Pairing: Eleventh Doctor/River Song; Human AU

Rating: General (is there a rating for toddlers?)

I blame lizziecorday for this.

For Scarlett. Past few days haven’t exactly been the best, and long distance virtual hugs help only so much, but still *hugs you tightly*

Fair warning, the imagery is cute- the writing is not. :(

“John! Have you seen my lipstick?”

As if in response, somewhere inside their small home, probably in her room, Essie giggles, making her father smile. He doesn’t even look up from his papers as he answers his wife, “No, dear.”

There is a shuffling sound that he can only attribute to his daughter’s tiny feet and a groan from said daughter’s mother as she continues her quest to find whatever it is she has lost.

“You do realise we are going to be late for your office party if I- are you even listening to me?!”

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Starter for @askdiandquentin

Sara had been taken completely by surprise. She had seen the stories on tv about people not knowing they were pregnant until they started going into labour but in no way did she expect that was going to happen to her. Yet here she was, in the hospital having just given birth to a little girl. They had taken her away for testing and stuff, giving Sara a little time to calm down and take everything in. She didn’t know at all what she was going to do, could she even be a good mother? How was she going to get out and buy all the baby stuff needed? Sara was panicking slightly as a nurse checked her over before placing the baby back in the crib next to her. She was just waiting for her parents now as she gently reached a hand over to take the tiny one of her daughter, who still needed a name but Sara had an idea of that at least.

Pairing: Dinah Lance/Quentin Lance

Rating: General

This is set somewhere in Love is an ever present mark. I wish I could say you don’t have to read it to enjoy this one, but this one will make zero sense without reading that one first.

For Scarlett.

Dinah grinned as she checked the contents of the bowl in front of her. It was a difficult one, and it took almost entire night to make it, but Quentin loved the particular dish and that was enough of an incentive to stay up those extra hours.

Carefully balancing the tray in her hands, she made her way to the living room, snorting as Quentin coughed and made a sound as if he was trying to clear his palette. Even though his recovery had been quick, doctors still wanted him to take some medicines, and Quentin had taken to grumbling about the aftertaste whenever he thought she was out of earshot.

She bit her lip against a smile as she spotted him sprawled on the couch, a book on his chest, and cleared her throat, “Since you have been a good boy, Detective, I have something for you.”

“Please tell me it isn’t more medicines”, he groaned, “It’s going to take the rest of my life as it is to get rid of the gutter-y taste from all the meds already pumping through the system.”

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Okay, yes, I know not many people here are in any way related to the tiny niche that is the Dinah x Quentin ship fandom (Arrow), and with only 4-5 people writing, there isn’t much fic to begin with. But the few who write (excluding myself) have written some really beautiful pieces. So for everyone who is in this tiny little ship with us, here is a small list of my favourites:

  • Coal (Cop!Di and Vigilante!Quentin♥)

Here’s to hoping we soon get more fic..?? ;)