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Au where Patroclus is a photographer and he's always taking pictures of his gorgeous boyfriend Achilles and their apartment is full of pictures of Achilles posing for him in various places, then one day he finds a box full of candid pictures of himself Achilles took of him without him noticing and he realizes Achilles finds him as beautiful as he finds Achilles

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Where has Bree's lack of uhh, booksmart, real world knowledge/experience/intelligence hurt her in her travels and caused her to make poor/wrong decisions regarding something? Being the Warden I wouldn't think it was any major major decision because to defeat the blight literally everything had to go as well as possible to prevent (a terrible apocalypse), but um... yeah. :o

How could I resist referencing Arrested Development??

As a Circle Mage, Bree was surprisingly spoilt and purposefully ignorant–I mean this in the sense that it would not be in the Templars’ interest to educate their mages in how to be self-reliant.  Keeping mages ignorant means that they stick out like a sore thumb in the event that they escape the Circle.  This meant that Bree’s lack of booksmarts and her lack of real world experience was a major underlying handicap throughout her entire adventure.  I’ve elaborated further below the cut.

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Tony is dating a vampire; Loki. Loki desperately loves and wants to bite/claim Tony and make him immortal but he has to keep stopping himself for fear of Tony running away screaming over what he is. Tony is a genius however and Loki hasn't been fooling anyone for months. Tony also WANTS to be bitten and keeps putting himself in situations to test and break Loki's self-control. It takes a long time for Loki to cotton on to what his mischievous, asshole boyfriend has been up to.