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"Lex? Xig asked me to ask you somethin' cause he said you'd know what it is." the cub began as he sat at the Nobody's feet. "What's a bara and what's it gotta do with cake?"

He’s going to kill Xigbar later–

“You really shouldn’t listen to Xigbar. He tends to talk a lot without any meaning. A ‘bara’ doesn’t have anything at all to do with cake, but cake is something you might enjoy…”

He huffs quietly as he sits down and brushes off one boot. “It’s a treat, one you can make out of a variety of things. Usually it’s made with sugars and pastry, but I think for a carnivore like you we can do a little better.”

Ground fowl and beef, perhaps, topped with fish. Simba is a cat after all.

“If you would like to try one that is. It wouldn’t be that hard to arrange.”

“it’s a beautiful day outside, birds are singing, flowers are blooming. on days like these, kids like you… should sit inside and play videogames all day. (*^-°)”  [x]

Seven Years || Sebastian Stan

Relationship: Sebastian Stan x AU!Reader

Summary: Sebastian has always been a small part of your life, coming and going every few years. After the countless nights you’d spend together you’d fall more and more for him every time, tonight it no exception. 

Warnings: mild angst, fluff, drinking, age gap (but it’s like a five year one), smut (18+)

Word Count: 2400 words 

A/N: I just wanna apologise for my lack of posting but I started uni a couple weeks ago and it’s been my number one priority and it’s been a lot more hectic than I thought it would be so I will try to post as much as I can I promise and I’m so sorry again! xx

I also used this picture from TIFF as inspiration and I’m super angry that as a Torontonian I have not met him

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Yoi Shrek AU where Victor is Shrek and Yuuri is Fiona

so phichit is donkey but real talk who’s the dragon

i had the urge to make this last night and this ones called : it’s 2am and my life is a mess but i miss tom holland’s curls a lot and all i want is to run my fingers through his hair and see how soft and fluffy it is but he doesn't even know i exist so i’m just going to cry in corner a now bye

@hufflepuffholland ,, (i dont think anyone cares 😹 but if anyone else want to be tagged whenever i post a moodboard, flick me an ask or somethin! :-)

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Chow was most definitely The Cute One of the dark hand enforcers…

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Forbidden Ecstasy - Chapter Three

Pairing: NeganxReader

Chapter Warnings: swearing (Negan style), mentions of rape (again very little), maybe some angst?, and finally the moment you’ve all been waiting for… *drum roll* P IN V LADIES AND GENTS. P. IN. V. ENJOY.

Chapter Summary: Negan deals with a problematic Savior. Meanwhile, we learn some shocking news from the reader.

Word Count: 2,343

A/N: Woooooooooooooow okay so this one ruined me yep pretty sure im dead i have no pulse. It’s weird how this worked out. It just kinda fell into place lol. I used a couple lines from the show bc they just fit. Thank you for all your support with this series! I hope you guys enjoy :* 
A/N2: Lemme know what you guys thought! :) Requests are open

Chapter One
Chapter Two

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ive been getting a lot of new followers lately so im gonna go ahead and introduce myself?
my name is vile, im a trans dude, and i draw goofy lookin things
i will draw you a goofy lookin thing if you ask [and im not being lazy that day]


((aaaaaaaaaa!! 💕 Holy crap! I-I didn’t think many people would even notice my lil blog and such! OOHhh wowzas!!!! T-This made my heart melt- so many of ya lovely people followin me ;a weird bean- aaaaa!! I’m so heckin happy!!! Thank y'all so muCH!! 💖))