500 followers milestone reached! Thank you all so much I never thought my silly little ponyblog with a pink asexy dork would grow so fast. Sadly my hand threatened suicide so I could only do 21 of all you awesome people, but know that I platonicly love you all.

Ponies top to bottom:

Fuselight and me

Ghostpony, Brainy, Petal and Summer

Bagel Luna, Quest, Cocobelle, Para and Twirlybug

Shining Star, Ruby and Tangy Keys

Lola, Tryp and Astrid

Sketchbook Twilight, Psychotic Twilightsparkle, Curlycue, King Sombra and Peter parker

Also here is an image album with the pictures big and clear since tumblr is being mean.


Peppermint: I didn’t want to tell anyone as I didn’t want anyone to worry… I was kind of hoping my mane would hide it enough but I guess not…

((Holy cow so many pages!! This has taken me so long! This is also the reason I had no Hearts and Hooves day pictures made, was too busy with this giant stack of work. Still not even close to finishing this story))


HD Portrait Set 4

This is Part 4, the last of the bunch. Let me tell you, the final 6 of the card set is actually has been characters before the current reset of Wishdream. They’ve been there and very supportive and love them to bits. Though in the story, some of them are relocated as some of them don’t have concrete places to live nor a concrete story.

Believe it or not, there are still more but not drawn but for me… it’s the end of the story card sets.

Basically anything from part 3 onwards are basically cards not finished for the following reasons.

  • Because I forgot them
  • I didn’t have time to finish them
  • I have them planned but got distracted
  • Supposedly locked characters
  • Surprise feature

Feel free to make a wallpaper of some sort. But I know some of you will take advantage of this so I will say this now.

ALL ARTISTIC CONTENT IS PROTECTED UNDER INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAWS. Do not re-post, copy, or trace my content unless allowed and we’ll be alright.
(Mods of these blogs are automatically allowed.)

All characters posted in this post:

Now finally we can start the new year!

Cake parade celebration!

ponies from left or right:













Thank you barhandar and askfuselight for suggesting oc’s to draw~

I almost forgot to add both of their accessories =_=

But here you guys go! Sorry if they’re not perfect or super dynamic but I’m still getting the hang of a new style and those are the first stallions I’ve tried ^^’

If anyone else has any requests I would love to try them out, seriously don’t be shy! I’m having a lot of fun~