askgargle replied to your post “Had a minor freak out at school and decided to tell my teacher that I…”

I’m glad you talked about it and came to a happy decision

oh boy so am I, I’m so happy he understood, even though he wasn’t too happy about it

I really wish I didn’t feel like this all the time while I’m at school though, but I really have no idea what makes me hate it there so much. Whenever I’m there, every single second I just wanna get up and run out of there, and not in a “I’m so bored” kinda way but like a “I can’t do anything but nervously spin in my chair and rip sticky notes into hundreds of tiny pieces and lock myself in the handicap bathroom and just pace back and forth because I can’t breathe” kinda way

Maybe I’ll get so much more done now! :D 


…Thank you.

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OMG guys! After 1 whole month ,I have finally finished this master piece,

THANK YOU GUYS SOOOOO MUCH FOR 400+ FOLLOWERS!!! I cant believe I hit this many followers, I am sooo happy all of you love my art and small animations!!

Who is in the pic:























and ME!

Thank you alll soooo much!!!


While Equestria does indeed have Hearth’s Warming Eve, the Crystal Empire’s founding was many years before the nation of Equestria.  While the Twinkle-Eyed ponies’ eyes faded with each of their deaths, their descendants would continue to retain the crystalline coats they received from the Crystal Heart.

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