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do you have any links to other supernatural ask blogs :)

Ask and ye shall receive links to my favourites (aka all the ones I know of)

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deomestic!destiel, ice cream. FIC THIS!


Title: There’s A Reason Freezers Are Above the Height of the Average Five-Year-Old

Summary: In which Zep gets into the ice cream that Dean has stashed away in the freezer and proceeds to eat about a quarter of it while liberating the rest from its containers all over the kitchen. And the bathroom. And the living room. It’s remarkable how far she managed to get before Dean or Cas noticed, really. Does anyone supervise this child?

Opening line: Dean might have thought a bomb had gone off in the living room, except that bombs don’t generally coat surfaces with long-melted chocolate and and pistachio and Americone Dream ice cream. He was pretty sure that was mint-chip up in the corner of the ceiling there. Okay, so that was pretty impressive.