Dark: *sneaks into the village, knocking down a wall on a house*

Prixon: *walking through the village the next day* Again? *fixing the house* Why do you keep breaking your houses? How do you keep breaking your houses? I don’t understand. Am I fixing them wrong? It LOOKS like your other houses. Am I using the wrong wood?


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Shrike: You can say hello to this pair of nerds. After months of debate I am adding Jeki and Minx to this blog. They are a pair of Endermen still travelling around vs being settled somewhere. Jeki is currently on Mission. Minx is debating it as e was born in the Nether and doesn’t really see the point in being Faithful to the Dragon. They’ve never met humans before, unlike the other four on the blog.

You can read more about them here.


Anon: So, Dex, with a little over ten days till the big event, I have to ask: How have you been fairing? Are you starting to get excited?

Dex: Honestly, I’d rather it just be OVER.

I mean don’t get me wrong or nothin’. I’m real happy we’re havin’ an egg and all it’s just…

I am so BORED. Vik don’t want me leavin’ the house just to be safe. I told ‘em I wanted to check on the chickens and e brough Twik in here to keep me company.    

Vik: Hey, Dex?

Dex: Yeah?   

Vik: I brought you some food. Are you feeling alright?

Dex: Just a little tuckered out and antsy. I don’t like bein’ cooped up like this.   

Vik: I know but it won’t be too much longer.

Hannath87: he he he should be pretty hot to see this baby growing inside of you even being an egg, I will not take too long to come out, I think cute are endersbabies, especially when they are born! ^^

Dex: Hot? But I don’t even have a fever…?      

Vik: Of course you don’t have a fever, you haven’t been out in the rain!

(Shrike: The fever that Vik is mentioning is Blink Fever, which in our headcanon Endermen get from teleporting too much in the rain. There’s a lot of terms like hot and sexy that my Endermen just don’t understand. They understand the idea of things being sexy or a turn on but they don’t actually have a word for it.)

100 Follower Art Winners Announcment!

Hey there guys! I just wanted to let you know, the randomizer has spun and the winners for the 100 follower art giveaway have been chosen!

The winners, chosen by random number selection are……

askendill and ask-theneutralspy!

Congrats you guys you both get some free art from either askdantae’s mod or askenderblock’s mod. You can claim your prizes by sending an ask directly to our blogs. If for some reason you would like to decline your prize please let us know and we shall do a reroll for someone else to get your slot!