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Keith was compelled to the desert without any real reason right? That doesn't really make sense. Blue was calling to him, he was hearing her subconsciously. What if the reason she calls for him is because she thought he was Lance, I mean they're soulmates so he'd probably have a piece of Lances heart/soul, I mean sure he pretended to not recognize him, but Lance considered him a rival, pretty sure forgetting was to mask his pining. Anyway Klance confirmed by dessert mullet boy, hasta la later

FUNK this would be a great soulmate au kinda thing

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Hey I need more knives can you send me some good ones. Imma submit some of mine soon

Lemme know what kinda Good Knives you want to see! this blog has been a bit slow lately due to personal life but I will do what I can. (and yes, feel free to submit more knives)

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I don't get people that honestly think of male homosexual relationships as extremely sexual but then turn around and say that female homosexual relationships are so soft and pure and all that crap. A relationship is a relationship? Both can be romantic and/or sexual. It's literally just a relationship. Let it be.

i’m not sure if this about something specific but yeah, people love to generalize gay relationships to fit disgusting stereotypes.

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wait im confusion i thought keith was also a person of color? :0

East Asian Keith is only a headcanon and it’s bad to give dreamworks rep for things they haven’t explicitly given us, it’d be like giving them rep for gay Keith even know it’s only a popular headcanon you feel me?? my point is, the show really likes to focus on pidge and keith and how great they are and they both happen to be pale and not canonically non-white