#AskElementary (Mar 5): UK Edition

Answered by: Co-EP Corinne Brinkerhoff & Writer Jeff King

Joan and Sherlock are NOT romantic partners.

Teddy is an unofficial Irregular.

Clyde got an agent and has become a total monster. #Hollywood

“It varies by writer. Some of us avoid other modern takes, while others watch to make sure we don’t duplicate what’s out there.”

They have a former NYPD detective as a consultant.

Coming up:

  • Sherlock’s father/M. Holmes
  • Joan’s father
  • More Irene Adler
  • More Clyde
  • Twisted Moriarty storyline (1x21-24)
  • Mrs/Miss Hudson
  • Charles Augustus Milverton

Dream on: 

  • A visit to London and Baker Street
  • Holmes and Watson wedding
  • Ricky Gervais as Moriarty
  • Mycroft
  • Joan Watson’s tell-all book (companion-client confidentiality!)

No second-season pickup yet! smh, rme, etc.