O look

I updated blog

You know as of this time of uploading this picture, I still have 961 followers, when I posted the indefinite hiatus post there were 980ish. Almost everyone has stayed and that blows me away. 

I feel bad I still haven’t updated so here is something for your trouble of sticking around. Thank you to all of you.

(ghost Dusty idea thanks to Chocolate Swirl)


((Poor Dusty, all your friends are prettier girls even when they are usually boys. 

Silver Lining and Lantern

I was lazy and reused art from my other tumblr. But hey, at least 500 of you 600 haven’t seen it anyway. Also this still took a good 6 hours because of how long it was anyway.

The form switch one was actually downgraded from the original though since that level of shading for these silly updates would be out of place.))



((It is btw, lazy and rather offensive writing to fix your disabled characters with magic or similarly unrealistic super science. It is this media portrayal that makes it so hard to live with any sort of chronic illness because people confuse “treatment” with “cure” and will insult you with accusations of being at fault if you do not make a miraculous recovery. So no, Dusty will not be “fixed” at any point. Stop suggesting things or she is getting the machete


Pretty much. Hence why Dusty is also NOT DEAD from the crash in the first place. Going by the recent episode my estimates seem to have been decent on what it would take to injure a pony like that. It is also worth mentioning that a lot of the time with neuropathy, the injury isn’t a cause, it is a trigger.  Much more complicated than an injury itself))


((I don’t normally do reaction posts, but this warranted it.

And it is all Charlie’s fault. The text there is an actual skype transcript (with typos and dates removed.) The last message there was at 3/1/12 11:56 PM, octopony started following me at 12:00:34 AM. This is far too suspicious Then today I noticed that on lovelywaifu’s tumblr swap event post octopony had joined soon after me. 

Clearly Charlie has sent octopony after me to molest me D: ))

I guess this is vengeance for all the mean pranks on him))