themultifandomnerd  asked:

your blog is a peach. and obviously, waluigi would treat shiro with love, respect, and dedication. he would dab when needed. and waluigi would definitely blue shell any person trying to hurt his man. plus, shiro would totally love having a bf whose shoulder he can lay his head on #noregrets

oh my god this is, the best ask I’ve ever gotten in my life i love you

It’s also funny cuz,,, i was literally planning on drawing walushiro

the-ocean-burned  asked:

N, O, P, S, U

N - Favourite animal?

omg how can i choose?? I love cats, first of all, so i’ll just go with that.

P - What kind of music I like.

my music taste isn’t restricted by genre, I just find songs I like and listen to them over and over again! (examples of current faves: therapy by all time low, the cave by mumford and songs, and shove it by santigold)

S - 2 habits.

biting my lip and drinking tea (are those habits?? idk)

U - Favourite time of year, and why

I love the stormy grey season because i’m a vampire or something

(o already answered)

O - Where would I like to travel

I’m not very into traveling but I’d love to go really remote places, places without people. I’ve always wanted to explore a ghost town, I’d like to camp in a forest (real camping), or go to a nice beach where it’s kinda grey and stormy.

I also plan to travel to Spain after graduating high school, to walk el camino de Santiago! (I’m not religious but it’s a life experience waiting to happen)

bailey-weasley2009  asked:

Can you write or create an au for voltron? you seem really creative and i liked what you posted before with another au


also thank you sm?? idk which au you’re referring to but this makes me very happy to know you like my content!!

anonymous asked:

well, my crush is a girl in my spanish class. shes sweet but sarcastic and very smart and she always pulls silly faces at me and then laughs with me about them and blushes when she stutters and shes so beautiful sometimes i tear up a bit thinking about how pretty her smile is (wow this is one of the gayest things ive ever written lol)

Oh my god she sounds awesome!! Best of luck to you and your gay heart :)