Surprised Endereyes! \owo/ There we go~ 

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Thanks for those who watched the Join me and the riddle game XD

(while holding my niece on my laps, my arm hurts now :U)

More Endereyes will come~


I’ve wanted to do some fanart for some of the Minecraft blogs I follow for a while //wheezes

I plan to do more! But I wanted to start with these two since they contributed heavily to my joining this fandom.

I actually didn’t  know about the Minecraft ender fandom until I saw Lilaira’s stuff on Deviantart and I don’t think I would’ve ever had the courage to try and join the fandom if not for Redux’s encouragement Q 7 Q

Ehhh, I spent much longer on this picture than I probably should have ;-; mostly because I wanted to make him look ok…and because I was trying to make this while watching The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug (again) at the same time ;3; 

Anyway, fanart of an amazing person’s ender OC ;v; he seems like the kind of character you just wanna hug and help make the pain go away :c

I have a Minecraft world with about 40 mods, among which, the Farlanders mod. So I spent the night hiding in a house with a green-eyed farlander that looked suspiciously like Endy… The next morning, I opened the door and a creeper started coming toward the entrance. Before I could do anything, the farlander came up behind me and slammed the door! My first thought was Endy going, “Yeah… No. I’m not dealing with that creeper.”

anonymous asked:

Hi, i've been looking around tumblr very long, and noticed that most of the enderman ask blogs were closed or turned into a totally different one. I think ask endy and your blog is one of the oldest ones, so I hope you can keep this blog as long as you can. (Endy's rather sugoi, but Enderbro is so KAWAII!)

[[Yeah it’s been like…3-4 years now? That’s a really long life for an ask blog. It’s normal for people to burn out or just lose interest. I take long hiatuses and come back to it when inspiration hits. And Askendy is so quality, that art style is amazing. That was one of the first blogs this one had contact with.

Melody is still active too! And Neighbro! If any of the oldschool MC ask blogs are active, reblog so we can get a headcount. :) ]]