Dating Obi-Wan Kenobi Would Involve...

  • Him always being super sweet
  • Him being incredibly gentle
  • Keeping your relationship a secret from the Council
  • Waking up to him cuddling you after a long mission
  • Watching him be adorable with the younglings
  • Pet names like ‘love’ or ‘my darling’ or ‘beloved’
  • Being tickled by his beard
  • Being a mother/father-figure for Anakin
  • Learning how to use a lightsaber
  • Helping him research
  • Giving him back rubs
  • Trading sarcasm with one another
  • Only rough sex when asked
  • A tad bit kinky (Beard burn ;) )
  • Teasing during sex
  • Bringing you trinkets from other systems
  • Cooking for each other (he thinks you’re the better cook, you disagree)
  • The softest kisses
  • Strolls through the Jedi Temple (little to no PDA)
  • Holding each other close at night, whispering about your future
  • Finding him on Tattooine and reminding him he couldn’t stop any of it he really didn’t deserve any of it…oh man, now I’m crying
  • Finally being together, without the guilt, since the Jedi fell along with the code
  • Helping watch over Luke by living closer in town

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Derek Hale Story (3)

You have a date.. but its not with him:

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Though Issac knows how Derek feels about you he couldn’t stop him self from developing feelings as well. You and the adorable werewolf have been getting closer now a days, you two hang out a lot. you two would go see movies and go out to eat together as friends constantly. i guess Issac needed a good chick friend to have around, and that was You. 

You had a small crush on Issac but weren’t sure if it was anything more than just that..a little crush.

You and Issac were eating at a restaurant lounge talking and laughing. you decide to play pool at the pool tables. you totally kicked his ass at the game, you were doing a happy dance while Issac just laughed at your cute weirdness.

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Issac stopped laughing and came closer to you. he looked you dead in the eyes and asked 

“will you go on a date with me?”

You were shocked, but happy at the sudden outburst he had.

“yes, yes i will lahey” you answered with a smile

Issac’s face lit up he had the biggest most adorable smile plastered on his beautiful face. You smiled at his cute expression. 

Issac to took you home and walked you to your front door. it was awkward and silent for a minute or two. but to your surprise Issac spoke and what he had said shocked you once again.

“can i kiss you goodnight?” Issac sweetly but shyly asked

A blush crept up to your cheeks and you took a deep breath in 

“yes you may” you answered 

So he did what hes been wanting to do for awhile, kiss you softly and lightly on your sweet lips. You both pull away blushing red as tomatoes.

“goodnight beautiful” Issac said to you and walking away

You waved goodbye.

you closed and locked your door going upstairs and straight to bed thinking about how you feel about Issac and how the date will go. 


Everyone was going to Derek’s like always. Issac picked you up to go there with him. You guys arrive at Derek’s and everyone else is already there. Everyone sat around talking about some new wolf business in town. you weren’t really paying attention, its not like your that helpful anyways your just human what can you do. you sat there thinking about you and Issac, how you have a small crush on him and maybe this date will make it an ever bigger crush. you were confused on how you feel, you sort of developed feelings for someone else. but Issac was so cute and sweet so why not give it a chance. you highly doubt the person you like other than Issac feels the same way anyway.  and you sure as hell ain’t going to ask him because well that’s just awkward.

A lot was running through your mind you didn’t even notice everyone stopped talking about the wolf stuff. Issac comes and sits beside you. 

“hey” he says

“huh? hi” you say fast

“you alright?” he asks

you look around the room and say “yeah i’m fine, why do you ask” turning back to face Issac. 

“you just seemed out of it, like staring into space” he chuckles

“oh no i’m fine thanks” you chuckle as well

“ so how about after this we go on that date, we can go anywhere you want?”Issac asks with that adorable smile

“sounds great” you smile at him

Issac kisses your cheek. as he does this you see Derek staring your way. and boy does he not look happy. 

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Derek’s hand turn into tight fists and he marches up his stairs bumping into stiles on thew way

“MOVE!” Derek practically yells at the poor sarcastic human being

“what the hell is his problem?” stiles asks but mainly to him self

Stiles looks around the loft at everyone and than spots you and Issac sitting very close while Issac is holding your hand resting on your thigh.

“ohh i might know” stiles mumbles 

Issac can clearly hear and looks at stiles with a guilty look on his face. 

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(gifs not mine) part 3 to the other Derek Hale story’s.




Should’ve Just Asked

A 2016 Dean/Cas Big Bang Fic

Despite their age gap and differing social circles, Castiel has struck up a warm friendship with Mary Winchester, a wealthy widowed socialite. When Castiel needs a place to stay, Mary invites him into her house, where there’s loads of spare room. Castiel’s aware that they make an odd pair, but he doesn’t fully realize how things look to outsiders, especially to Mary’s eldest son. All Dean Winchester sees is that his mom has apparently hooked up with a hot young guy (who is totally Dean’s type) and that makes things… weird.


– guys I am just giddy about this year’s DCBB … since I had the sheer, dumb, random luck to illustrate a story written by the AMAZING Annie D (scaramouche), aka no-gorms on tumblr. I’m sure you’ve read her stories – including Not Part of the Plan, Convenient Husbands, and my fave, What Has Eight Tentacles and Isn’t Allowed to Eat Pie. This new romantic comedy-of-errors fic is awesome, and her Dean and Cas characterizations are just perfect. (And Mary Winchester is so great too!) While I spent most of this DCBB season internally screaming I am not worthy, it’s been so cool to have a chance to create art to match her vision. I know you guys are going to love reading it!


Can I Do This? (Neymar imagine)


“We’re over Y/N, I don’t know how else to say it.” Neymar yelled

I glared at him, “Fine! I don’t care !” I yelled back

We held each other’s gaze for another second, before storming out of the house and into my car. Driving off, I went to my apartment and slammed the door shut.

Once I’d made it to the couch, I sat down and groaned in frustration. Staring up at the ceiling, I calmed down reminding myself that there was no need to get caught up being angry over someone as stupid and close-minded as Neymar

He wasn’t worth my time and it makes me upset at the fact that I allowed him to take up 3 years of my life.

In the midst of trying to calm myself, I felt almost like a little pinching and irritating pain on my side. And when I tried to get up and go into the kitchen, I gripped the couch to steady myself.

Once I’d gotten a little bit more control of myself,  I decided to walk but just as I was about to fall once more someone caught me. “Whoa Y/N, you alright?” Someone asked

As I looked over to see who was next to me I couldn’t because my vision was blurred. I could only shake my head slightly before I pasted out. 


Opening my eyes, I was staring at a plain white ceiling. Next to me I could hear something beeping constantly and it annoyed me, looking over I could see the monitor. Slowly my eyes drifted down to my hand seeing the needle in my hand along with the white sheets and clothing that I was now in. 

Pushing myself up, I sat up just as the door opened. “Y/N you’re up” Malcolm said coming in behind Kelsey

I looked at the two, “What happened?” I asked

Kelsey gave me a smile, “You fainted” She said

I raised an eyebrow,  “Me? I fainted?”

She nodded, “Yeah you did” 

“Ah I see you’re awake Ms. Y/L/N” The Doctor said closing the door

I looked at him, “They just said I fainted is that true?” I asked

The Doctor chuckled, “Yes, actually they brought you here saying you had fainted” He said


The Doctor made his way over to me, “The reason why you fainted is because of two much stress put on the baby” He said

“So I’m stressed?” I asked, “You can faint from stress?” 

Malcolm and Kelsey looked at me with wide eyes, “What?” I asked looking at them

“Did you hear the rest of the sentence though Y/N?” Malcolm asked

I raised an eyebrow and looked between them and the Doctor, “What am I missing?” I questioned

“The reason why you fainted is-”

Kelsey shook her head, “After that” She said

“Two much stress put on the baby?” 

Malcolm snapped his fingers, “That’s it” he said, “The baby”

“Wait the baby?” I repeated more to myself

They nodded their heads, “The baby” Kelsey repeated slowly 

I looked up at Kelsey and my eyes widened before I fainted once more. 

When I woke up again, Kelsey, Malcolm and the Doctor were staring at me. “Are you alright now?” Malcolm asked

I nodded, “I’m sorry but you did say baby correct?”

The Doctor nodded his head, “Yes I did”

The three of them backed up and I sat up, “So I’m seriously pregnant?” I asked

He nodded once again, “Yes you are 6 months to be exact” 

“Damn Y/N you’ve been hiding it pretty well” Malcolm said

I rolled my eyes, “I didn’t even know I was pregnant stupid” 

The Doctor chuckled, "Well it’s very possible some people don’t start showing till the ending of their pregnancy. Have you noticed any differences in behavior recently?“ He asked me while typing in somethings in the computer

I shook my head, "No I haven’t, I mean I still eat and drink the same amount” I said

He nodded, as he continued typing. “Well I think we’re going to run a couple more tests on you before finally releasing you” The Doctor said before smiling and walking out of the room

“You okay Y/N?” Kelsey

I looked over to her, and nodded. “I think so” I said

She placed a hand over mine, “We’ll give you some time to think about everything, we’re going to go down to the court and get you something to eat” She said

I nodded and her as Malcolm walked out the door. I sighed sitting back on the hospital bed and thought over everything all of the events that’d happened from since leaving Neymar’s.

And the only that had come to my mind after everything that I’d thought about was, Can I really do this?


W.E. Leigh

To escape the endless droll of now
I return to the droll of the past
When there were still people to make proud
And the thrill of performing, when asked
As when I walked the halls of my school
And noticed how patterns would arise
When I met somebody who was new
A muffled personage with melted eyes
Ethereal feelings; what a joy
What a thrill! To be told where to stand
And to watch your matching uniforms
Mark the grass outside the arts center
Everyone that I knew will be born
More times than my mind can decipher
Maybe it’s nice to think of a time
When I was constantly unlearning
Finding truth that would be only mine
Now I find joy in the thoughts you bring

Over years and years
Time has gone by.
But it seems i have grown
So i can survive.

But still one thing is left
That i can’t ignore
A piece of the past
so small and pure

A want that was asked
A want never responded
To think i was in love
with a child like that.

Just one last thing
And then we are through
But no need to worry Honey,
It was never about you.

Peter Pan Imagine Request Pt. 2/ The Vow

“”The vow part two? Xx””

Part 1 –>

Warnings: Cussing, depression, 

You ran out of the cabin and Felix followed you.

“Y/n, Y/n, Y/n!” Felix yelled as he grabbed your arm, you flinched away from him.

“Y/n he hit his head maybe there was something that triggered some type of memory loss.”

“Is this permanent?! Why doesn’t he remember me?” your eyes are now filled with tears.

“I-I don’t know I wish I knew but just please calm down” Felix tried to rub your back but you walked away next to a tree.

You paced back and forth, fidgeting with your fingers, and tears falling,you then put your back against the tree and slide down, and you started to cry.

Will Peter ever remember? Will he remember all the memories you shared, the laughs you had? The inside jokes , the kisses he gave you, the little arguments you had that meant nothing by the end of the night, the morning walks, the love that you made, will he remember the vow that he made to you? All these thoughts were running through your mind, as you softly cry into the night sky, nothing mattered anymore, all you cared about was Peter, he was all you ever cared about, now he doesn’t even remember your name.

You were awaken by tall, skinny, soft, but somehow rough fingers, it was Peter.

You woke up shocked, and had an un easy feeling in your stomach,hoping he’d remember who you were, or hoping this was all a sick twisted joke.

“H-hi.” you stuttered not knowing what to say.

“Hey.” he said, unsure on what to say himself. “What are you doing here?” he asked , you fell asleep at the tree you were crying at all night.

“I was sleeping.” you said.

“Oh, uhm, I’m quite hungry, Felix said you’re a wonderful cook.”

You smile, “Indeed I am.”

You guys head to the kitchen and you start to make him his favorite soup, while he sat on one of the desk just watching you.

“So let me get this right” he said

“Okay?” you nodded as you put a couple ingredients into the pot.

“We’re married? And I have amazing hair.”

You giggled at that.

You made his soup he was grateful for it, you guys small talked until all his soup was gone, he then said he felt a little dizzy,  the lost boy who was in med said that when he would complain about his head to let him sleep, so you did just that. You walked him to your cabin, but you did not go in with him.

Later that night 

“I just don’t get it.” you said to Felix

“I think it could be a good thing.” he said

“What ? How?”” you said,

“Think of it as a new beginning, a new way to love him again.”

“I ALREADY LOVE HIM! HE doesn’t love ME!” you yell at Felix. “What if he doesn’t remember me? Then what?” you say as you get quieter.

“He’s gonna remember you, he’s gotta, we’re all family, the lost boys, and he’s king, and you’re his queen. Trust me, he’ll remember.” he says as he rubs your back.

“The best thing for Peter to do right now is go back to his normal routine, hanging with the lost boys, with you, sitting at the campfire, telling stories, the usual.” An older lost boy in med said.

“Okay, so that’s easy, the usual.” you say to yourself.

The next morning you all tried to act normal, it was so hard, not sleeping next to Peter has been the most hardest, he would always grab you and pull you in closer in the middle of the night, he craved you, it was like he couldn’t get enough, it killed you that you couldn’t lay next to him, he was your husband, he still is your husband, and you couldn’t even hug him.

Peter wakes up and looks in the mirror, he rubs his face, he takes off his shirt and see’s little hickeys all over his chest,”Oh!” he cocks a brow “Well then.” He continues to change his shirt, and puts on his regular clothes, he did nothing to hair, but run his fingers through it, he brushed his teeth and slowly made his way outside, all of you were waiting by his door.

“Good morning Peter!” you all yelled.

“Ahh!” he screamed , a little scared and jumpy.

All the lost boys ran up to him and started asking random questions, such as:

“How ya feeling?”

“Are ya hungry?”

“Wanna play a game?”

“Can we all play a game?”

“Do you remember everything know?”

“How’s ya head?”

He ran back into the cabin and slammed the door, he started breathing heavy.


“Way to go at being normal you guys.” Felix said.

You got the courage to open the door, he sat there, looking at your things actually, your books, clothes, and other belongings.

You go and stand next to him.

“Sorry about that, I know this is a lot.” you say

“No, a lot would be living with a couple of boys and a girl I don’t know, a lot would be married to you and not know who you were, but back there, with a a bunch of boys pulling on me, yelling in my ear, climbing all over me, that was bullshit.”

“I-I’m sorry Peter.” you put your head down.

“Just please, get out, I need time to think.”

You nod your head, as tears start to form in your tear ducks.

Little did you know that Peter ran his fingers through his hair, and a tear ran down his face, he wanted to know, wanted to remember,he wanted everything to go back to normal.

Later that day Peter went outside and saw you sitting by the campfire, all the other boys were out exploring.

He sat down next to you, you were shocked, happy, and nervous all at once.

“So, what do I do on a daily bases?” 

“Well, we get up together, you usually kiss my forehead, and tell me good morning, and then we lay in bed for an other 15 to 20 minutes, and then we usually say who should shower first, but it’s always me, then you get mad because I take all the hot water.”

Peter giggles at that, “Go on.” he tells you.

“Then you take a shower, after you get dressed, and you go to your best friend Felix and discuss things going on in Neverland, you know the normal, and we play games, we tell stories at the bonfire, your favorite thing to do is to play games, you love games.”

“Do i?” he says as he cocks a brow.

“Indeed you do , they’re your favorite.” you smile.

“So when did we get married?” he asked

“Not even a year ago, it was very recent Peter.”

“What was that like?” he asked

“It was the most beautiful, amazing, self less, caring, nicest wedding you could ever give me. you made it all about me, even though it was our wedding.” your eyes started to water.

“Look, maybe I’ll remember everything tomorrow, maybe I won’t, but right now, I need to know as much as possible, so I need you to tell me as much as you can, if that’s okay, if it’s too hard, I’ll understand.”

“It’s fine.” you wipe your tears away and start to tell him all about you two, your dates, your happy moments, your sad moments, your arguments, everything, he just watched and nodded, he seemed very interested, and he looked like he wanted to know more, you spent that night talking to Peter, hoping he would get his memory back, the more you talked, the more he knew, but you just wanted him to remember, you missed him, you needed him, emotionally and physically. 

That night Peter went to sleep with an open mind, thinking about you, and the lost boys, he felt bad for you, but he just didn’t love you.

You walked up to Felix sat next to him, he was at the bonfire.

“So any more ideas?” you ask.

“What turns him on?” he asked

As you sip your water you cough it back up. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me, what turns him on?” he asked

“Why do you ask?” you say

“Just tell me.” he says.

“He likes kisses on his neck.”

“Kisses?” he asked

“SHUT UP!” you say turning red

“Well why don’t you do that?” he asked

“Kiss him on his neck?” you asked confused

“Yeah why not? It may bring back some memories.”

“Well okay.” you say as you shrug your shoulders.

You walk to your cabin, and saw Peter lay on your bed, he looked so peaceful.

You walked to your bed and got on top of Peter, you ran your fingers through his hair, and you started to kiss his neck, he filched right away.

“What are you doing?! he yelled

“I-I” you just run and head to the door.

“Wait , was that like one of our things?” he asked

“Yeah, but it’s fine I’m sorry, so so sorry.”

“The hell did you think that would help ?” he asked

“Look, I am trying to help! But you can not be mad at me for trying, I’m sorry I scared you but I was just trying to bring your memories back!” you say back.

Peter look down and ashamed of himself for yelling at you like that.

“You act like this isn’t hard for me too Peter.” you walk out of the cabin and sit at the door.

“He’s never going to love me.” you say as you start to cry.

Peter heard you, he just sat on the bed, he heard your tears, but what could he do? He felt helpless, useless, and numb. He just wanted to remember again.

The next day seemed dull, and everybody felt it, it was sad, everybody seemed low and not very happy.

Felix walked over to you , “Look, our home, Neverland is at stake, if Pan is sad, we are sad, and the island is sad. We need you to brighten up Neverland again.”

“I can’t Felix,I know that Peter made me queen of Neverland, but I need him to fall in love with me again, that, that right there will make everything and everyone happy.” You got up and walked to Peter.

“Come on.” you said as your grabbed his arm.

“What uh come where?” he asked

“You’l see.” you smile.

Peter just looked at you curiously.

You guys got to the lake, “What are we doing here?” Peter asked

“It’s tradition.” you say.

“What is? Do we like go fishing or something?” he asked

“Nope.” you take off your shirt and pants.

Peter’s eyes open wide and quickly covers his eyes.

“Don’t worry it’s a bathing suit, I brought your trunks as well.”

“Why do we jump in the lake?” he asked

“Because, it was the first thing you ever challenged me to, and I did it, so it’s kinda just stuck with us.”

“But it’s freezing cold.” he said

“Oh , are you scared?“

“Oh nonsense, Peter Pan never fails.” he says as he takes off his clothes and jumps in the lake.

You run after him and jump in as well, he grabs you and dumps you in so all your body is in and you wrap your legs around him screaming, you both are laughing your heads off even in the freezing water.

“Cold cold cold cold!” you say as you run out of the lake, and Peter follows.

You both are in the cabin and go to the bed and cover yourself in blankets , laughing still.

“I can’t feel my fingers.” Peter says.

You grab his hands and start to breath hot air on them, he then took away his hands and ran his fingers through your hair. He grabbed your chin with the tip of his finger and brings your lips closer to his.

You make the next move and attach your lips to his, he kisses you back, and you both get butterflies, you couldn’t help but smile, you missed his pink plump lips, he wrapped his arms around you, and you lightly tugged his hair. This continued for a couple minutes, you guys clearly craved each other, but Peter stopped.

“What’s wrong?” you asked

“This, is nice, but this is as far as it should go, for now at least.” he smiled

You nodded, smiling as well.

“I love you.” you told him.

Peter looked at you, and he laughed awkwardly, and scratched his hair.

“I-I, don’t know what to say Y/n.” he said.

“You don’t need to.” you smile and walk out the door.

“Good night Peter, sweet dreams.” you say

He just smiles back “Sweet dreams Y/n.”

The next day you and Felix are talking 

“It’s like how it was all before, it’s like nothing ever changed! It was obvious, we still love each other.”  you say.

“Did you say I love you?”” Felix said

“Well, yes.” you say

“Did he say it back?” he asked

“Well no.” you say


“Listen, he is my everything, but I have to be realistic, his memory is never coming back, it’s almost been a month,he may never love me ever again but I’m going to love him dammit, no matter what I will always love him .”

“Ahem.” Peter coughs and Felix leaves the area.

“I’m sorry, for last night, and everything else, I can’t imagine what you’re going through, but I can’t just fall in love with you in one night, and I’m sorry.”

“It’s Fine Peter, let’s just come to reality, you’re not getting your memory back, and that’s okay.” you start to walk away.

“Y/n, wait, I hope that one day I can love you as much as you love me.” Peter said.

“You did it once, you can figure it out.”  you said as you kept walking.

You stood up all night, reading, writing, drawing, pretty much anything you could to keep your mind off of Peter, but of course nothing worked, you were deeply in love with him, and how could you not? He was, and still is your husband.

“He doesn’t love me.” you would say through out the night, randomly, reminding yourself of what sick twisted world you’re in.

The next day 

You’re walking around Neverland , admiring the nature, the scents, and everything else this place has to offer.

Peter is in your cabin looking at things, playing, and just pretty much making a mess with things, until he stumbles upon a letter. It’s his letter, to you, no , wait, it’s his vows, the vows he said to on your wedding day.

He the runs to you and finds you by the lake you two once were, you get up, and look at him, wondering what he was doing.

“Thank you.” he said.

“For?” you asked

“For trying not to change me, and letting me try to find myself, “

“I just want you to be happy.” you say

“I may not have my memory back, but that’s okay, because I still get butterflies in my stomach when I see you, I still get light headed whenever we kiss, I think about you every night, and every morning, you are my wife Y/n, and I’m going to learn how to love you as much as you love me, because there’s no one else I’d rather be with, than you.”

You just cried , “Oh Peter.” you wrapped your arms around him and kissed him so passionately, he kissed back , wrapping his arms around your waist pulling you in closer just like old times.

“No matter what, you’re still my lost girl, and this might take a while, but I will love you again, Peter Pan never fails.” Peter says.


Running through the woods all I thought was blood…blood…more…blood. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. All I knew was that I always woke up in the woods half naked, freezing cold, and I was terrified. Every day I questioned myself, did I kill someone, could I have had blood on my hands right then, could someone find out and I could be convicted of murder? The affected me emotionally, I mean…damn it. I was too scared to ask for anyone’s help.

Then there was one night, where I was completely defined, to who I actually was, to how much of a monster I was.

I was running through the woods and it was the same as those other nights; blood. I was running and running and then I came across something, or should say…someone. Actually, it was more than one person, it was a group, or was it a pack? But I didn’t care; I barged right through that group.

“What the-!”  Liam threw himself to the right of me.

“Oh my god!” Stiles grabbed Lydia and they threw themselves to the left of me.

“Watch out!” Scott yelled as he got hit by me.

Scott fell to the ground with a long cut around his waist.

“Jesus,” he said and the pack all walked up to each other they all looked at Scott.

“Sooooo, what’s the plan, Scott?” Liam asked and he crossed his arms.

“We find that thing.” He said.

“Actually,” he added, “I’m going to go find it.” He said and ran through the woods until all of the pack can’t see him.

Stiles threw his arms in the air and rolled his eyes.

Lydia looked at Stiles and kissed his cheek as she took a hold of his hand; she squeezed it softly.

“Scott will be okay, Stiles.” She said and he held her close.

“Are you cold at all?” He asked Lydia.                                      

Liam looked at the both of them and snorted while he rolled his eyes and turned the other way. He missed Hayden, she couldn’t make it, and she had a family meeting.

But, now that he thought about it, he was glad that she wasn’t there…he wanted her to be safe.

Malia felt Theo wrap his arm around her waist and he held her close. She raised an eyebrow and then jerked him off.

“What the hell are you doing here?” She asked.

“Scott gave me a call only a few minutes ago to have me watch over you guys.” He smirked.

Liam gave him the dead eye. “I think that would be my job.”

“Oh stop playing tough guy,” Theo said.

Scott was looking left and right through the trees as he felt the cold air push against his body. He was determined to find that beast because he couldn’t let it get near his pack again, or near anyone at all.

Instead of hearing growls, all he heard was whimpering and crying. Scott heard it to his right and he headed that way. Once he reached the center of the whimpering and crying, all he saw was me. The girl he always studied with in the school library, the girl he always invited to sit with him and the pack for lunch, and one time he even invited me to his house to hang out and talk in his bedroom. Eventually he confessed about him being a werewolf and explained about the pack. Then when I got into an awful fight with my father, Scott picked me and we hung out on his roof for who knows how long. And, maybe after a couple hours on the roof, he decided to turn my head around by my chin, and he kissed me.

The kiss was soft and slow, and his lips were very soft and smooth. The kiss tasted of cinnamon and I eventually ran my fingers through his hair and he wrapped his arms around my waist. Soon after that I eventually ended up being under him and kiss after kiss, my perception on life got brighter and brighter. I wanted that moment to never end. But it had to end. I felt that disgusting urge again; the want of blood, and I didn’t want it to be Scott’s.

Scott slowly approached me as I was exposed in my bra and panties. “Y/N…?” He asked

A few more tears fell from me eyes and I looked up at him; shaking furiously.

I nodded, I was too scared to stand up and get close to him. He walked towards me and I slowly scooted away.

“No, Scott, you need to get out of here. I don’t want to turn into a monster again, I could possibly kill you!”

“I’m not leaving without you. You’re coming back to town with the pack and I, you can stay at my house, my mom won’t mind.” He said. I finally broke and nodded my head; I agreed with him.

Scott handed me one of his shirts and he closed his curtains so nobody could see me change. Last time I had to change around him, he turned around. This time I didn’t want him to turn around. Once he turned around I grabbed his shoulder and turned him back around so that he could look at me. I stood close to him and I held his soft, warm hand.

“I want you to see me.” I said and he looked down at me with soft eyes. His mouth was slightly open and he nodded his head slowly, even though he hesitated for about 5 seconds. I lifted my shirt over my head and I threw it to the floor, Scott swallowed as he saw the top of my breasts and he coughed in his throat quietly. I pulled his shirt down my body and I wrapped my arms around me. I didn’t look at him; I looked everywhere that didn’t include his eyes. But, I could feel him staring at me.

I lifted my head up by my chin so I was forced to look into his eyes.

“God, I love you…” He said.

My eyes widened and he pushed his lips to mine and cupped my face.

The kiss broke and I held his wrist.

“I love you too…”

Drunk and Disorderly

ligeiia requested “You broke into my apartment drunk thinking it was your friend’s house and I should call the cops but my cat kinda likes you so we’re good” AU 

For Laura, la loca mas linda de todas. I took a couple of liberties with this one… but you know me, I always do.

Drunk and disorderly

Late night insomnia had been a regular companion in his life for the past few years. Ever since the accident, the phantom pain and the memories would sometimes keep him up at night. So he laid there in his couch, watching some mindless program on the television, while Scoundrel would snuggle on his chest, softly snoring and purring. It wasn’t sleep, but at least he could relax into the soft fur of the animal and find some resemblance of rest.

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Typing: part 9 - the chatroom!Ladynoir AU that nobody asked for

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / FIN

A Chat room AU where “Miraculous Ladybug” and “Chat Noir” were online handles for a language website. Adrien, a boy living in France, was looking for some extra help with his Chinese Language homework and Marinette, a girl living in China, wanted an opportunity to practice her father’s native tongue. They ended up becoming study partners and best friends through their chat exchanges. And then Marinette moves to Paris, and feelings come to a head.

Here is the link for AO3 

Special thanks to @landofbeachviewsandgentlerain for beta-ing despite troublesome internet and catching my error

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