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Name: Faithful Flight
Species: Pegasus
Gender: Mare
Sexuality: Pansexual, but likes to flirt more towards colts.
Special Talent: Cartoonist/sketching
Hobbies: Having a good time, such as going to bars with friends. Isn’t afraid to get drunk, and always makes sure everyone is having a good time. Likes to fly around to ease stress or clear her mind, but doesn’t like to fly too fast. Racing isn’t her thing.
Short background story: Has a love for children, but has a phobia of having her own. Adopting is just a reminder of her fear of having her own children, so she remains living alone.
Siblings: Star dust, her 11 year old brother, who is also a Pegasus. (Mod allows questions for him as well. As long as it’s more towards Faithful Flight. Maybe a couple questions about him, to get to know him better, but that’s it)


Mod: All in favor of this new style/design say I ^^^^^
I absolutely love this new look in going to give the blog. It’s like a sketchy, old styled black and white style that i find unique and just adore. My art is getting better and I love it :3 Can’t wait to post the next updates sometime next week! ~~