2011 has been a not-so-long year, but that’s just because Tumblr was there for me when I was sad or bored or in a fangirl-mode. But Tumblr wouldn’t have been fun without all those amazing people I met here and maybe didn’t talk to, but think their blogs and posts and everything is amazing.

I reaaaaaally wish I could put ALL the blogs I follow here, but it’d be such a long list… So I’m going to pick a few, the ones I follow for some time now and that I’m more connected to.

I hope you can find the quality I found in them, and possibly follow them because they’ll for sure make your dash a happier place!

Merry Christmas to all of you and a Happy New Year!

A: aldeiadosvitoriosos, askgale, 

B: biggest-hunger-games-fans, breadinhotchocolate, breadiscatchingfire, baker-swag, bonn-ie, 

C: capitolgoods, catnus, chroniclesofpanem, cl-ove, crownofflowers, cr3sta, completemadman, capitolfreaks, cinnassketchbook, catnusandpita, 

D: distrito, 

E: enemy-of-the-capitol

F: finnick-odair-bear, fireanddandelions, 


H: haw-gale-thorne, hogwarts-to-panem,

I: ilovecheesebuns, im-the-mockingjay, 


K: katnss, keverdeen, 

L: lawtcherson, 

M: maytheodds, me-peeta-llark, mynightmaresareaboutlosingyou, muggleland, 

N: nightlockk, nowshutupandeatyourpears

O: onemoretimefortheaudience, 

P: peenisseverlark, peetasbunsinmyoven, peetaslipsareturningblue, pitasmellark, pleasetommyplease, peeta-everdeen, peetasburntbread, 



S: saluterue, sowedbothbefree, 

T: thebloodbath, tribute, thisasian, thetributefromdistrict12, theblue-eyesinthemud, theboywiththepanem, teacupinastorm, theyrenotgonnapickyou, theapplesatethecheese,



W: whatthefinnick, wonderlandinmymind,