It’s no way near as adorable as your stuff, but here have a little Romancedy.
My god how longs this been here I feel so bad I haven’t checked romancedys inbox sooner! THIS IS SO ADORABLE EVEN MORE SO THAN MY OWN ART pfff- I love the black and white look to it and all the beautiful overlays and just shes got the sweetest face <33333 it’s adorable thank you ;w; <33333

Happy birthday to you! Hope you have a good one!  ^_^


Awww what this is so DANG CUTE LOOKIT HER SHES JUST PRECIOUS~! I love the cutie mark in the background and how you colored hre and her just damn adorable expression and just how you draw ponies and all OF THIS IS JUST SO CUTE bwahhhhhh thank you so so much ;v; <333333333 LOVE IT (im still working on your gift though you just wait birthday buddy! )