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what are some tips/advice u would give to an incoming college freshman?

tips for incoming college freshman

hello, anon! i’m so sorry about this extremely late post but if you see this, i hope this helps or at least lets you know i didn’t forget about this post :’) (also im sorry about the rambling i do in this post rip)

so you’re starting college, what are some things you can get ready for?

  • go to orientation
    • i can’t stress enough how much you should go to orientation!!! the key thing about orientation, other than getting to know that resources are around campus / the campus, is getting to know everyone else. 
    • college is made so much better with friends, and orientation is a great way to get to know people and make friends right off the bat. i know a lot of people can get antsy or nervous because it’s an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people, but it only takes one sentence to start a conversation that might lead to a lifelong friendship! 
    • a quick tip for how to start a conversation if you’re shy:
      • make eye contact with someone 
      • immediately smile (or wave if ur feelin adventurous)
      • if they’re somewhere close, like less than 3-5 steps away, try and walk over to them and introduce yourself!
      • ways to start the convo:
        • “hi, my name is ____, how are you?”
        • “hey, my name is ______. i’m majoring in _______, what about you?”
        • “so how’s everything going for you so far?”
    • ya idk where i was going with this point, just go to orientation, get to know your way around and get to know people!!!
  • get to know your residence hall + people in your major
    • i cannot stress this enough omg
    • the quickest and more surefire way to make friends is to get to know your hall / your floor / people in your class. 
    • there will be activities that you can attend (esp as a freshie, maybe even as a hall). definitely go, even if you’re not that hype about large groups of people. 
      • you definitely should go to the first couple of events, at least, because that’s how you’ll get to know people, and it’s also how people will know you. 
      • from personal experience, i went out of my way at the beginning of the year to get to know every single person in my res hall, no matter who they were, regardless of anything. that was the best thing i could’ve done, like, ever. 
    • so definitely get to know peeps (esp in ur hall / people you’ll see often bc that’ll help you in the long run too!!)
  • get on that study / time management!
    • you can set up a schedule if you like but time management is absolutely key. you’re going to need to manage your time well, because your workload is going to be more than back in high school, but you will spend less time in class than you did before, and i know that that can very serious mess up your schedule.
    • find a quiet place on campus to study, you don’t have to go there all the time, but it’ll be a good place to retreat if you need a place to study / if you need quiet time. 
  • go to class!!!!!
    • just, idk. you’ve heard this a million times. go to class. you can skip a couple, but overall, go to class, even if it feels like it’s too hard to get up, etc etc. 
    • go to class.
  • stay healthy
    • eat stuff, thee meals if possible, two if not. just make sure you take care of yourself, okay!
  • campus
    • get to know where the important places are on campus!
      • health services
      • cafeteria
      • library
      • office of financial aid / business office
      • career services
      • anywhere else you think might be important
  • extracurriculars
    • you should definitely get involved in stuff on campus!
    • you don’t need to get involved with too much, because that can definitely lead to burnout, but see what clubs or organizations there are, look at greek life maybe, see if there are any service clubs to join, and just try things out and see what you like!

um idk what else there is, really, but if you have any other questions, please feel free to leave me an ask (i promise i’ll answer asap) or message me! hope this was helpful (a lot of this was me rambling on and on, haha), love!


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Hi emma. So sorry if this was asked before but can you give me a list of apps for phone that can be useful in my studies?? Thank you so much and sorry to bother you.

Hey! This is an updated version of my old post on apps - I’ll probably upload this as a new post though. I’ll * my few faves.



Note taking



Mental health, self care and safety

Health and fitness


Hope this helps! x

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Make me believe in Camren again. 😭😢

Remember the friendship.

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Remember the dorky moments.

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Remember the stares.

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Remember the synchronicity.

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Remember their little bubbles.

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Remember the hugs.

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Remember when Lauren always laughs at Camila’s jokes.

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Remember when they just feel proud of each other.

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Remember witnessing them.

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You just have to remember.

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So I gotta ask - what kind of awesome stuff are you currently working on? :D

There’s been so many things oh mah gawddd 

There’s working for Ducktales which has been amazing so far. I’m REALLLLLYYY fucking close to finishing the Samurai Bravo Fanbook I CAN TASTE ITTT GAHHHHH!!!! And there’s this cartoon pitch i’ve been working over the few months inspired by the Don Rosa “Uncle Scrooge & Donald Duck” comics (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED). The pitch is a combination of EVERYTHING i want to see in a cartoon right now so i’ve been working really hard on it to make that dream come true! I’m really pumped about it! So hopefully i can get it done soon so i can show you guys why i’ve disappeared over the months haha (sorry…)

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Can u link some links down below for your Etsy printable about study notes and planners

Hey! Here is the majority of the things I have - most come in A4, A5 and letter sizes with Monday or Sunday start options:



Financial planners


There are a few additional one in terms of 2018 calendars, daily/weekly/monthly planners but I didn’t want to overload with links :-) Hopefully, there are some here you like! If you did consider purchasing something, please use ‘student10′ at the checkout for 10% off your purchase!! xx

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Hi emma do i how to fight depression and have motivation

Hi! I haven’t had any experience with depression so I don’t have any personal tips to share and don’t want to offer advice that isn’t tried and tested. Instead, I’ll link a few posts by people who know what is involved:

But here are a few apps that might help:

Additionally, here are a few motivation post:

I hope this helps! All the best xx

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whats ur favourite SamCait moment and why? and worse moment?

Oh man, Anon. OH. MAN. I lovehate this question. How can you do this to me?! Picking favorites for me is near IMPOSSIBLE and now you want me to choose a fav SamCait moment?? UGH. Fine. If that means I have to stare at my SC folder for hours to decide, so be it 😜

As per usual when people ask me to pick favorites, I’mma break the rules. So here are my top 5 favorite moments (I mean, even this was difficult to narrow down to and I changed my mind like 10 times, so you can’t blame me xD).

1) “So proud of this man..!!” - LA Marathon Selfie

Maybe it’s because personally as a runner I could never imagine after all that training and having set a goal pace and time for myself, that I would then break stride for this long to take a selfie and chat and whatever else they did for even a 5k run. SO COME ON. Who stops in the middle of a marathon?? Sam Heughan, that’s who! And I LOVE the fact that Caitriona waited out there for him with a homemade sign around her neck (even if she tried to play it off later that she only thought to go out to support him at the last minute xD). I could just imagine how loudly she was cheering for him as he went by. This moment was just all sorts of squee-worthy!

2) “Is it weird to say we watched it together?” - Access Hollywood

Oh, you know. Just watching The Wedding episode. Drunkenly. With wine. Together. Even if it weren’t for this fact alone (which I’m STILL screaming about, let’s be honest), just look at their reaction when the interviewer asks them about it. Caitriona giggling like a mad woman and blushing like she’s just been caught red-handed at something. And Sam looking like he wanted to get caught on this fact. I wish I could download this vid and make a gifset because stills just don’t do this moment justice. I will never not smile like an idiot watching this interview xD And thanks to them livetweeting The Reckoning, we know what their (more G-rated) TV watching looks like…

3) The Random 👅 Moment from SDCC 2014

That man will do anything to make that woman laugh. He’s proudly admitted it. We’ve seen endless proof of it. But it could not have been more evident than in this moment from SDCC that has always been one stuck in my mind as one of the all time great SC moments. Sam was in the middle of answering a fan’s question (about letting J x C’s relationship grow organically) and he just turns to Caitriona – who is already smiling at him on the brink of The Giggles – and sticks out his tongue at her to push her over the edge. For absolutely no reason other than BECAUSE 👏 HE 👏 CAN 👏👏👏 Then he finishes his answer with the most self-satisfied smile. I also love that after he finishes he turns back to her again and she nods encouragingly.

4) Pre-Red Carpet 2016 Golden Globes 

I believe it was the SoCal Outlanders that captured this incredible moment and I will forever be grateful to them for that. Just look at Caitriona’s bashful expression here. Sam is obviously complimenting her and you’d think that she – a former model with international success – had never been called beautiful in her life! And Sam looking as if Caitriona invented wearing haute couture. This is just such an endearing little moment that, to me, is almost more telling than any big gesture would be. In a sea of people they are the only two that exist. How beautiful is that?

5) You, Me, and Eddie Makes Three - ECCC Announcement

I know I’m not the only one who squeed out loud when Sam’s video announcing ECCC suddenly turned into him, Caitriona, and EDDIE announcing the event together! It’s always lovely getting to see that sassy little fat pudding anyway, but to see her with Sam and Caitriona in the makeup trailer?? Too perfect! (someone give me bonus points for not saying “purrfect” like I wanted to please and thank you xD) For all that they talk about that cat, I never thought we’d get to see SamCait with her like this – Like it’s the most normal thing in the world! Like a proud little family 😻💜

So there you have it, my top 5 favorite SC moments! I know you have that second part of your ask. But, I’m sorry, I’m not going to answer it. Because 1) I’m about #AccentuatingThePositive, not dwelling on the negative and 2) well, you could probably already guess anyway. Besides, there really is so much goodness to be had, who even has time for those other moments? 😉

Thank you kindly for the fun ask, Anon!

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You know what i want to see? Lance just, explode with emotion. Not when he sees his family, but when he's just overlooked again, like he's just the goofball and nobody needs to look at him. I want him to be so, fucking done. I want him to cry and scream and just let all of his emotions out. I want him to not be okay, because he isnt but has been holding it in for so, so long. And i want everyone to look at him, not knowing what to do bc he only 'makes jokes'.

1 - Yes please ; his arc and insecurities came back Full Frikin force in s6 i feel, and we had him in real full tears in the end, i don’t think that anodine ; i mean, he legit cried, dramatically !! And like, hehhh i feel like it’s a thing ? Anyways this baby has real emotions inside i love him

2 - I think he’s not that overlooked ? Like, yeah sure pidge and hunk make fun of him (which is weird bc like, the fanfic made me think they were besties ride or die, but in canon… Not so much ? Not so much…) and hes a goofball but when keith was in the black lion far away, lance was very much leading and he did so other times ! Kuron snapped at him tho, and lotor kinda ridiculoused him but, i think we’re being a little hard sometimes ?

3 - that being said, yeh, if i dont watch my language hes got like 5 support lines and stuff but ?? but most importantly he got a big fat crush and i cant tell if its gonna be reciprocated or not, allurance was a mood this season but then not either ?? IDK anon i dont know what to think

4- if he snaps i snap and i really would like it to happend ; this boy got thrown into war when he wanted to hit the town, meet some girls and have a nice time please let him burst into anger like Keith or Pidge used to because he hasnt been angry ; we’ve seen in sad or furious against injustice, but never just plain angry like ‘fuck this, i’m tired ?” and i really wish it’s gonna play out because as much as it could go slow, he’s not compeltely over the ‘im not meant to be a paladin’ thing and

5 - He nearly died ? Like, thats a thign ??, he died ??? wheres my trauma ?

6 - i tried anon, i really tried but angsty stuff is difficult

7 - if theres a line that goes like “Oh, now you wanna listen ? Now you’re asking me what’s wrong?” i swear i riot 

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I’m starting university in September and I’m really nervous about it all, do you have any tips about studying/how to make the best of it?

Hey! Nerves are suppper normal so don’t worry about having them! Preparation is key I think! Here are a few links that might help:

Printables! A super easy way to organise for your classes:

  • 2018 student planner - includes loads of student-related printables (study, finance, etc) and undated daily, weekly and monthly planners.
  • ultimate student organiser - 47 pages of printables to organise your upcoming semester! Covers things like your individual classes, reading schedule, essay planner, etc.
  • college packing list - not necessary if you’re still living at home, but if you’re moving into a dorm this might be beneficial for making sure you remember everything!
  • curve of forgetting planner - a simple way to mark off topics in each subject and make sure you’re revising them regularly.
  • grade and assessment planner - it is always important to track how your grades are doing and this is a quick way to do so. Also, should make find problem areas relatively simple!!
  • student financial planner - an easy way to monitor your spending, set a budget and reach savings goals!
  • student reading journal - great if you have a lot of required readings each week!

Additional links:

But also, here are my top study + organisation  habits to implement as you start:

  • write down dates as soon as you get them - this applies for romantic dates and due dates ;-) Once you know when something is coming up, put it in. I’d recommend putting in reminders each week so you don’t forget. Make sure you keep these in view!!!
  • read material before hand - I think most classes do usually recommend this but if you don’t, you should! Even if it is just a skim over to see the key information. It helps make the class easier to understand if you’ve got an idea!
  • use a colour code - I find this such a useful tool and I’d recommend it to everyone. It doesn’t have to be super detailed or complicated but just enough to easily pull out the more important information.
  • create a format/layout for your notes - I use the outline method because I find it the easiest and most effective for me. Here is an brief explanation of mine.
  • review your notes regularly - like you’ve said, you should be reviewing notes every now and then. Follow the curve of forgetting and reread them after class, 24 hours later, a week and month later. If you’re making a habit of this, you’ll retain more information and need less time to study prior to finals.
  • create a routine - try develop a time to do things like work after class, studying, self care and your hobbies! If you can devise a flexible routine, you’ll improve your disciple and help feel more organised in general.
  • keep your notes and laptop organised - date and name everything properly!!! Avoid getting lazy because it just spirals and gets even messier hah! You don’t have to be do it all the time but try on a Friday or Sunday to fix up the week and plan for the next one.
  • use productivity apps - these are so helpful, I cannot stress that enough! I love the app ‘Forest’ for keeping me off my phone and focused. Here are some apps to try.
  • plan as much as you can - for big assessments this is key! I will also spend a few hours drafting up what I want to include in it. Sometimes I’ll spend a day (not a full day, just part of it) planning it out, finding my references, my main points, evidence and then breaking up the structure and word count. Then I’ll go back either the day later or a few days and start working. It makes tackling assessments much less stressful if you’ve prepped beforehand. You can watch me doing my assessment (planning/drafting/writing) on my YouTube.
  • make study notes/revision notes throughout the semester - as you finish a topic, make some type of study notes. This could be flashcards, proper notes, a mind map or summary powerpoint! With textbooks, summarise each chapter on a flashcard or post-it note once you’ve read it. Then when you come back to reviewing at the end, you’ve got everything in your own terms anyway.
  • try to study in a productive place - avoid using your bed for proper study. Reviewing notes prior to sleeping is fine but don’t make actual studying a habit. Keep your bed a place of rest and relaxation.
  • learn to remove distractions and stop procrastinating - have a read of this post on limiting distractions and this post on dealing with procrastinating.
  • practice simple budgeting tips - obviously, student life means dealing more with your own finances. Here are some tips! 

Hope this helps! Good luck xxxx

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That MarieClare gif/interview... I love how Cait was authentically taken by surprise at Sam’s rant, obviously never a topic of conversation before. The complete shock on her face when he starts and then her frustrated ‘fine, I’ll listen to your rant’ face she makes while tapping the paddle on her leg. A priceless interview along with the others that happened that day. Thanks.

Hi there, Anon!

I definitely agree with you, this wasn’t an argument Caitriona expected to be brought up right at that moment. But it clearly was something Sam had thought about – A LOT 😂😂😂

I honestly don’t even think he expected to bring it up either, though? Which is why he looked almost abashed afterward while she was giving him the “you’re so going to pay for this later” look xD

Really, that entire Mr. and Mrs. interview is worth a second look… It’s one of my favorites!

It also reminds me of the Agony Aunts interview, where the question about your significant other going to the gym comes up (2:02) and Sam is eager to jump in and answer it before Caitriona does… Made it sound like something they’ve discussed before…

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Nr. 53 with Peter parker would be awesome. I love your writing so much. Thanks in advance 😘

53. “I’m flirting with you.”

A/N: Okay i have zero idea how to flirt or tell when anyone is flirting with me but I tried my best lol. Also I can’t 100% promise my chem is right because I took it ages ago and this is from what I remember and looked up so. Anyways sorry I took so long to get to this! Hope you enjoy love, thanks for the request!

Request a number and a character from this prompt list!

Masterlist | Mobile Masterlist

“I’m pretty sure you’re the only person in the world who can pull off these ridiculous safety goggles,” You said looking at your lab partner, Peter, not missing his blush.

“I’d say you pull them off too Y/N,” he said shyly, showing you a timid smile before concentrating on the lab once more.

You took in a deep breath, it was now or never. Make your move. What was that pick up like you’d seen online?

“So, how about that- uh, Copper and Tellurium?” You started. Wait, that wasn’t right-

“Well if you put two coppers and one tellurium in a compound that would make Copper Telluride, I think,” Peter started to explain, “-which is more stable than whatever compound one Copper and one Tellurium would make,” oh god, “maybe that would make an ionic compound? But if I were you, I’d ask the teacher because I could be wrong,” Peter rambled.

“CuTe,” you mumbled defeatedly.

“What?” Peter looked at you quizzically.

“I mean- you’re never wrong Peter, not with this stuff anyways,” You said. Dejectedly, you hid you face in your hands and not so gently put your head on the table.

“What’s up?” Peter sounded concerned. You could visualize his face just confused yet worried about your well being. Ugh, what a dork with a big heart.

“It was supposed to spell ‘cute’,” you started. When you heard nothing in response you once again lightly banged you head on the table.

“Copper and Tellurium, it’s molecular formula spells CuTe,” You explained, willing yourself to turn your head to the side to look at Peter’s face. He still looked confused.

You lifted your head, Peter immediately reacted so you didn’t bang your head on the desk again. When he realized you weren’t going to, he made no move to remove his hand that now rested on your shoulder, giving you goosebumps that he thankfully couldn’t see under your clothes.

I’m flirting with you- horribly- but flirting. I was calling you cute, Peter. Copper and Tellurium, stupid Copper Telluride, stupid pick up line. I don’t know how to flirt, but here I am… flirting,” You rambled.

Peter had a thoughtful look on his face, and you were sure you were gonna face horrible rejection. But then the edge of his lips quirked up a bit, and mischievous glint was in his eyes.

“Are you made of Oxygen and Neon?” You looked at him confused, before he broke out into a grin, “because you are the ONe.”

A giggle escaped your lips, “You- what?”

“I’m flirting back,” He smiled genuinely, “The molecular formula for Oxygen and Neon would spell ONe,” He explained.

“Oh god, now I have to think of a better one,” You laughed. Peter shook his head.

“It’s impossible, you can’t beat me. I’m the master of science puns.”

“I bet I can prove you wrong.”

“I accept your challenge, how about we go on a date where I can prove myself right?” He suggested, surprisingly smooth for someone so adorably clumsy. You thought for a second, before coming up with the perfect response.

“Oxygen and Potassium spell OK, and you are so on, Parker.”

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Any tear-jerker fic recommendations?

Here I am back with more recommendations!

The L.A. Series (an oldie, but a goodie) by @lovelyandwanderful

@thestylesproject has some really good ones on her masterlist (Hello & Missing are two that come to mind)

Alone by @writeawayharry (and while you’re there, check out the rest of her masterlist. She has some really good ones on there)

The Train and Nude by @ever-since-kiwi (Under her miniseries tab) are both really good. (and also check her full masterlist)

Wish Upon a Star by @mysweetestcreature 

What Love Feels Like by @harrylillies and she just published the first chapter of I Trusted You

Shattered Glass by @hestylesimagines

The Confession by @niallsstainedcoffeecup

Okay, getting late again. I’ll post more when I get a chance.  - Courtney

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Hey Emma, do you have any tips for school and how to get good grades???

Hey! Here are a few links that might help:

Also, check out my free and paid study printables :-) xx

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I wonder if Sam even knows that the trailer is online... or that Mila and Kate will be on Ellen

Well, if he didn’t before he definitely does now lol. Check out that hashtag though! #MilaAndKateForPresident! (x

And it looks like he’s not the only one who’s excited! (x) (Not that she wasn’t before. He’s apparently been talking her ear off about it since he was cast! xD)

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Привет) Юль, а ты знаешь, что The Sims 4 это игра для +18 ? А тебе только 17. Гы.

Тиха, ну че вы палите
Мне и так рнк кусь любит делать

И 18+ игра только в России по одним весьма идиотским соображениям, касающихся гомосексуализма и прописанных в законодательстве :)