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Emma had been playing at the lake for a while, singing a song to herself while skating along the surface. She suddenly tripped and fell, but the ice didn’t even crack at all. She lifted her head, smiling to herself, when she noticed someone was watching. “Hello! Who are you?”

ruby-throated-mini-tooth  asked:

The little fairy was flying overhead, having just finished her last tooth pickup, and decided to take in the sights before heading home. Glancing down she spotted a figure and being the curious little creature she was she fluttered down, hovering behind the individual curiously before speaking, wondering if they would be able to hear her "hello?"

Ella sat alone on the fire escape that led into her apartment, just watching the sky and relaxing, she had a bowl of popcorn and some water, her laptop set up next to her open on a paused movie. Hearing the voice the Blonde looked around a moment, curiously, the actress rather like a child, was able to hear the fairy. “Hello?” She answered back, unsure of where the other was.