anonymous asked:

Who do you personally find more interesting out of Dylan and Eric, and why?

Difficult question, as I think I find an equal amount of interesting things about each of them. I suppose I’d say Dylan because his writing style intrigues me greatly.

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If Eric and Dylan killed the people who actually bullied them how different do you think people would have reacted? Do you think Eric and Dylan would have gotten more sympathy? Would people be less interested in them because the reasoning would be evident? I would just like to hear your thoughts..

I believe people would have reacted in basically the same exact way, no matter who was killed. Though, there are people out there who believe for some reason that the people they did kill were their bullies.
I would still be just as interested, but some might not be as much. 

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would you consider yourself to be bias? I agree with the things you've posted however you seem to glorify them more.

I admit that many of my posts when I first made this blog may have seemed more like that, though I do not mean to suggest that I glorify them at all, since I don’t. I try to not be bias as best as possible, while at the same time sharing as much information as I know.