, scared and almost killed often in his line of work, but his level headed personality doesn’t seem too phased. In fact he has a rather jolly sense of humor about most things. He is kind hearted and outgoing to his allies, and eager to “shoot first and ask questions later” to his villains. 

• Trained in survival skills, but prefers walls and a roof any day.
• Trained in hand to hand combat, and one handed weapons. 
• He got his scar in his first real fight against an enemy solider, which was the first time he ever had to kill anyone before.
• He doesn’t trust thieves.
• He doesn’t like ghosts, and is a little anxious of stories of possession and curses, making him a bit superstitious about ‘em.
• Although he spends many long seasons away at a time, he returns to his childhood neighborhood often, inheriting his home from his late father, above his former shop, which now is rents out to another merchant. He enjoys guests and will often take in passing travelers who need a place to stay the night.
• Personally doesn’t like to be manipulative or deceptive, his strategies are often defensive until his chance to creatively exploit his advantages.
• Has a love for music and song every since his youth, but despite his best efforts has no talent for it himself.
• He likes parties and festivals, which often go hand in hand with his passions for good drink, smoke and food. 
• Is a hopeless romantic, always looking to meet the girl of his dreams, and can be distracted by a pretty skirt passing by.
• Although he well in sync with his Pokemon, he doesn’t actually understand their speech, but his communication with them usually matches with their needs. 


The only child of a mapmaker, he grew up in his father’s shop and the marketplace at the base of the great Castellia Castle. He learned his father’s trade and was his apprentice until his death. He immediately closed up his old family business and set out to become an adventurer across Unova. He was contracted by the royal house to remap the badlands of the north, now heavily altered after the recent years of warfare. He was given a bird from the army’s hatchery to deliver his findings, a young Skarmory who took to him immediately. He spent the next five years attached to various army columns moving across the wilderness from one boarder outpost to the next. He was caught up in several battles and earned his combat badge. After a certain horrific campaign into enemy territory, he resigned from his former military life and wandered for a while, helping those affected by the war. When the news of civil war reached his ears, he joined the Rangers to best protect his homeland. 

::The Mons::

Amelia the Kangaskhan
Female, Pup
Sassy Nature, Likes to Fight
Item Held: Expert Belt

Amelia was born to a Marowak father and Kangaskhan mother in a mountain cave. As she grew, her coloring became odd and her parents decided that because she was so different, she had to go, and she was left on a mountain side to die. Grieving, she tried to instinctually find a covering for her head, and ended up getting herself stuck in a log, which is where Gideon found her (about four months before R1). Still very young, Gideon was surprised how determined she became to train with Paco, and soon she became a talented and vital member of the team, learning how to spit fire and earth-bend all on her own. She likes to ride in Gideon’s hood and considers him her new father now, although she has pride in her ground type heritage. 

Scrappy “Spunk” - Enables moves to hit ghost types. 
(Maybe its from her master’s uneasiness about them, but Amelia is always edger to punch a ghost in the face. Seems natural to her to be able to touch ghosts, doesn’t get that some others can’t.)

Flamethrower - What was once just little spitball of flame is now a concentrated breath of fire.
Earthquake - One of her newest and favorite moves. She stomps on the ground and causes the earth around her to suddenly become unstable. Sharp pillars and uneven surface jets out in aggressive directions, beyond her immediate control. It’s only about a ten foot radius at most, but she’s getting better on her distance. 
Drain Punch - A swift uppercut, often to an opponent’s gut. Landing a sucker punch always seems to give her a second wind.
Retaliate - A all out charge into battle, often in an attempt to save an ally. She’ll hit, kick, bite or anything to throw the enemy off balance. She usually has to go make sure her friend is ok before continuing the fight.

Paco the Samurott
Male, Adult
Adamant Nature, Good Endurance
Item Held: Muscle Band [Teal]

Gideon met Paco when he was a Oshawott near the start of his travels. He was the leader of his group of otters, and with Gideon and Evelyn’s help, was able to find shelter in time from a storm that would of wiped them all out. He left with him to repay him, and they have been fast friends ever since. Quiet and thoughtful like his master, Paco speaks softly and rarely, but it is usually of some importance. His spare time is spent training with whoever or whatever he can find. He often works so hard on his shell/sword form, he scraps and bruises himself, which often leaves him in bandages that he wears proudly. 

Torrent “Raging Rapids” - Powers up water moves in a pinch.
(He has the ability to water bend powerful tides around him, and also freezes it as a suit of armor)

Hydro Cannon - Taking in any water source around him, he lashes out a devastating stike with one decisive slash of his sword. Often a finishing move. 
Revenge - Rarely vengeful with his attack, Paco imitates a retreat after a vicious volley of his shell blades, throwing his attacker off to strike. His counter is a well placed crippling blow, often with his tail.
X-Scissor - His two shells come down in a downward thrust, crossing and centering his forse with all his strength.
Ice Beam - Has a talent to freeze water he touches. In battle, he freezes his own arm, extending as a sharp, cold sword. 

Evelyn the Skarmory
Female, Young Adult
Naive Nature, Alert to Sounds
Item Held: Destiny Knot

With Gideon from the very beginning, Evelyn tries to act like the momma bird of the group, but her curious nature often gets her into trouble that requires saving from. She hates to leave Gideon because she worries something may happen when she is gone, which can be days at a time. In battle she is vicious and deadly, causing mass mayhem on the battlefield as she considers it all a game sometimes, or delivering her own sense of cold steel justice down on her or Gideon’s enemies. She also loves to sing with her unique, echoey voice, although the subject of her songs are often eerie and unusual. 

Keen Eye - Prevents from lowering accuracy.
(Evelyn has been breed from birth to have powerful sight.)

Night Slash - Dive bombs onto a target by folding in her wings, flying up at the last minute to sever her opponent’s vital spots. She often catches prey with precision.
Metal Sound - A battle cry honed after all her practice singing. Her voice is always echoey, but extremely beautiful sounding. It has an uncanny ability to have her opponent drop their guard before being destroyed. 
Steel Wing - Flaps her wings, causing a gust of wind and several loose feathers to rush her opponents. Each feather is an incredibly sharp light steel that can cut through armor.
Air Cutter - A mix of feathers and focused wind slashes at her foes with critical accuracy. 



so with everyone doing all sorts of things like new AUs and live streams, I did a thing. 

I hit a hundred follows on Duality earlier, so thank you all, this community has been a lot of fun. But Arya the Ranger and the amazing artist behind her were the big one double zero. So she is by far much more sexier than Gideon and I wanted to draw her for a while. 

With Warriors planning bath house scenes for upcoming rounds and events, I feel Rangers would naturally flock to the next best, natural thing, hot springs. 

I like to think Gideon is a gentleman at heart, and hopefully he wouldn’t end up with a knife in his skull…

Giancarlo D’Alessandro’s Duality Voice Meme
Giancarlo D’Alessandro’s Duality Voice Meme


  • Introduce yourself (your internet name, real name if you want to, your favorite pokemon and where you come from)
  • Who’s your character(s)?
  • With which characters does yours spent time?
  • How did you get introduced to Duality?
  • Favorite guild leader?
  • Favorite fraction?
  • Favorite prince?
  • Do you have a Duality OTP?
  • If you had to spent a whole night with a Duality character in a closed room who would it be and why?
  • Okay, this voice meme is over, some parting words?

((lol i do not apologize for that exaggerated picture. I’m that hideous still from when i took it last night))