“What is anime?”

“You know what. I am just going to ask Japan.”

"Uhm…Anime is a wonderfur thing! Furr of adventure, romance, drama and uhm anything you can think of! It’s where dreams come to rife and you can be whoever you want to be and create whatever you want to create! Oh uhm excuse me A-Austria-san I seem to have gotten carried away….rearry it is a genre of animation that derives from manga which are simirar to comic books!”

“….Well, I would think it does not sound like my cup of tea though I cannot say anything if I have not tried it, can I?”

((This time I have the amazing askfanboyjapan for this gif! Go and check her out, she’s frankly amazing and it’s totally worth it!))


Hello, this is England’s “Mun”.

I’m assuming you mean, are some of us able to visit each other and see each other physically? Yes, some of us can!

I personally can’t speak for anyone I’ve only met via this panel, but askcosplayestonia and askcosplay-prussia both live within the UK - And they both stayed over my place during the MCM London Comic Con in May this year (left picture)~ askfanboyjapan is also a good friend of mine, who gave me a roof over my head when I had no other options in October 2013, and allowed me to sleep over to do some ask blogging (right picture)~

I consider just about everyone else on this panel as a friend of mine. I hope I meet many of them eventually (as I have every intention of visiting the US), but we’re still all friends anyway~ askthealfadog and I are also in a loving relationship of almost eleven months, she’s visiting in just a few months and I’m aching with excitement!! We can both get you as many photos as you want, Anon~ (Not sure if we can with Japan, it depends on the visiting arrangements)

Thank you so much for your wonderful compliments, anyone is welcome to apply to the panel if they think they have what it takes!