Timur Askerov In Mariinsky’s Swan Lake

Timur Askerov, is and will always be, the best dancer to ever live. 

I can’t think of words, I really can’t. It’s not just his dancing that is so perfect and magical, but that sparkle in his eyes that you know, he was born for this. 

There are so many dancers that I watch that I feel are beautiful or so artistic. I notice how most have gorgeous flexibility and many have amazing turns. So many impress me with how technically perfect they are and how they are so beautiful but I never understood that “feeling” people get when they watch someone. Of course I know that with Diana Vishneva but even though my heart lights up when I watch so many of my favourite dancers, it will never be the same as when I watch Timur Askerov, who has all of this. Every dancer knows that feeling, of when you watch a dancer, you feel pure love. The most amazing dancer I have ever seen.