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Chris actually doesn't seem like a bad person. Do you think there is more to him then what he gives up?

Can you, please, tell me while looking into my eyes that, this boy, isn’t a good person? Please? Because, looking at his face, I can’t see a bad person. 

If you say for me that he’s a bad person, then you have big issues, darling. 

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Hey Eva! First off, I love your blog and style a lot which is why you're probably the best person to ask. I recently just finished my first year of a fashion oriented college. Though I make sure I always look put together Ive realized my actual style has been iffy and not what I want it to be. I am very ready to throw everything out and start all over again. So what do you suggest I do to help me figure it out?

Okay, take a deep breath. Do not throw everything out. You’re experiencing what I’d like to call “fashionitis”, a non-fatal condition in which you compare what you have to what everyone has and feel inadequate. The cure for fashionitis? Realizing that your style isn’t “iffy"—it’s evolving, and something that’ll take time to figure out. People develop fashion instincts over time, realizing what works for them and what doesn’t, what they love and what they don’t. I’m sure some of the people at your school were born with an innate sense of style, sure. They might be those types who always know exactly what they want to wear and it’s always effortless. More likely? They spend a significant amount of time planning their outfits daily so that they look effortless and like "Oh, this old thing?” There’s so much pressure on people to have a rock solid idea of their personal style at your age, but trust me—I’m speaking from personal experience—it’s an evolution. And there is a joy, whether in style or anything else, to taking time to explore and play and learn.

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whos better in bed jonas or chris? and why is he better than the other ?

Well, I can’t say who is better in bed, because if I say Jonas was better, Chris may be upset about it and his manliness will be probably hurt. But if I say that Chris is great in bed, I’d be telling the truth. 

Jonas never was down on me, and it made me really sad when I heard that he made it for a 97′ girl who he was hooking up for 4 days? We had a relationship for years. And well, Chris has his tricks, right? If you know what I mean. 

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Hey Eva! I was just wondering what your thoughts on body fads such as thigh gaps and collar bones are? It's become such a massive obsession particularly with teens at the moment.

Honestly, I had no idea what people meant by “thigh gap” until I saw it in a few Instagram comments recently. I had to Google it because I thought it surely had to be a typo for “though gap” or “think gap” or something referring to the retailer Gap. That goes to show what importance I put on the trend, I suppose. Here’s my point of view on being a teen (or woman, period, it’s not really age-exclusive): it’s hard enough and there are enough hurdles (compensation inequality, gender stereotyping, etc etc). And in fact I think it’s exponentially harder to be one today than when I was a teen, since we’re in the generation of overshare, and it’s so much easier to feel judged for whatever: your body, your social life, your clothes, etc. To the people who are fixated on collarbones and thigh gaps… I would say, please, realize that in four years from now, you might be in college, working towards your dream job, an adventure trip of your dreams, making a difference in the world. Whether or not you have a thigh gap or how visible your collar bone is will not push you in that direction.

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Best everyday mascara at a reasonable price?

Well, I’ll start by saying that one girl’s reasonable is another girl’s exorbitant. But unless you have buckets of money to spare and can therefore afford to use thirty dollar tubes of mascara 24/7 or you get prestige ones for free (like, um, me—don’t hate me), I do usually suggest people use drugstore mascara. Why? Because a) if you’re like most people, you go through it like water b) you’re technically supposed to toss your mascara every three to four months anyway c) honestly, most drugstore mascaras perform just as well as designer. It’s just a matter of finding the right one for your lashes. Personally, I have ultra-fine lashes that droop easily (so sad) and like a long, defined, fluttery lash look (versus thick and gloopy). These are my favorites (including a few non-drugstore options in case you can’t not splurge): Covergirl Lash Blast Length (perfectly defining, lashes look ultra-long), Benefit They’re Real (thickens without droopifying), Neutrogena Perfect Volume (natural but has impact), Eyeko Fat (long, long, long lashes). Good luck and, remember, finding your perfect mascara is like finding a perfect pair of jeans. It’s trial and error, so be patient!

Wisdom for an 18 year old

Oh! So many things: *Maintain your optimism: don’t let the toxicity of your environment—a college major you don’t love, competitive friends, petty coworkers, etc etc—take it away from you. It is one of your defining qualities. *Learn to say no—and don’t be afraid to speak up: if you don’t speak up for yourself, you can’t expect others to pipe up for you. Be braver. *Be better with money. Really. You’ll need it when you move back to NYC. *Say yes to adventure, to (calculated) risk, to possibilities. The latter is something I’ve learned in spades since eighteen, but especially in the last few years of my career. Taking every meeting, being open to new opportunities and not being shackled by unwarranted fear or hesitation. This life we lead is short and fleeting—I assume you’re eighteenish if you’re asking this question. Listen: eighteen feels like it was yesterday to me. I remember everything about it from my poor fashion decisions (haha) to my general cluelessness and the occasional waves of trepidation about what the future would bring. Today, I am eighteen + ten + then some. Time flies, really it does, so maximize every second. Live the best life you can—any limitations you have are self-imposed.

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I think you have a really strong sexual connection to Chris, I'm glad he seems giving as well. Never returning the favor is the worst!

Well, we have good and strong and rough sexual moments together. And I think it’s because we have compatibility and chemistry, maybe. I’m happy when he returns all the ?feelings? when I kiss him or hook up with him. So yeah.