“(Wife) We met in an elevator. It was my first day of work and on the elevator I saw this guy who looked really nice. I was thinking, ‘Ah, some good looking people work at this company. Nice.’ When I got to my designated department, I found out that same person was my team’s leader. Not only that, but he lived in the same neighborhood as me, too. So we ended up taking a car together to work and just like that, without officially asking each other out, we began dating.”
“Were you also interested in her when you first met in the elevator?”
“(Husband & Wife) It wasn’t really like that.”
“(Wife) He also gave another woman a ride.”
“(Husband) But as time went by, I started to fall for her more and more. So we continued to meet and rode home together every day.”
“(Wife) One year after I had joined the company, we both left. But we still continued to meet every single day for seven years.”

“(아내) 저희는 엘리베이터에서 만났어요. 제가 신입사원으로 회사에 첫 출근해서 엘리베이터를 탔는데 거기 되게 멋있는 사람이 있는 거예요. ‘아, 이 회사에 되게 멋있는 사람도 있구나. 괜찮다.’ 하고 있었는데 지정받은 부서로 갔더니 그 멋진 사람이 제 팀장님인 거예요. 근데 또 마침 집이 같은 동네였어요. 그래서 같이 차타고 출퇴근 하다보니 누가 사귀자 이런 얘기도 없이 사귀게 되었죠.”
“그럼 남편분도 아내분을 엘리베이터에서 처음 보셨을 때부터 눈길이 가셨어요?”
“(둘다) 그런 건 아니었어요.”
“(아내) 차에 다른 여자도 막 태워주고 그랬거든요.”
“(남편) 근데 날이 갈수록 이 사람에게 제가 더 호감이 생겼어요. 그래서 계속 만났어요. 매일 데려다 주고요.”
“(아내) 제가 입사하고 1년 뒤에 둘 다 회사를 그만 뒀는데, 그러고도 저희는 하루도 안 빼놓고 7년을 만났어요.”