((Hello everypony. These are just some gifts for a few of our followers. We may do more if we have time - please excuse the messyness, these were done on our iPod, after all. Our friends apparently think this style is “cute”, so we decided to draw some of your OCs.

Oh, by the way. Feel free to save, copy, reuse, whatever you want with these pictures. You don’t need to credit me unless someone asks, just don’t claim them as your own.))

askdmmare asked:

#4! :D

4.- Your favourite OC?

I can’t really choose! I love them all so much fkjvadhrscrkerfve

But I’ve been pretty enthusiastic about this three characters in particular lately.

The one on the left is Elen, an MSA OC I haven’t shown to anybody yet (or not that I remember).

The one in the middle is Peachy, I suppose everyone here knows that dumb pony. :3

And the one on the right is Tourmaline! My Steven Universe OC :B

askdmmare asked:

Whats the best type of nap?

obviously the ironic kind, right after a glass of aj

ive heard a powernap should last around 20 minutes (heres an article)  but every time i try it out i sleep for at least 6 hours so..

on a slightly different note: look at this cool sleep time calculator (still no idea if it works for everyone or if you have to calculate to change the time depending if you live in america or not but)