So I just got my 100 followers and I’m just so glade you came. As you can see up there. The picture will be based off “what’s my cutie mark is telling me. There will be only 5 winners. Winner can’t pick where they want to be (sorry) My OCD will kick in if the colors look weird when put together, thats why.


1. You have to follow me (and I will check)

2. You just have to like and/or reblog this (reblog once once)

3. You have 24 hours to send in your OC since this is a group thing 

4. I’m not sure why i put this here but I don’t care. :3 

5. They have to have a cutie mark (its the point of the picture)

This will be a raffle thing so it will be pick randomly 

It will end when ever i fell like it (2 weeks maybe)

Good fun. Have luck.

askfireflight replied to your photo “Jess headshot done with crayon tool in MSPaint on Windows 7 computer~”

Why do you use ms paint?

is there anything remotely bad about using it? o.o

i just use MSPaint to draw with in general because i’m just used to using it? most of the art you see that i draw was drawn in MSPaint unless otherwise noted:

it is an art program most think is just used by people to steal art. they overlook  it, shove it to the side and not use it because it seems boring to use.

but if someone practices for a few years using it,has a steady hand, and a lot of patience, and a computer mouse…they too, could draw like i do.

plus these are the only art programs i’ve ever used (screenshot below from desktoo)