Its On Us

There once was a girl who grew up with a shitty dad and a loving mom. After a whole childhood of feeling she’d never gain the approval of her father this young girl decided she’d find justification and the approval she so longed for from other men and friends.  

She partied so she asked for it. 

She drank heavily so she obviously was asking for it. 

She took drugs so clearly she was asking for it. 

But she said no. She knew this wasn’t right. She knew she was in over her head. 

Surrounded by a sea of people that were all a buzz yet no one noticed her because she was trapped by them in a corner. 

No one could see her. 

So she was forced to hold them in her hand because obviously that made him feel like a man. 

Taking away the only shred of confidence she had left she slithered away from everyone and began to think:  

Its my fault.

I deserved this. 

I am so embarrassed. 

What do I do from here? 

I guess i am lucky that they got distracted and on instinct I acted and fled. 

But still… this secret shame she held inside the reason she sometimes cringes on the inside. 

But then she met her, a friend she’d grow close with and later become like sisters. 

She wasn’t alone… 

And things get better, no one is alone. 

*If you see someone who looks incapable of making their own decision or uncomfortable or even incoherent, Its on US to make sure that this Sexual Assault Culture stops with our generation.