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Words- 1042

A/N- Sorry for any typos, wrote this when I was kinda tired.

Warnings- None

Request- “Could you do a Steve Harrington imagine where the reader thinks they aren’t good enough to date him and he helps them realize they are? Thanks 💞”

Normal. It was such a simple word, yet it entails so much. How could you go back to normal after fighting monsters that most people couldn’t even dream up? It wasn’t easy to slip back into school and pretend like everything was normal. Then there was Steve, he was the big reason you were able to keep it together. Because you could get to walk out of school holding hands, and at least pretend everything was normal when you hopped into his car and turned the radio up.

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More of a warrior, Richie Tozier.

A/N: I have a lot of school work so requests are taking a bit longer lately and this one was way longer than I thought it was going to be but it’s a song fic based off See You Again by Tyler the creator and if you wanna listen to it I have a link. Requests are open but not immediate so bear with me when I say it might take a week or so to get your request posted because I have a lot of them and still have school and life in general. But thank you for reading and if you sent a request, thanks for requesting.

Warnings: minimal angst, RichiexReader, implied eating disorder, implied depression, overall fluff tho.

Request: request please? song fic if u can with richie and the song 911/Mr. Lonely by Tyler, the Creator? if thats hard, See You Again by Tyler also? im sorry if its confusing i just think those two would be great

Word Count: 10,033 words.

Richie’s eyes are stuck on her, watching her move across the courtyard and pull his attention to her as does the moon to the tides.

He’s nearly drooling at the sight of her applying lip balm while she stands idly by herself.

The Losers are all talking by the trash cans after dumping out their school notebooks and supplies from their year, relishing in the feeling of summer freedom. And after cracking a joke to Eds, something had taken him away from the conversation. Y/N.

It would be easy to say that he had a crush on her. But that would be an understatement. Every time she walks into a room or nears him in the hallway, he can’t help but turn his head to look. The only thing is, none of the Losers know of his crush and all he can do is pine for her in silence. After all, if he even tried to make a move on her then her guard dog, otherwise known as her boyfriend Kyle, would chase him away.

The truth hurts but, it’s simple in this situation; she doesn’t know of his existence.

“Hey,” Kyle’s hand clamps down on her shoulder, “What’s up?”

Y/N turns her head from where Henry Bowers now terrorizes the Losers’ Club and flashes a suffering smile at her boyfriend.

“Nothing really but um-do you think we should help them? It looks like it’s getting bad this time…” She trails off softly and points to the boys across the yard.

She may not know of Richie’s existence, but she doesn’t like seeing anyone getting harassed by Henry. It’s disheartening for her considering the past she’s had at their school.

“No it’s fine, those losers can handle themselves,” He says, his arm sliding over her shoulder possessively.

They start to walk away from the school, Henry and his friends being ran off by his father at the same time when she meets eyes with a boy she doesn’t know.

Richie adjusts his glasses on his face, unable to tear his stare away from the beautiful girl. It’s baffling to him that she doesn’t even know what she does to him. That she’s constantly crossing his mind even though they’ve never talked to each other before.

Y/N stands against the wall of the pharmacy store, waiting for Kyle to get done his shift of stocking the shelves back where they keep the medicine so they can go to the movies.

Summer isn’t exactly her idea of fun, mostly because it brings her exactly what the school year has. Which is way too much time spent with Kyle and his moronic friends, wasting away time she should be spending with people who actually care about her. She should be spending her time doing the things she loves but lately? Nothing can bring her happiness.

But here she is, waiting for him to walk out of those doors a half hour earlier than she has to because her life has hit such a monumental standstill.

The bell on the front entrance to the store chimes and Y/N looks at Mr. Keane straightening up through the dark lenses of her sunglasses, getting ready to sell to the oncoming customers.

Usually, when she spends these never-ending half hours waiting for Kyle to get off of work, the only people who come in the store are the older citizens of Derry and a few regulars who come in to get their prescriptions filled. The boys who just walked in make her dip down the shades over her eyes to the bridge of her nose to get a better look though. Because she’s never seen them in here all at once. In fact, she’s only seen one of them in the store and that was once a few months ago.

“Um, w-what should we get him?” One of the boys, Bill Denbrough, asks his friends

Y/N barely makes a sound as she starts to move across the store to where they’re talking.
When she first moved to Derry last year, she was as unpopular as the Losers are right now except she didn’t have anyone else by her side like they do with each other. She’s always been subconsciously aware of their presence, as someone is always aware of the presence of trees or streetlights without having to pay much attention to them. But they’ve never acquainted themselves.

She thinks to herself that maybe, had she not fallen in with Kyle and the vapid popular kids who live in Derry, they would have befriended her.

“Is that seriously all we have? Guys, he’s bleeding all over and if we don’t-”

The boys stop talking before she can turn down the aisle where they stand, various medical supplies piled up in Eddie’s arms, and so she stops as well out of fear that they’d caught her eavesdropping.

“Bleeding all over?” Y/N mouths softly and glances out the front window of the store.

Her mind absently pushes the flashing image of the boy from earlier into her head, the one with the thick-rimmed glasses who Henry was teasing. And even though she doesn’t even know him, despite the fact that she doesn’t even consciously make the decision to go out there, she walks out of the store because of him. Whoever this kid is, if he’s bleeding because of Henry Bowers and his cabal of idiots, she’ll pull some strings with Kyle and find a way to draw the bully’s blood.

“I’m glad I got to meet you before you died,” A voice floats down the alleyway, sparking confusion within her and only drawing her closer to the source of it.

Nothing too interesting has happened in Derry until this year, with kids going missing left and right and parents being put through hell with it. She herself hasn’t experienced the grief that these disappearances cause in the lives of these people seeing that she barely knows anyone here. Only her mom, Kyle, and his friends. In a way, he closes her off from the opportunities of the world around her and the grip he has around her at all times is starting to choke her harder day by day.

“Oh my god!” Y/N exclaims and runs the rest of the way down the alley.

Ben Hanscom and Richie Tozier are both side by side, Ben sitting on a milk crate box while Richie stands next to him. Before she’d yelled at them, he was kicking rocks and staring off into space. But now he’s smiling at the sight of his longtime crush sprinting over to them. He even forgets that the kid next to him is bleeding for a second in the excitement of her actually acknowledging him.

“Are you okay? What happened to him?”

Richie’s eyes fall over her, quite literally getting weak in the knees at the sight of her sporting short shorts. Only in his dreams has she spoken to him. Only in his dreams has she gotten close to him. In his dreams, they’ve kissed, gotten together, broken up, and made up a million times. But if the guys ever knew about said dreams, he’d probably never hear the end of it since he’s always busting their balls about the trivial little things they do.

“Hey,” She snaps and waves a hand in front of his face, “Trashmouth!”

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Smut Week: Day 7 | Kim Namjoon

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader 

W/C: 2374

A/N: Sorry for such a shitty end to Smut week, things on my end of things are starting to get really hectic and I know this isn’t the best thing I’ve ever written but just know given everything going on its the best I could do. 

Love you all, K xx

Life as a couple with Namjoon was still very new to you. You had only been dating for a few months and although you two were basically living with one another you were definitely still trying to figure one another out. You were on practically the same schedule as him so when you weren’t working the two of you were always able to meet up. Sex was fairly new to the two of you too, You didnt want to rush things so for the first 6 weeks of your relationship you two only really stuck to heavy petting. Well only some heavy petting.

At first having sex with Namjoon was intimidating. He was this big Idol that so many people talked about in more ways that one, and that made knowing him intimately scary. You still remember the first time you had sex with him like it was yesterday though. You had told him the morning of that you wanted to take your relationship to the next level and he had no complaints about that. He made sure he got to your apartment before you did and set the table for the food that he lied about making, though the lie only lasted a few minutes since he’s a terrible liar. He didnt rush you into anything but he showed you just how much he wanted you with every kiss and every touch. You remember that night like it was yesterday.

Though sex became a regular thing between the two of you certain things he didnt pressure. It took you two weeks after first having sex for you to let him switch up the positions on you and another two after that for you to give him a blowjob, which in his opinion was definitely worth the wait. Every time you’d let him do something else to you you could feel yourself getting closer and closer with him, so you like to have the mile stones. It made things more intimate and  that was something that was important to you. You found yourself getting hornier easier. Sometimes all he had to do was look at you and you would just melt, always either having to pull him in or excuse yourself to the bathroom.

You had gotten off of work earlier that usual, it was your bosses birthday or something so he let everyone go well before the work day was supposed to end. You called Namjoon, thanking your lucky starts he answered, excited to see your name pop up on his phone.

‘Hey babe, I got out early and I’m heading to get some food do you want me to bring you something?’ You asked as you pushed opened the door to the building you worked in.

'Oh that would be amazing! You know were I’m thinking and what I’m thinking about, were going to pretend you surprised me though so your not stuck buying food for everyone.’ He said in a really soft whisper.

'Thats so mean, then its going to look like I wasn’t thinking about the others.’ You said chuckling as you started your walk to his favorite takeout place.

'Good, you need to be ignoring them. Only focus on me.’ He said making you chuckle again.

'Im going to get enough food for everyone, why are you so mean to them.’ You said making him chuckle.

'Y/n is getting food and bringing it! Im not mean to them, I just don’t like sharing.’ He said calling to the others and then speaking only to you again.

'You will have your own food Joonie, they all can share the rest.’ You said opening the door to the take out place.

'Im talking about you, I don’t like sharing you.’

'Then you and I can give them their food and then go to your studio and eat together.’ You said smiling, the thought of being alone with Namjoon in his studio making you tingle since doing it there was something he had told you he wanted to do.

He agreed excitedly and then hung up so you could order. You moved as fast as you could after getting the food, you were lucky your work, his favorite restaurant and his work were all within four blocks of one another so the walk didnt take too long. Once you were in the dance studio with the boys Yoongi waited for the others who danced around you to collect all their food before he took the bag from you in one hand and yours in his other and walked you out of the room.

You loved the scent of his studio, it smelt like his usual soft smell but intensified by 20. You took your usual spot on the couch as he put the food on the table, took his own, and sat back in his desk chair. The two of you ate with the conversations of your day. You told him how you were making great progress on the project your boss ad given you as a challenge and told you that he finally nailed the dance steps he had been worrying about for the past two weeks. You were proud of him and made sure to tell him that making him smile and look down at his next to empty container.

After the food was eaten and left overs were placed in his small mini fridge you stood, kissing his cheek slightly before reaching for your jacket to leave.

'I have some work I have to finish so ill see you at home?’ You asked placing your hands on his knees as he turned his chair to watch you.

'Why don’t you just work here? I can move some of the things on the other desk or you can use the coffee table?’ He asked reaching out for your wrist.

'Okay but you can’t distract me.’ You said making him laugh and pull your arm slightly so you could lay a kiss on him.

An hour had passed since you cleared off his coffee table where you sat criss crossed on the floor with a blanket over your lap and his music softly playing in the background. Your eyes would scan over the array of papers that laid out in front of you and then over to your computer and then back to the papers. But as much as you wanted to pretend work was coming easy to you all you could truly focus on was Namjoon’s profile as his tongue grazed his bottom lip, a habit he had picked up from watching you work. You cleared your voice and shook your head as you reached for a different document. At one point Hoseok walked in to ask Namjoon a question but ended up just mocking you two for being couple goals.

Around 11 you threw your pen on the table, not caring where it bounced and groaned. You were getting no where and with Namjoon sitting over there licking his lip was doing nothing but frustrate you even more, although this time if was in a different way. You closed your eyes and put your hands over your face. He looked up and over to you, smiling at how cute you were when frustrated.

'Whats wrong?’ He said standing up and coming to sit over by you, his long legs pushing the table back a little with his long legs. You groaned telling him you were having troubles focusing. 'Well I’m pretty much done, do you want help?’

You sat forward and started to push your papers to one side so you could sit on the table in front go him. Once you had a clear enough space you moved to sit on the table and hook your arms around his neck. You smiled as his hands started to rub against your knees. \

'Im over doing work.’ You started, biting you lip slightly knowing perfectly well you were about to wreck him. 'I’d rather be doing you.’

His eyes widened and he slowly let a smile creep onto his face before he was kneeling up to wedge his body between your legs so he could kiss you. His hands took ahold of the backs of your knees so he could turn you. He pushed you back so your laid the length of the table. Since his lips had left yours you chuckled as he kissed up your thighs, pushing your shirt up as he went. You bit your lip as your body started to heat up, his lips moving closer to your core making you squirm. Your hand found his hair and started to tug slightly, you weren’t ready for him to be that close with his face.

But hearing him groan at your tug and feeling his voice ring through the sensitive skin of your inner thigh it made you think different. Why not let him if that was what he wanted to do? You Bit your lip and prepared yourself with words to encourage him.

'Namjoon please.’ You breathed pushing his head towards your core. He chuckled and looked up to you.

'What do you want me to do baby?’ He asked dark.

'I want you to taste me.’ You said looking straight at the ceiling so try and hide your blushing.

He chuckled again and returned his lips to the inside of your thigh. He pushed his body up along with his lips and your skirt. When finally hovering above your core he looked up to see you looking down at him. The feeling of his sweet hot breath made your skin crawl with pleasure.

'Ive wanted to do this for so long now.’ He whispered lowering his lips slowly till he was kissing your already sopping core through the thin lace of your panties. You gasped and bit your lip as his tongue started to massage against the lace.

His teeth nipped at the lace and let in snap against you  slightly askew, the sudden feeling making you flinch and squeeze tighter to his hair. He licked again, the feeling of having half his tongue on you and the other half pressing against the lace making you moan quietly. The feeling of having you hot and squirming against him made  him groan in pleasure as his arms wrapped around your lowered half to keep you in place. From that position his hands gripped tightly to the hips of your panties. With his tongue pulsating and teasing through your underwear you couldn’t help but groan when he stopped. You sat up slightly to protest when he looked up at you with sorry eyes.

'Whoops…’ He said showing the ripped lace with a wicked grin.

'Namjoon seriously?’ You asked leaning back and covering your face.

You heard him chuckle again but before you could look at him he was pressing his tongue flat against you and rolling it. He groaned as he tasted you fully and with no hesitation he began to move his jaw, teasing your core as a fast rate. The sudden friction made your body lurch and your hand clench to his hair tighter, Your other hand reaching above you and accidentally knocking everything off of the table. He held you closer than before as he started to play with you individually. His tong moved to flick against your clit before it moved back down to push his tongue in and out of you after switching between the two for a minute he clamped down on you and started to suck and twirl his tongue feverishly.

You let out a shaky breath you hadn’t realized you had been holding that had been a companied by a gasp and your body slightly sitting up. He sucked and licked harder against you his hands reaching up and pressing your body back down. His tongue started to lap quickly as your body began to tingle. You moaned breathlessly and tried to say his name but all that came out was a slight stutter. He caught on to your building orgasm and moved to stimulate your clit before adding a finger into you, curling it to press accurately against your g-spot. You screamed slightly and your back arched again before laying flat against the table again.

The sound of you letting out sweet shorts grunts made him move his finger and jaw quickly. You let out a loud moan at the change of pace, your back arching again and your body is starting to shake as he pushed you closer to your orgasm. His hand gripped tighter to your thigh as your voice grew louder. You moaned a string of his name in short desperate moans until you where squealing though your orgasm, your back arching fully and your hands clenching to his hair as your body began to release. He groaned into you as you came around his mouth, the feeling of the vibrations from his voice shaking your body even harder.

As you came down from your high Namjoon pressed his lips against your thighs and the lower half of your stomach. You could feel him smiling against your skin, your hands finally loosening their grip. He moved up your body to look at you, laughing slightly at your flushed face. You pulled him down to kiss you, this being the best way you could think of to thank him for that.

'Who knew you secretly a screamer.’ He chuckled helping you sit up on the coffee table. You looked around and covered your face at the mess of papers you had made. 'Do you think anyone heard you?’ He added making your eyes widen and you cheeks turn very red.

Instantly the door opened and a grumpy Yoongi stood there looking at the mess that was made.

'Yes. Yes we did hear you.’ He said. Although there was a grumpy tone to his voice you both could tell he was holding back a laugh.

You looked at Namjoon who dipped his head and laughed, Yoongi walking in fully. The two of you watched as he went to grab something off of Namjoon’s desk, your heart still fluttering before it fully dropped. His eyes caught something and then took a double take of it making your eyes follow where he was looking. A smile broke to his lips as he bent to pick up the torn lacy panties that had fallen to the side.

'Well… why aren’t I surprised?’ He said making you burry your head in  Namjoons shoulder as he laughed and wrapped his arms around you.

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Can you do a tiny Patten where he trips and the others are making him feel better?

Here’s some fluff to hopefully make it up to everyone! I know it’s been rough, but what better way to fix it than with cute Tiny Sides? And this prompt? A++ my friend. Also, AAYYYYY Analogical for kicks!

In theory, Tiny Patton knew that the ban on sugar, or more specifically, on him eating sugar, was a thing. There had been the Pixie Stix Incident, which Roman had sworn everyone to never speak of again, and then there was the time with the brownies and Momma Lo Lo’s prized Notebook…suffice to say that when Tiny Patton and sugar came together, it did not end well for anyone.

So, when he found Virgil’s candy stash, he was both very excited and a little nervous. Because on the one hand, CANDY! But on the other hand, he was definitely going to get into trouble. He really didn’t like upsetting Momma Lo Lo, but…Starburst would make it worth it.

He happily sat down and started unwrapping his newfound treasures, carefully picking out the pink ones first, then all the orange, then the red, leaving the yellow for last. A small mound of wrappers was piling up next to him, and he was just debating whether to dispose of the evidence or eat more candy when Roman walked into the room. Oh no.

“Sweet Cole Sprouse! Is that…candy you’re eating, Patton?!” 

“Nooooo…?” Patton smiled innocently, then bolted to his feet and ran as fast as his tiny legs could carry him. Which, apparently, was surprisingly fast. Roman dove for him but missed, and Tiny Patton was off and running down the hallway.

Virgil had just woken up and opened his door when a small blur of kakhi and blue whizzed past, followed by a shouted “CATCH HIM VIRGIL!” from Princey. Well. That was ONE way to wake up.

“On it!” Virgil darted after the child, who was way faster than usual. Jesus, did Roman dose the kid with speed?! He was just closing in when Logan swung out of his room. Oh shit!

First Patton crashed into Logan’s legs, then Virgil crashed into both of them. They all went down in a pile on the floor, with Logan as the unfortunate base of the pile. There was a soft “oof” and then everything was still.

“What in the name of sanity were you two doing?!” Logan huffed, his glasses slightly askew. Virgil could feel his cheeks flushing, he was too close, too close, TOO CLOSE, and he quickly climbed off, backing up to an acceptable distance.

“Patton was running through the halls like a maniac. I was trying to stop him. You okay, buddy?”

Patton blinked a few times, then his face slowly crumpled and he began to sob, reaching his hands out to both of them.

“I gotta owie!!! Momma, ‘Irgil!!! Owwwiiiieeee!” They both crowded close, their heads nearly touching as they examined the child. He sniffled and rolled up his pant leg to reveal a small scrape. Virgil quickly ran his hands over him, just to make sure there were no other injuries. 

“Now, Patton, you know better than to run like that. That’s how injuries like this occur. Come one, let’s get you cleaned up.” Logan tried to pick him up, but Patton reached out an arm and clung to Virgil’s hoodie.

“Want ‘Irgil too!” Okay, well, now his face was definitely on fire because he could not step out of Logan’s personal space. He glanced at the logical side and found a charming blush riding high on his cheekbones, too. Well, good. At least he wasn’t the only one feeling embarrassed.

“Okay, I’ll come along, too.”

They both worked in tandem, cleaning Patton’s scrape and putting the band-aid on. Logan’s cheeks turned a very interesting shade of red when Patton insisted he kiss it to make it better, but Logan dutifully obeyed. Goddammit, WHY was Logan so freaking CUTE?! 

They both took the hyper child back out to the commons, starting a game of tag to keep him occupied and help him burn off the sugar. Once he’d finally wound down, he insisted they both put him to bed. 

After the correct jammies were put on, and the right bedtime story told, Patton was snuggled down in his bed between the two of them. Pupples, his favorite stuffie, was in his arms. He was drifting off, listening to Logan’s voice reading the story while Virgil’s hand carded through his hair. 

Once Patton was asleep, they both crept as gently as possible out of the room. In the hallway, Virgil rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

“So uhh…sorry. About all of that. I should have locked up the stash in a better spot.”

“It’s fine, Virgil. You couldn’t possibly have accounted for Patton’s determination to get into places he shouldn’t be.” Logan offered one of his small smiles, and Virgil knew he was staring and he really needed to stop, but then Logan stepped a little closer and suddenly it was hard to breathe.

“I….had an enjoyable time this evening. With you. I would not be adverse to spending more time with you…if you would like?” There was something in Logan’s voice, in his eyes, that was definitely ringing all of Virgil’s “more than friends” alarm bells, but…

“You…want to spend time…with me?” Another step closer, oh god, there’s no way Logan missed the hitch in his breath or the nervous gulp he just involuntarily made and was it warm in here??? It feels warm in here!

“Most definitely.” Their faces were so close now, he could actually FEEL Logan’s breath on his lips. All he’d have to do was lean in just a little closer and…

Suddenly, Logan was backing away. No, don’t do that, come back! Virgil almost whimpered, leaning forward involuntarily to chase the other side, which made the slightly infuriating smirk on his face that much wider.

“Unless you don’t want to, of course. It’s entirely up to you.” With that, Logan turned on his heel and started walking to his room. Virgil blinked once. Twice. Looked down the hall and saw the door to Logan’s room standing open.

Yup, this was happening. And if this is what happens every time Patton gets sugared up, he’s never hiding his candy stash again. 

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That moment when you knew Oliver’s heart thudded and he went off to dreamland for a few seconds. XD »—> 

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Antimatter being obsessed with Steph and he tries to take her away from the real Matthew ~🌸

She wasn’t sure how, but Stephanie was about 99% certain she was dreaming. She stood alone in the livestream room, the lights off and the equipment silent. It looked exactly as usual, yet she knew it wasn’t real. The sock left haphazardly on the table after that day’s stream wasn’t actually there, the askew pillows may feel soft when she touched them, but she knew better. Stephanie couldn’t pin down exactly what it was, but she knew she had to be dreaming. Somewhere, she was curled up in her bed. She could almost feel the phantom sensation of Skip resting on her chest, the invisible weight of a blanket over her. If she just reached out far enough, Steph was certain she’d be able to touch her husband sleeping soundly beside her. ‘Matthew…’

Ah. That’s how she knew; Matthew wasn’t there, so she must be asleep. ‘Well, if I’m here I may as well look around.’ Stephanie thought, and glanced quickly around the room. The walls in front of her were streaked with shadows, a deep blue and grey coating the beige paint. Even if the room was immaculate, it almost felt abandoned and tomblike. The stillness was unsettling, and when Steph turned to look out the window she saw the world beyond was just as dark and empty as the inside of the house. The lifelessness was disturbing in a home so usually full of life and laughter, and for a moment Steph felt dread creeping up her spine as she opened the door to the hallway.

There was a figure at the end of the hall.

The spike of fear that shot through her was electrifying and so strong Stephanie was almost surprised she didn’t wake up. She blinked and let out a frightened cry as the figure appeared closer. The shadow seemed to almost shimmer and shift, the edges blurring and fading where she wasn’t looking directly at it. She felt frozen as the figure approached, only for the terror to screech to a halt as Matthew stepped into the moonlight. 'Not Matthew.’ A panicked voice whispered in her head, and Steph’s heart picked up its frantic pace once more as she realized the man in front of her had eyes that were a terrifying pale colour, instead of their usually deel brown.

“My god, you’re as beautiful as I hoped.” The smooth purr the being let out felt like the shadows themselves, dark and thick and making Stephanie’s skin itch and her head ache. She swallowed and took a step back, hands in tight fists. “What-?” Steph managed to choke out past her fear as the stranger stepped forward. “I don’t have much time, so let me make this quick.” Matthew ('Not Matthew.’) interrupted her and took another step. Stephanie tried to move back again, only to realize her feet were frozen to the carpet.

“I’m not your husband. Not quite. But that doesn’t matter, because husband or not you’re mine. I’ve been watching you for years, Stephanie. I’ve walked this shadow world for centuries, and every time I find you and keep you. Your face and name changes, but it’s always you.” A hand slowly lifted and cupped Stephanie’s face, and she could feel bile rising in her throat at the icy coldness of his touch and the toothy grin he gave her that was so similar to Matthews, yet terrifyingly different. “It doesn’t matter what you do, who you turn to, where you go. My shadows and I are everywhere and eventually you’ll fall asleep and I won’t let you leave. It may take days, or weeks, or months. Maybe even years. But eventually you won’t be able to fight me off anymore. You’ll be mine again, and when you die in this place and your next self finds its way here, we’ll start this all over again.”

The being stepped even closer, those pale, pale eyes seemed to shine eagerly as he slowly bent down. Stephanie could feel his breath on her face, just as cold as his touch as he moved closer. She could see something like blood flecked on his face and with sudden certainty she knew it was hers. Somehow, it was hers. 'He’ll kill me.’ Stephanie thought. The man’s face was close enough to hers she could smell something dark and gory around him that set off a deeply buried fight or flight reflex. 'Run!’

With a cry, Stephanie managed to wrench herself away and stumble back into the stream room. The door slammed, yet there was no noise as Stephanie pressed her back to the wood and let out a strangled sob. She could hear a quiet laugh on the other side, and the door handle jiggled. “Come on, honey. I told you how this ends.” The man called in Matthew’s voice, and she flinched at the pet name. Stephanie could feel shallow cuts on her face where his nails had dug in like claws when she fled. “You scream and run and fight and try to stay awake, but I always find you and I always will. You’re mine, and no one will stop me from keeping you. Stephanie? Stephanie!”


Her eyes flew open and confused brown eyes looked back down at her. “Stephanie? What’s wrong?” Matt asked, his voice still soft with sleep. With a whimper, she bolted up in the bed and wrapped her arms around her husband, crying into his shirt. “Steph! Hey, hey it’s okay honey. I got you.” She could feel Matthew’s hand petting her hair, his arms pulling her tightly against his chest as he muttered soft comforts against her forehead. “You’re safe, it was just a bad dream.” 'No it wasn’t.’ Stephanie wanted to say. She could still feel the pain on her face and smell rot and shadows on her skin even as she tried to breath in the smell of warmth and life Matt always smelled like. For a second, Steph remembered cold breath on her face and pale, eager eyes staring down at her and shivered. 'I don’t know who that man was, Matthew, but he’s going to kill me one day. I know it.’

mine is for the young lovers who trade their heart for someone else’s like kids swapping candy on the playground and the childhood sweethearts who are trying desperately to never grow up and moving away from home for the first time and parcels wrapped with string and framed photographs hanging slightly askew and the feeling you get when the person you love walks into the room and roadtrips and maps marked out with places to go and picking flowers and running through tall grass in fields

sparks fly is for the people in your life who shine like fireworks against the night sky and how fleeting and precious they are for the moments they touch your existence with their light and writing unimportant things in metallic gel pens and old fashioned light bulbs that flicker and that moment when your breath catches in your throat because something is so beautiful and spontaneous dance parties and glittery clothes on dull days and coloured tights

back to december is for everyone who was cold and sharp like ice but thawed with the spring only to realise it was too late and that everything had moved on with the seasons and awkward conversations with people you used to know and biting the skin off your lips without realising and lying awake at night tossing and turning and rewriting the past and oversized striped shirts with pastel lace underwear and hot chocolate in foam cups and buying books but not reading them just letting the pile up

speak now is for the boys and girls who bottle things up inside just to have them burst like party poppers during the most inappropriate moments and pastel coloured hair dyes and candy that tastes like soap and patches of forget-me-nots and realising that the pretend games you used to play as kids about being adults are suddenly your reality and drinking cheap bright coloured alcohol from plastic cups and laughing so hard that you can’t breathe and taking control of your fairytale ending

dear john is for anyone who fights ice with fire and exploring derelict buildings covered in beautiful street art and letting your happiness become a person not just a feeling and drunken apologies from people who you used to trust and the need you feel to tip your drink down their shirt and handwritten predictions for the future and ripped up poems from when you were much younger and hard looks from soft people who have been taken advantage of too many times

mean is for the victims of merciless jealousy in its many and varied forms and the way it ties their hands behind backs and soft white lace dresses with heavy biker boots and leather jackets and bubblegum smiles with razor sharp teeth and pencil drawings of far off cities in school books and forgetting people after graduation and doing things in spite of and despite the people who try and hold you back and texts you wrote defending yourself and never sent and chipped black nail varnish

the story of the us is for the keepers of their own self-fulfilling prophecies bound in hardback and tortoise shell glasses frames and floral vintage skirts and soft silk blouses and half-written diary pages that nobody will ever see and seeing your life from the outside like a cliché teen movie and the feeling you get when a piece of fiction perfectly reflects real life and old leather watches and velvet armchairs big enough to curl up on and typewriters and cold nights where the wind screams outside but you are safe and warm in bed

never grow up is for the lost boys and girls who turned down neverland and now live in regret and still sleeping with stuffed toys and gingham dresses and white frilly socks and screaming the lyrics to songs your parents first taught you and long lost family recipes and in-jokes and ice pops that numb your fingers and turn your tongue blue and plastic solar systems that make the whole of space less frightening and let you feel more powerful than you ever will again and tear-stained shirts from long goodbyes and the desperate primal fear of the dark

enchanted is for anyone who still believes in love at first sight and allowing yourself to fall in love just a little bit with everyone who makes you smile as if in exchange for making you feel lighter you hand over a slither of your heart and strings of fairylights on bare branches and white roses and evenings too incredible to ever be captured in pictures or words and smiling so hard your face aches and messy braids and rainbow opal rings and tall white candles and flopping down on your bed at the end of the night and grinning at the ceiling like a long lost friend

better than revenge is for everyone who is forged from betrayal and made stronger by the heartbreak and protected by their tears and plum coloured lipsticks and leather skirts and the physical pain that comes with always feeling second best and always getting chosen last and late night phone arguments and shots of hard liquor and the instinct we all have to shoot others down to make ourselves feel better and sharp silver jewelry and sharper comebacks and thunder that warns you lightning is on it’s way

innocent is for anyone in your life that deserves a second chance to bloom in the spring and long days on cold beaches and lighthouses and beacons that save lives and collections of  pale rocks and shells and sea glass and the moment you sit down and decide to reinvent yourself and white shirts embroidered with flowers and soap foam and the rainbows in the bubbles and patchwork blankets and lanterns and strings of fake pearls and trying to convince someone you love to see themselves how you see them

haunted is for those who lost someone and in the process began to fade away and became a ghost themselves and black and white film photography reels and cracked mirrors and strings of bells on ribbon and nights when you lie awake in the dark alone but sensing someone else’s presence and packs of tarot cards and wide brimmed hats and long black skirts and modern magic and burning incense and windchimes and eyes that have seen too much and could drag you in like black holes

last kiss is for the heartbreak historians who study romances and predict patterns but never could have forseen what was to come and drinking cups of tea all alone with only a book for company and crying so much you can taste whole swimming pools in your lungs and sitting on kitchen floors with a blanket around your shoulders like the ruler you were before you fell so far and delicate pale blue dresses with heavy knitted jumpers that you can bury yourself in and looking after plants but not yourself 

long live is for you and every boundary you have pushed and every beautiful brushstroke you have left on the world and spiraling pieces of metallic confetti and birthday candles that won’t blow out and being the change you want to see in the world and random acts of kindness that make someone else’s day and rooms full of balloons and party dresses and the songs of our generation sung loudly and out of tune and photos taken on dark nights where your friends smiles are enough to illuminate it all and realising you are more than just a sad story and that mostly you are not alone

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I’m going to post my whole Troyler fanfic (so far) here and kind of keep doing this periodically. It’ll be under the cut. Second half is smutty. Like straight up smut at the end, so be forewarned. No other warnings really though.

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localsara-deactivated20160323  asked:

I'm up for pastel!dan and punk!phil cuddling in Dan's room, or kissing in public (like the park?). I'm too lazy to do my own headcons for now....

awww this is cute :))) ok lets go (just a tiny tiny bit of smut) :

(ALSO pls send in headcanons if you’d like that would be cool)

-Dan and Phil being the strangest couple because in the beginning they didn’t like each other. Dan always calling Phil emo and making fun of his piercings (although secretly he wanked to the thought of feeling his cool lip rings on his body). Phil teasing Dan because of his flower crowns and pastel crop tops (although secretly he got off on the thought of fucking Dan with a cute little flower crown on). 

-Dan and Phil eventually putting their differences aside and having little chats over coffee. They figured out that they don’t even have many differences between them, except in clothing and such. 

-Dan inviting Phil over to watch movies and eat a whole bunch of junk food because what better way to spend a Saturday night? Dan being naturally affectionate and cuddly, but even more so with Phil because he had a teeny tiny (huge) crush on him. Phil being totally chill about it and wrapping his arms around Dan’s waist, right under where his crop top ended and his jeans began. 

-Dan and Phil falling asleep after the third or fourth movie, still in their cuddling positions on the bed. Dan moving around in his sleep so that he was almost on top of Phil, and Phil automatically pulling Dan closer, nuzzling his face in Dan’s soft hair where his flower crown is askew. 

-Phil feeling strange things around Dan, like when he giggles he gets a tingly feeling in his stomach and he can’t help but smile fondly at Dan. And sometimes Dan gets distracted while Phil is speaking by looking at his soft lips move, wondering what it would be like to kiss them. 

-Dan making the first move by shyly asking Phil if they could maybe be more than friends while at the park. Phil of course saying yes, so excited that Dan likes him that way because he’s just so pretty and nice and hot and he likes Phil. Phil is practically on cloud 9. Dan and Phil kissing softly on some park bench as the breeze rustles their hair, the public kiss making Phil’s cheeks burn with something like embarrassment but not quite. Pride, maybe, Phil thinks.

-Dan smiling into the kiss when he hears an ‘aww’ and ignoring the icy glares he gets from some. The fact that they’re in an open space where anyone can see them makes something burn in the pit of Dan’s stomach, makes him sigh softly into the kiss, nipping gently at Phil’s bottom lip. 

-Phil kissing Dan, excited and slightly nervous to be Dan’s boyfriend, savoring the sweet taste on his tongue, murmuring to Dan about going on the most romantic date ever while peppering little kisses on his cheeks and nose and eyelids.

Would you guys want me to write a fanfic based off this, like a continuation or something? With smut (lots of it mm)? Let me know :))

***Also, please send me more hc’s if you liked this one! Don’t be shy, the kinkier (or fluffier if thats not your thing) the better ;) !!***

jennagill​ asked me to continue this drabble thing but when I tried to copy/paste into the ask something weird happened so I’m posting here. This is SUPER rough and was meant to be a 5 minute exercise before I got down to s2sl business, but hope you enjoy. XX


She wakes up, sweat-soaked sheets clinging to her skin, fingers tucked inside panties, trying to make sense of the lingering strands of dream.

All she catches are hints of blue eyes, black-framed glasses askew, the feel of his nose pressed against her throat, his warm breath sliding across her chest.

But it’s enough to know that it’s the same dream that she’s had every night for a week. The same dream that has her blushing all day at school. The same dream that makes her want to do something reckless.

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