Looking to the future.

Fanart for askfillyspitfire.

I knew the colors in the background of the poster were going to be the hardest part. Oh well, I tried my best.

I’m kinda proud of the expression on Spitfire’s face in that little circle on the top left. I’m starting to love this magnifying effect. It gives me the opportunity to draw hidden parts of an image without having to draw an entire new panel.

Wonderbolt Poster Vector for here.
Spitfire’s pose from the king of butts (a.k.a. AleximusPrime XD).

Five down. Last one two more to do.

anactualbee asked:

Gurlll. Those are some nice boobs. Your butt has some competition. Your outfit in that picture is really cute too. <3

oh my god if someone reads this they’re going to think i posted a bunch of porn of myself on my blog 

ALSO THANK YOU VERY MUCH I LOVED THAT OUTFIT!! i bought it in america ^w^ (canadian here)